A New Era in City Thunder from Oklahoma History

Afterward the move, the squad needed a lot of energy to get back in shape and start moving up the standings. The gang owes much of its success to trainer Scott Brooks, who helped break a losing streak and was honored as an NBA best Coach in 2010.
But as you know in sports do not forgive mistakes. In 2015, the City Thunder from Oklahoma missed the showdown for the first time in Brooks’ six years in charge. In this regard, the management fired the once most productive trainer and replaced him with Billy Donovan, who was the coach of the City Thunder from Oklahoma until 2020. Let’s see what has changed in the crew during this time and what success the athletes have achieved under the leadership of the new coach and who enhanced the current coach following Billy Donovan.

New Coach and Fresh Squad

Afterwards the departure of the legendary trainer, the team also left one of the best players, Kevin Duran, who had high hopes. Many fans condemned such an act of the athlete, comparing him with LeBron James, who left his team in 2010 and moved to the Miami Heat. Luckily for the squad, Russell Westbrook extended his contract for three years, becoming a key player for the current tutor. He received the title of the best player of the season in 2017.

The next two competitive series were high points for Russell Westbrook and George Paul. The new coach based his strategy on the ability of these athletes. The rest of the group was recruited specifically for them, to enhance their abilities and hide their shortcomings. That is why a lot of fresh players were obtained at this time. The Oklahoma City Thunder strengthened their roster by signing Terrence Ferguson in early 2017, Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis, and the Boston Celtics’ Abdel Nyder.

The crew played like this until 2020. But by the end of 2019, coach and center player Westbrook left the squad, marking the beginning of the basketball team’s newest history.

The State of the Art of the City Thunder Team from Oklahoma

On November 11, 2020, the crew signed a novel mentor, Michael Daignault, who replaced Billy Donovan. Prior to that, Michael served as an assistant trainer.

Also, the team left Russell Westbrook, who was the main player, which influenced the strategy of the entire group.
As the main player, the latest coach took Chris Paul, nicknamed CP3, who is a young and productive player. After playing just one season for Oklahoma City, Chris moved to the Phoenix Suns.

At the moment, the main player of the squad is Joshua Giddey – a young basketball player from Australia, who has already become one of the most productive players of his age. He broke the record set by LaMelo Bol with a triple-double at the age of 19. Joshua was also the highest-scoring player in terms of assists received, on par with Luka Doncic.
Also, the up-to-date tutor got rid of the veterans of the team to give a chance to new players. The team left Stephen Adams, Danilo Gallinari, Denis Shredder.
A 5-year contract was signed with Alexander Shai-Gilgeus, which cost the crew 172 million dollars!

The new competitive season will show what the trainer and the modern squad are capable of.

Stay Tuned for Further Successes of the Updated Team!

As we can judge, the team management has completely updated the composition of players and coaches before the upcoming competitive season. For real basketball fans, these changes bring a certain degree of intrigue, which makes watching matches with the Oklahoma City Thunder even more interesting and exciting!

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