Charles Chaney
Managing Editor
Charles Chaney is a basketball obsessed person. He founded Thunder Digest in the spring of 2011 as the Thunder made their way through the Western Conference Finals and falling to Dallas. Since then, his posts and Thunder Digest have been in Yahoo!, ESPN and other publications. His love for writing and basketball has sent him back to school. Only a junior at Wichita State, Charles Chaney owns an A.A. in journalism for Butler Community College and does the play-by-play for Butler athletics. He also is a veteran official in football, basketball and softball.
Brady Trantham
Senior Editor/Podcast Host
From podcast to writing, Brady Trantham is a do-it-all type of person at Thunder Digest. Trantham has quickly moved up the ranks within Thunder Digest. With a degree from the University of Oklahoma in history and his panache for podcasting and talking Oklahoma City Thunder, Brady Trantham can be seen at Thunder games, as a credentialed reporter. He's been published in some of Oklahoma's best local newspapers, such as the Edmond Sun and the Guthrie News Leader.
Erik Gee
Erik Gee is known as one of the hardest working men in radio. Gee has an extensive background in broadcast journalism. He was apart of the highly acclaimed RUF/NEKS at the University of Oklahoma. His work on the 107.7 the Franchise is his most recent work. Funny, witty and down right informative, Gee is a must follow for all things on the Oklahoma Sports scene. From the Sooners to the Thunder, Gee can bring it to you.
Marshall Clayton
Marshall Clayton joined the staff years ago and has never left. He's obsessed with the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Oklahoma Sooners. A senior at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, Clayton continues to provide fun, in depth game day coverage of the Thunder. When he's not yelling about officiating, Clayton can be found studying to become an accountant, for whatever reason.
Ross Lovelace
Game Day Coverage
Shooting buckets and doing play-by-play, that's what Ross Lovelace does. He's only a high school student but the guy knows how to multi-task. When he's not doing radio coverage for his high school's football team or scoring points for the varsity basketball team, Lovelace can be found on ThunderDigest.com, helping with game day coverage and writing recaps. His goal is to be like Sam Presti, but you know, better. He has a mad obsession with the Oklahoma Sooners, running his own little Sooners site, known as SoonerMagicSports.com
Shannon Blake
This man may live on the other side of the planet, but don't let that fool you. Shannon Blake's need for Thunder basketball is the same as you and I. The Thunder run through his blood and he likes to write about it. Blake's need for expressing his opinion started in his own blog, which caught the attention of Thunder Digest staff. That brought Blake to this great site and has been a helpful contributor ever since.