Hornets Meltdown 12.26.20

As promised, we’re going to try and bring back the meltdowns after a season of none. A recap of what a meltdown is: A Meltdown is a collection of comments from opposing fans message boards/fan sites that are arranged by chronological order to the best of our ability (multiple sites by time stamps, etc.). They’re not insulting anyone, it’s just a fun observation of how a fan base’s emotions move throughout the game.

Tonight’s meltdown was fun. No real officiating bashing and was a lot of self deprecation on the Hornet’s side. Their use of GIFs is nice and they wished no injury upon the Thunder, as we’ve seen in other fan bases. So, enjoy!

  • Let’s get it!!! Looking for the youngsters in the front court tonight
  • We’re about to wax these dudes
  • looking at OKC’s roster and if we can’t beat these guys easy then looooooooooooooooooooool
  • We have the most amazing fake COVID crowd. Hands down. Best in the league.
  • Rozier still Hot!!! 
  • Rozier definitely wasn’t lazy in the offseason. Good grief.
  • Look at LeMelo go!
  • I mean, its kind of hard to defend Lamelo when he gets in the game and immediately hoist up a 3 like he’s **** Ray Allen
  • My high school team can out rebound this team
  • Sort of solid quarter… Lamelo & Rozier we need more support
  • devonte man….. he gotta know you can’t force that smh
  • i can’t believe poku is playing
  • His body is hilarious to watch. Glad we’re getting to see him.
  • We’re alright could be better
  • they’re playing better, but you’d really like to see this team separate from OKC
  • How many times is McDaniels going to do the Euro-Step-Right-Into-The-Defender-And-Toss-Up-Some-Garbage move?
  • officiating has taken over the flow of the game.
  • I don’t like to do this but man are we getting some bad whistles
  • i would get upset with the refs any other night but we turrible.
  • SGA Pushes off every time he drives
  • so does Lebron
  • we should be up 20 lol
  • Our interior defense is comical
  • Why the **** does JB seem to insist on yanking Melo as Melo is looking like he’s getting going?
  • Miles’ position may as well be Energy Drink.
  • I’m actually disgusted at how bad PJ has become at basketball
  • the rozier/graham backcourt ain’t guarding anybody lmao
  • Was watching Jingle all the Way with the family. Reviewers got it wrong it’s one of the goat Christmas films
  • Our offense resembles one of my pick up games back in 1992.
  • Grant Hill straight up ran right past them
  • Well, he is a Hall of Famer.
  • Colder than a well diggers ass to start the 2nd half
  • Wow can’t hit wide open shots
  • really hurts to watch Cody brick a wide open three that bad
  • Even worse it was Caleb, and that’s supposed to be his thing
  • Refs hate MJ’s team
  • The offense this 3rd quarter is giving me 2011-12 Bobcats flashbacks
  • Can’t believe we are only down 5.
  • Man we are BAD. Defense, shots at the rim, even point blank layups
  • If we were playing a better team we’d be down 30…Unwatchable.
  • Talk about playing down to the opponent, OKC is in hard rebuild mode, no way we should lose to them….
  • Never a good look when Hamidou Diallo, Theo Maledon, ShamalamaDingDong Dort, and the Serbian String Bean run your team into the ground
  • McDaniels has been a sh*t show this game. STOP DRIVING!!!
  • imagine if poku didn’t have a greenlight lmao okc tanking us back into this game and we don’t even want it
  • is there anyway we can just SIM this season to the lottery?
  • we been off 9 months and still looking unprepared
  • So many missed lay ups it’s just nuts
  • I can’t remember watching an NBA game where shooters keep gathering their own misses over and over and over. It’s sickening.
  • The Hornets have made me laugh a number of times tonight for bad reasons
  • Instant reaction is burn it all down and start again…
  • This score line is absolute fools gold.
  • clutch tanking by OKC. i’ve seen a lot of tanks but this is impressive ngl
  • This dumb game deserves an overtime where we play Biz and Caleb Martin the entire time.
  • WTF is happening hahahaha
  • Wow, this is some luck.
  • SGA with the dagger. Ouch 
  • sometimes you drop 40. sometimes you miss the whole backboard.
  • I didn’t expect us to be trash.
  • Damn we really might end up with Cade Cunningham after all
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