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When the social media accounts were suspended in September, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. It was quite heartbreaking but it left me at a crossroads. I really thought it was going to be the end of Thunder Digest. I was going to shut it down and move on with my life.

I thought I had made a decision when the accounts mysteriously came unlocked and I was able to post again.

I’ve changed my mind.

I have a full-time job as a sports editor in Kansas. I love it and honestly it’s the dream job I always wanted. While, my love for covering the NBA and the league has always been at the top, giving these high school kids the coverage I consider to be the best, is really worth every penny that Gannett pays me (which isn’t much).

That said, I found a renewed vigor for this when the accounts and everything came unlocked. I love the Thunder and have been a season ticket holder for some time, despite living in Kansas now. I made the decision to keep doing it despite everyone who really has helped in the past having moved on to bigger and better things.

As we near our decade mark (started in April 2011), I’ve had time to reminisce on the really good things (and the really bad). I’d like to thank some really amazing people.

People like Brady Trantham, who helped the site when I first moved to Kansas. He was the catalyst for the personality on this site and he is absolutely doing a bang up job for the Franchise.

There are others, such as Marshall Clayton, who’s now an accountant; others like Parker Burnett and Aaron Albertson, former sports editors who took time out of their personal lives with full time jobs to do this.

Jason Hines, who helped me in the early days and wrote some really nice pieces on the CBA during the lock out. He helped the website survive during a time where we shouldn’t have been starting a site.

James Horvath, despite joining us young, he’s shown he can write and has a passion for the Thunder. Same goes for Ross Lovelace. Joined while he was in high school and now is covering the AAU scene with Prep Hoops and has wonderful hair.

Weston Shepherd and Dillion Young, who during the time of the terrible 2014-15 season, always provided this content that was fresh and original. We’ve seen that with how amazing they’ve been with Up the… I mean, Boomtown Hoops. Two really good dudes and even better at the coverage than I could imagine I would ever be.

Others like Cameron Jourdan (the Oklahoman) and Joe Buettner (Norman Transcript) who were early contributors that have gone on to surpass anything I’ll ever do in life. Same is said for Josh Poteet, who covered the Blue and did it with professionalism. Same for Gerald Tracy, who’s always been able to help cover a game in a pinch.

There are others, like Preston Poole and Hayden Peterson, not to mention the others I’m forgetting.

There are countless others who helped made this work and I am forever grateful. For all of them and myself, I am going to keep this going. We used to be a thriving site, that saw more than a million visitors per year with little to no advertising.

We’re going to try and get back there. While we are not going to hit 100 posts per month as we did at our height, we are going to bring back the Meltdowns. We are going to have unique pieces once again.

Hang tight with me as we figure this out again. Hopefully it will be like the present day Thunder team. It’s going to be some rough waters but in the end, it’ll be worth it.

Maybe, it’ll be like last season, where the expectations will be low but we’ll soar high.

Either way, thank you for always being a reader, engager or just a down right fun person.

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