The Last Active Player Drafted in the 20th Century Officially Retired Today

That title alone is just insane when you think about it.

If you say “VC” to someone over 25, they obviously know you mean Vince Carter. If they’re under 25, they think you’re offering them money in 2K.

Spoiler alert: Vince Carter has a ridiculously long tenure in the NBA. But I wanted to see just how long by comparing other players in his draft class and goodness gracious it’s insane.

Here’s just a few examples of players in that draft (1998):

  • Paul Pierce, who has been spewing exclusively terrible takes on Rachel Nichols’ show
  • Dirk Nowitzki, who limped through his retirement year in 2019
  • Mike Bibby, who’s been coaching basketball since 2013 (!!!)
  • Antawn Jamison, who started working as a TV analyst for the Lakers in 2014

But Matt, what about the next year? Maybe this draft is a bad example.

Buddy… let’s look at the 1999 draft:

  • Elton Brand was drafted and is now LITERALLY A GENERAL MANAGER
  • Steve Francis
  • Jason Terry
  • Shawn Marion
  • Lamar Odom

If you’re any younger than about 16 you didn’t watch these guys at all. And they were drafted the year AFTER Vince Carter.

His length in the NBA is just wild. To commemorate him, here’s a video of exclusively absolute JAMS by VC.

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