Chris Paul Discusses NBA Reopening, New Documentary “Blackballed” on The Jump

Kathy Willins / AP

“We wanna play bad”

It’s no secret that an ultimate competitor like Chris Paul doesn’t enjoy waiting around while organizations determine the proper safety precautions. He jumped on The Jump with Rachel Nichols to discuss what the players are feeling and what we need to do in order to resume the NBA.

“Lotta hard decisions, but with the team around us ultimately we’ll get to where we want to.”


It’s no secret that Chris Paul doesn’t have the answers – nobody does – but the drive to play basketball again is what motivates the league to find them.

“I don’t have all the answers, but I know people are working tirelessly to figure it out … man we wanna play, we wanna play bad too. … But we want it to be as safe as possible.”

On the topic of watching sports, CP3 revealed that he is desperate to find anything on TV.

“The other day I watched a corn hull championship”


The New Docuseries, “Blackballed”

Chris also discussed the new documentary “Blackballed”, the story of Donald Sterling’s controversy and how Chris Paul led the Clippers towards a potential boycott.

“[The consequences] were bigger than that. It was more about life, race relations, and how you respond.”

Paul continued, saying “I think about [my son] back in 2014 and how he was too young to remember, now he’s old enough to see for himself what happened.”


Like the rest of us, CP3 wants things to return to normal but also understands that we face an unprecedented pandemic. The process will feel excruciatingly long. It will suck. But we’ll get there eventually.

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