Thunder Digested: Just Some Notes

The Thunder were absolutely molly whopped by one Giannis Antetokounmpo who was on a quest to find his one (1) skill. Throw in this feud with Harden and OKC’s depleted lineup, forced to travel overnight after playing in OKC just hours ago, that’s a recipe for disaster.

Last night was a historic one for the wrong reasons. Not since January 2007 have the Thunder lost by at least 40 points, and tonight broke the franchise record for the large point deficit. It’s truly a testament to how dominant this Bucks squad has been throughout the entire league, not just the Eastern Conference. Let’s just wrap this one up.

1st Half:

  • ESPN did a preview of Celtics/Bucks before the game for absolutely no reason. They don’t play today. They don’t play tomorrow. Why are you doing this ESPN.
  • Giannis leads the league in fast break points and points in the paint. Pretty good.
  • CP3 has that Kraft cheese craftiness tonight. That’s peak craftiness.
  • Turns out Kareem just chills out in Milwaukee. Pretty good.
  • It’s unfair that if Brook Lopez isn’t shooting well they can just do a switcharoo and Robin Lopez nails it.
  • This James Harden / Giannis feud is ridiculous. Does James Harden think more assists equals better passer? Steven Adams is a great passer and doesn’t rack up assists.
  • Billy Donovan said in a sideline interview that we need to get more rebounds. That’s nice and all, but you also have four guards in the starting lineup. They probably won’t get rebounds over Giannis.
  • I think if fans in the arena went completely silent during free throws that would be so much more effective. Just food for thought.
  • This probably wont show up in the stats but T-Ferg is guarding Giannis like it’s his last opportunity to play basketball. Such intensity.
  • Abdel Nader is a tremendous bench player. I can’t believe people were calling for his head back in November. What fools.
  • Jake from State Farm is black?? When did this happen? Like, it’s fine if they want to do that, but when did this happen??
  • I’m not happy about this game.
  • I cannot remember the last time Steven Adams got a technical foul
  • OKC was down one possession with five minutes to go in the half. How they are down 26 at half is beyond my comprehension.


2nd Half:

  • Alright look. This half freakin’ sucked. Do you even care about what happened? Didn’t think so. The bench lineup was out there by the end of the 3rd quarter. Bucks won by a billion, end of story. Let’s just remember the good times, okay? We had nine straight home wins, just allow yourself to wander back into that state of mind.


Fortunately for OKC, they get a three day break to shake this one off and face the Clippers back in OKC. Paul George makes his second return to his favorite fishing grounds. He was pleasantly surprised by the lack of boo’s from OKC fans the first time around. Reggie Jackson, the newest buyout acquisition for LA, will also return where I wouldn’t expect the same type of reaction. The last time these two teams faced off SGA went off for 32 points in an OKC victory, 118-112. Here’s to more of the same.

Until then, Thunder UP!

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