Trail Blazers Meltdown Game 3

  • If we can win this game, the series is effectively over. LET’S GO!!!!
  • Questions we need answers to.
  • Who would win in a game of horse.
    Westbrick or Meyers Leonard?
    Who is more emotional.
    Westbrick or Meyers Leonard.
  • All time, the Blazers have taken a 2-0 lead 14 times. They won all 14 series.
  • can’t see them having more 3s than us.
  • Blazers need to treat this game like it’s game 7.
  • Do the Warriors treat every game like Game 7?
  • who cares?
  • The uni colors are not important. Seeing Westbrick suffer and Adams falter,is what I want.
  • As long as we get to 4 wins before they do I’m good.
  • If we can take that initial hit by OkC and be closed at half we will likely win game tonight.
  • This game is gonna tell me a lot about our team.
  • OKC broke out the special butt ugly jerseys for tonight.
  • Were not ready. Cool.
  • Okc has to feel bad being down after how wee started
  • Hi. My name is Moe harkless, and I like ass.
  • They’re hitting three’s tonight.
  • Adams shoved damian and than said “your big man should’ve yelled”
  • If you don’t use kanter on offense why play him
  • Did the commentators just assume there is going to be a game 5
  • God i hate Evan so much.
  • I dont like how our offense looks. This cant go well over 4 quarters.
  • Have I ever mentioned how much I hate platooning in the bench lol.
  • Why isn’t Stotts leaving one of Dame or Cj in with these scrubs
  • cant get a single high % shot, dame looks bad
  • Turnover Turnover Turnover Turnover Turnover Turnover Turnover Turnover Turnover
  • This game is butt-ugly but we’re right in it.
  • Leonard can’t let Adams back him down
  • Another fan makes the half court shot! Another $20,000!
  • Unfortunately we can’t ask for more the way thunder are playing but we really need Dame to show up
  • Damn how are we down when okc is plying terrible
  • Right we are playing just stupid basketball
  • Really Stotts, you choose now to get your first tech in months?
  • Adams would make a good fullback.
  • Blazers suck tonight
  • What a shit first half. Fourteen turnovers? What the f***.
  • I don’t usually complain about officiating but you know what? &%%&^**&^%O^&*(&%&*^*&^%$^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • So now we’re shooting like shit from three, and they’re shooting 46% from three. There’s your difference.
  • It won’t last.
  • Falling asleep on Paul George?
  • I think this series is going to be one of those where everybody just wins on their home court
  • We have 21 points over the last 14:22
  • Westbrook might be player I hate the most in this league. Absolute c***
  • I agree he’s an arrogant prick
  • Man if we can get this game closer and Dame goes HAM thunder will start panicking thinking of being down 0-3
  • and just like that we have a game…
  • Everyone is going to foul out.
  • Westbrook hits and three then they turn it over.
  • When Grant is hitting threes….
  • What a quarter by Dame. Screw you haters.
  • I love it. Meyers with the screeeeeeaaaam.
  • George blatantly baiting for FTs lol what a BI***.
  • Maybe if we just flop every time they touch us we will get FTs too.
  • OKC with four trillion free throws.
  • they deserve to lose
  • Dame beating both OKC and the refs that quarter.
  • We are going to win this game!!!
  • OWN THE ENDGAME!!!!!!!!!
  • Theyre gettin nervous
  • George just dry humping the f*** out of whoever he guards.
  • statsbrook back in, we need to tighten up n keep the ball safe.
  • Must be nice to get a whistle on every possession.
  • haha were gonna be in the penalty for 8 minutes
  • Refs certainly earned their paychecks tonight. F*** wads.
  • Grant f***ed us
  • Need to answer after this timeout or it could get away from them.
  • We have the best player and I think we’re gonna win
  • Westbrook with three off a board we should have had.
  • When Russ is hitting threes, you know it’s not your night.
  • Stotts coached a terrible game today. Holy hell, he’s right back to his normal self.
  • Perfect storm tonight. Terrible first half with a million turnovers. OKC hot from three and getting way more calls.
  • This rock the baby is the dumbest shit ive ever seen. Not even remotely interesting
  • Vegas had OKC -8
  • legit a game we could have won easy with a few thousand less idiotic turnovers.
  • someone needs to take the rim down and beat us to death with it
  • You’ve got to be kidding me with these Westbrook threes.
  • Westbrick is such a piece of shit lol
  • I hate Westbrook. I actually hate him.
  • i probably wouldn’t be sad if westbrook sustained an injury at this point.
  • He is really a trash human being.
  • Classy as f*** PG you little b****
  • joke of a team
  • Dame would never do that..he has respect for the game and control of his emotions
  • Blazers will be in trouble if they don’t win Sunday
  • This sucks
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