Blazers Meltdown

  • Another big game. It’s time to make our run
  • Beating the Thunder you just let Westbrook shoot every shot at the end of the game….works everytime
  • Why what is wrong with Moe? We don’t play until Friday.
    He’s unreliable.
  • I was wondering if Westbrook has the most triple doubles in losses in NBA history
    Not at all. In fact, he only has 21 losses in the 114 games in which he’s recorded a triple double, which is fewer than Magic’s 30, Kidd’s 31, and Big O’s 48. His .8158 winning percentage in triple-double games is actually 4th best amongst the top-10 triple-doubler’s in NBA history, and is better than the two people with more than him, Oscar (.7257) and Magic (.7826).
  • If the Blazers loose in the playoffs this year I will be going for OKC.
    As if my opinion of your posts couldn’t get any lower.
  • All i can say is i hate Westbrook.
  • Thunder it’s a good team. We got this one but it’s a quality team
  • Looking over the Thunder roster I really dislike this team, top 3 hate level. Remember when people on this board wanted Noel, glad that didn’t happen.
  • OMG, they’ve got Felton, I hate Felton so we’ve just gotta beat the Thunder. We have to beat them.
  • Lets leave George wide open off of a dead ball turnover, real smart strategy!
  • Refs not calling s*** on OKC early
  • Have I told you how much I hate Evan Turner?
  • Paul George is soooo smooth. This game will be Lillard vs George
  • F*** Paul George and f*** the Refs
  • Nice product there, NBA. Go f*** yourselves.
  • Is the official NBA rule book in braille?
  • Guess we gotta give Stotts credit every time he uses basic common sense.
  • Schroder sucks lol
  • Will the Blazers go the entire game without shooting a free throw?
  • I swear, 50 per cent of this game are missed rebounds and the other have are alley oops.
  • Westbrook is so f***ing predictable lol
  • NBA want’s Okc to win that Game
  • Dame blew by Westbrook then Westbrook tried to blow by dame. Too bad dame picked up the foul.
  • I pray we get okc in the playoffs. That’s a fun 7 game series.
  • We have nobody who can stop George. That concerns me.
  • If Westbrook gets hot, this could get ugly.
  • Giving George uncontested 15′ jumpers might not be the best idea…
  • Yeah, but if we guard him he gets FTs.
  • Is there ANYTHING we can do to stop George?
  • we have no answer for Paul George. Just pray he misses shots
  • We got this OKC is weak
  • I knew it would happen
  • If Paul George didn’t snap his leg in half, he’s arguably the best player in the game. Just my opinion
  • I dunno why they keep playing this Schroder scrub, but I’m glad they are.
  • This is the Stotts coaching we know and love…….
  • Can the Blazers finally break the 0-16 streak?
  • 93 points and still in the 3rd quarter. Just letting PG kill us.
  • Time to turn off the TV
  • Imploding at the speed of light!
  • OKC is ramping up its defense. Our passes need to come faster. Too much deliberation.
  • Schroder heard what we said about him
  • Horrible calls to boot
  • I love this board. Can’t let so much as a joke go without the automatic refutation of criticism. It’s like having being in middle school algebra again and having the pockmarked kid at the back with his hand up, yelling, “That’s not true! That’s not the answer! I know the answer and that not it!”
  • The Thunder have been really lucky in the 50/50 balls this half.
  • Cj is like Shawn Kemp level overpaid now
  • Damn Westbrook.
  • Damian get your head out of your f***ing ass. WTF was that shot
  • I think that Westbrook guy is going to be good.
  • That steal by WB is haunting me atm
  • The Thunder have been really lucky in the 50/50 balls this half.
  • Well they’ve been creating them.
  • Why did I bother watching this s***. Game over. Pathetic in so many facets.
  • Great block by Grant.
  • Westbrick completely dominating CJ tonight.
  • Refs are calling such bs shooting fouls in our favour now, to try to make it look like they called a fair game.
  • Refs making some clutch foul calls, giving Blazers a bunch of FTs in crunch time.
  • CJ not clutch.
  • Well came up short…Thunder played a hell of a game
  • CJ McUnclutch….
  • Chokej is the biggest p***y to ever wear a blazer uniform
  • Can we talk about playoffs hahaha
  • Harden is going to destroy us.
  • Man i hate CJ.
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