Lakers Meltdown 1.2.19

  • Hey PG, break a leg
  • Let’s kick the (bleep) out of them.
  • If Paul George and a woman whose father’s first name is George get married and have a child, and the mother wants the child named after her father, what would the resulting child’s name be?
    George George?
    George squared?
    George of the George?
  • Westbrook with another 4-22 due to lonzo lockdown defense
  • We have no one who can match up with Adams
  • I’ve been waiting the entire season for this.
  • Russ is going to have a hot shooting night soon, hopefully it’s not tonight
  • Word up for those who are going to the game:  Boo the F out of Paul George
  • BooooooOOOOOOooooooOOOOOOO
  • F Adams y’all
  • Foul by aquaman
  • PG13 pushed off no call
  • LonzoBron
  • George with the blatant stiff arm and the refs just watches it happen
  • Booing PG is pathetic.
  • Thunder defense is scary good
  • How manyw ide open shots we going to miss
  • Sit down PG
  • Brick brick brick
  • Scouting report is out on Hart, he sucks at contesting.
  • I hate Hart guarding Westbrook, he’s going to foul him every time
  • Hart is booty right now. Snap out of it.
  • PG stupider than Hart right now.
  • Lol we plunking these clowns, F Paul George….bum
  • Haha. We hate you PG
  • These Thunder announcers are trash what the (bleep)
  • What a sluggish start for both teams. Man this crowd and atmosphere is embarrassing for a nationally televised game. Quiet, Quiet, Boo PG, Quiet. This doesn’t have to be Cleveland where they’ve been drinking all afternoon before a late start game, but come on.
  • how is it that Shroder wasn’t ejected for that
  • Let’s run these chumps back to OKC.
  • PG had all the space in the world to make that shot
  • Westbrook has 6 rebounds. Stat padding again
  • Westbrook is toxic. Part of the reason Durant left … then again Durant thinks most places are toxic so …
  • PG barely dunked that, (bleep)
  • Paul George is such a mental midget
  • lol… weak call on that T
  • PG13 gone wild
  • When the hell did Dennis become a shooter
  • Stevenson to the PG13 school of basketball. lol
  • wtf is Lance doing
  • PG didn’t fall for that move. Lance looked surprised.
  • Lance has got to be the dumbest player in the league.
  • I feel like we should be up double digits.
  • Russ is a total ass….but I cant help but like the dude.
    closest to the Mamba mentality in a while.
    minus the championships
  • Lance is our new Artest
    he should elbow George in the head.
    or westbrook. i m fine with either
  • Westbrook shooting 2-12 and air guitarring.
  • Man, PG is so good
    not a superstar but an intermittent all star
  • Hart you’re killing me
  • should’ve made that trade for PG13
  • PG is just feasting on us.
  • Wow, (bleep) defense Josh.
  • Double Paul George. Don’t let him be the scorer. Make Westbrook have to win this game.
  • It feels like PG is the only guy scoring for the Thunder.
  • Refs haven’t called (bleep) on George since he got his 3rd foul .
  • Zubac you bum
  • (bleep). Protect the (bleep) ball Zu.
  • That’s why you don’t let Lonzo handle the ball.
  • Great third quarter. Do we have the stamina to win
  • Keep it close we know OKC has no closers
  • They have no one that can make a shot so all the Lakers need to do is zone up.
  • Lakers are leading OKC without Lebron, Rondo, Kuz.  Let’s get the W.
  • another TO and get Zo back in
  • Simma down Lakers
  • Call timeout you (bleep)!
  • (bleep) you Luke. (bleep) you.
  • Some guy called Nader going off.
  • Death, taxes, and scrubs going off on the Lakers.
  • Lost the lead while PG and RW are on the bench. Come on. (bleep) Luke.
  • playing the sloppy ass thunder style atm
  • So a middle eastern dude is killing us now
  • Westbrook is gonna check back into the game, go off and we’re gonna lose lol.
  • Geez… What the (bleep) happened to our offense yet again.
  • The refs have been the only ones making plays in the last 5 minutes or so.
  • lol at OKC can’t make 2 footers
  • Game over. Lonzo, change your (bleep) form on the free throws the very least.
  • When was our last bucket?
  • Hart is matching Westbrook… miss by miss…
  • The crowd is booing Lonzo, who is now 1 for his last 10 at the FT line.
  • Lonzo getting the boo birds from the fans.
  • Lonzo building a house with Hart and Westbrook… apparently
  • This team has to be historically bad at FTs?
  • How are we this close? We’ve played like (bleep)
  • Why did the Thunder let PG rest for so long? They could have put the game away earlier.
  • Ouch. That looked painful for Ferguson.
  • Stupid ass Ferguson. Strong Hart.
  • Even Josh Hart gets the whistle on that.
  • Ferguson was dumb for goin up like that..
  • bad defensive play by Ferguson
  • Why isn’t Ingram on Paul George?
  • Ugh. I am concerned that we could not get it together before PG-13 came back in.
  • Luke needs to be fired.
  • Thunder are thoroughly unimpressive, but the Lakers have been getting outworked all night it’s pathetic!
  • (bleep) George
  • God I can’t stand Paul George man. What a (bleep)
    Actually, this is just an ugly basketball game. All around.
  • No one Can make a damn shot.
  • Luke is a clown
  • wow.. Chadler that’s dirty
  • so ferguson can jump on hart with no flagrant, and then tyson gets all ball and they review it?!?
  • this will be the worst game I’ve never watched.
  • Not a flagrant. (bleep) these retards.
  • Chandler didn’t even go for that ball.
  • The look on Pelinka, Lebron and Magic.
  •  Bron telling Maginka to ship them all out.
  • “we don’t need you…..we don’t need you….”
  • PG looking to get 40?
  • westbrook is just relentless… impressive.
  • I really really really really really really want to beat these punks bad in OKC when we’re at full strength. They really tried to clown us at the end, especially grant dunking their last points, with the game decided-You could hear tyson saying something to him about that.
    Classless move
    Thunder being classless isn’t a shocker, especially since they have nothing better to do when they have to endore playing in a crappy city like Oklahoma.
  • We let pg (bleep) in our house.
  • PG-13 whooped our ass tonight
  • Paul George gawdamn we needed this guy
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