Knicks Meltdown! 11-14-18

It’s always fun to play the Knicks in Oklahoma City. Rarely do they provide an entertaining game. The Thunder saw their former guy, Enes Kanter get destroyed by Steven Adams all night long. Which, is great for Oklahoma City. Enjoy the meltdown. No one is safe from the Knicks’ fans.

  • Knox guarding Paul George is not going to be fun
  • The battle of the meloless teams. Ez W
  • Mudiay on Westbrook? Pick up Westbrook for your fantasy team tonight.
  • anyway I hope the knicks get blown out
  • well…..nothing left to say but…let’s get this L
  • I’d rather play fallout than watch this game
  • This one looking like another blowout. Really like how OKC’s been looking lately.
  • LET’S GET THIS L FOLKS!!!! ON THE ROAD TO 4-78!!!!!!
  • Mudiay over/under 5 turnovers?
  • this defensive unit is going to be hilarious…
  • I don’t know a soul on the floor for the OKC Thunder outside of Dennis Schroder.
  • Oh look at that, no defense is being played. Who could have guessed?
  • Like OKC unis.. Knicks was really lame with they city joints this year.
  • Game is over folks.
  • OKC looks like they could use CLee over Grant
  • **** you ref
  • Go back to OKC, Enes.
  • Kanter will have his number retired here one day.
  • Kanter and Adams will be fun tonight
  • Adams is a specimen at Center! He’s arguably OKC’s best player!
  • This is going to get very bad…
  • Garbage garbage everywhere
  • This that we’re witnessing might be the worst coaching performance of all time.
  • Adams just sonning Kanter in front of the whole world LMAO
  • Thunder just laughing running the same play down every time. The crowd was cheering because they know he about to get picked apart.
  • Lol at Adams sonning Kanter.
  • sad part Kanter really thinks he’s liked by OKC..one way friendship clearly.
  • I feel like Adams doesn’t even like Kanter
  • You never played hard with your homies on the court?! You go hard sometimes the MOST against your bros!
  • Felton is in. We got this
  • Felton is better than any PG on our roster
  • Mario just got ate by Raymond **** Felton.
  • I’ll say it. I miss Raymond Felton
  • This franchise is cursed lol
  • Walk onto the court and cut Mario right now.
  • What do the Knicks taste like, I wonder?
  • Fiz you can’t argue with the refs. You have a no defense lineup out there.
  • This is a bad team lol.
  • 4-78 baby. Get ready for Zion
  • can we just play with 4 players for fun
  • we lookin like swiss cheese out there
  • We have not looked like an NBA team out there.
  • he only reason OKC doesn’t have more points is because they are bored.
  • That Zion guy looks crazy. Okay let’s lose.
  • Crazy but they are still in this game.
  • mitch vs adams is really funny.  man vs child except the child is taller.
  • That was just an airball layup by Vonleh
  • Mudiay is a joke on defense
    Mudiay is a joke* Fixed it for you
  • timmy getting butt **** by pg13
  • Wow. OKC telegraphed the ENTIRE play, and they still got it off
  • Kanter must be feeling so sad, lol
  • Man I hate those deep threes. Everyone thinks they Curry these days.
  • and then kanter completely losses his man
  • kanter man…nightmare defensively. has to be the worst in the league at center position?
  • It’s amazing they are only down 20.
  • It looks like the Thunder hate Kanter as much as we do.
  • yoooo kanter now acting out on the bench….LOL
  • Kanter is unbearable. I f***ing cant stand that dude on the court.
  • kanter b***ing again…..u suck.
  • Baker is in. I can’t shut this game off now.
  • I think Kanter misses it in OKC. Let him stay there.
  • Please go away Enes. Who is going to pay this guy? Oh right, us probably.
  • Good for Ray Felton. Never quit on himself. Respek.
  • Looks like he never quit hitting the buffet either. Respek.
  • Leave Fizdale, Enes and Timmy in northern Oklahoma with a few bottles of water but no transportation. There must be a national park near there.
  • What’s more embarrassing — the missed dunk or the fact that we didn’t get the rebound?
  • I thought we already fired Hornacek….
  • maybe the reason fiz got fired in memphis was because he’s a bad coach
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