Warriors Meltdown 11.22.17

The Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Golden State Warriors 108-91 for their first win over the Warriors in almost two years. Russell Westbrook was bananas. The Thunder were amazing and the Warriors meltdown is worth it. They’re not horrible but they’re funny and they definitely credit OKC while bagging on their own team. Enjoy the first Warriors meltdown forever. Here you go:

  • one day, these games against thunder won’t matter so much but for now, let’s shut them down!
  • roberson took 4 damn steps before that shovel pass
  • This is getting feisty! love it!
  • Our ball handling is really horrible
  • Whichever team stops turning it over will take the lead
  • Playing dumb so far
  • Uh-oh. 2 fouls on Durant
  • More home cooking
  • Seriously what has Looney done
  • taken up minutes from Bell and McGee today
  • Do we have to give up 30+ every 1st quarter?
  • Hi Warriors. Play defense
  • This is so painful to watch
  • this is comedy
  • it’s awesome we’re only down single digits
  • It seems like Steph has completely forgotten that OKC is long and that the passing windows are smaller
  • OKC are playing D and they are hustling for loose balls, active hands in passing lanes …. vs. us not doing anything like that!
  • Wish we could just fast forward to the 3rd quarter
  • So OKC kinda sucks. What’s going on here?
  • anthony traveled at least twice on that play
  • refs making their presence felt once again
  • What’s the reason for trailing a significantly inferior opponent
  • Snap out of it !!!!
  • Remember: The Warriors are getting the Thunder’s best shot—the third quarter will tell the story.
  • Ahhh this home officiating
  • Westbrook is like the athletic pinnacle of human existence. Holy shit at that drive and dunk
  • it still amuses me that westbrook can be demonstrative and it’s called being passionate, but green does it and it’s disrespectful
  • Somebody wake me up when the Warriors have a call go their way.
  • Warriors are screwed
  • 95% chance they win this game
  • Warriors keeping it close.
  • gotta weather the storm
  • Kinda feel like they need to get blown out. Cuz they really not playing well at all recently
  • Any other team would be up 20 on the Warriors.
  • Like that?
  • Embarrassing
  • OKC is a bad rebounding team yet they already have 7 off rebounds tonight SMH
  • Andre is a -17, gross
  • Hoping for another 2nd half OKC collapse
  • I’ve been saying OKC is the only team that can beat the dubs in a series
  • OKC announcer: “dribbling unmolested.” Did I hear that right? Lol
  • Warriors are up against the league. That is not something that is easily overcome
  • klay ice cold
  • WTF, Durant?
  • LOL Pack it in. We done here
  • This is a blowout
  • wait how are we getting blown out
  • dubs dont get blown out
  • Warriors, what are you doing???
  • You knew that was going to happen, Dray.
  • f*** these refs
  • What happened to those 2 being cool lol
  • KD needs to calm his ass down , jfc
  • Dubs in their own heads now!
  • Why can’t we hit our shots? Is OKC’s defense THAT good?
  • I’m done. Not going to waste next 15 mins of my life watching us play like sh*t
  • Kerr looks like he checked out of this game about 8 hours ago.
  • Curry deserved that. No energy at all and Russ made him pay
  • Steph never wins a loose ball race, lol….so soft
  • We are playing like a JV team.
  • F***ing Draymond. Stop getting Ts. Kerr, just send him to the locker room
  • George just gave them the shimmy…oh nooo..
  • any reason to be concerned?
  • Westbrook is irrelevant. Let’s go home.
  • LOL Iguodala that wsa horrible
  • Jesus…I have no idea what Iggy just did
  • i hate those lazy one handed passes by steph, i think teams are anticipating those passes….if i were a high school coach, i wouldnt tolerate those lazy passes!
  • Westbrook just clowning us and we’re doing nothing.
  • westbrook gotta chill wins 1 of the last 8 and acts like he’s won the championship lol
  • Westbrook and Melo brought it tonight..
  • You know it’s not your game when Raymond Felton is hitting pullup 22-footers
  • I wish Klay would have shown up to the arena and that Steph would have had a Red Bull before the game
  • Nice game by the Thunder but I’m more unimpressed by the Warriors.
  • lol warriors are getting their asses kicked tonight
  • Kerr is acting like an idiot instead of coaching
  • Overall the foul calls been complete doo doo. But we getting worked anyways
  • Warriors just don’t have “it” so far this year.
  • very happy Westbrook finally got his ring tonight
  • the Thunder got up for the game and the Warriors didn’t
  • just another game? that cliche is wearing thin
  • Pretty sure the warriors will never win again
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