Real Plus/Minus in loss to Kings

The Oklahoma City Thunder fell to 4-6 on the season with a 94-86 loss to the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday, Nov. 7. The Thunder led 25-8 in the first quarter but trailed by as many as 12 in the fourth quarter. Oklahoma City was unable to overcome poor shooting and careless turnovers.


Russell Westbrook’s free throws

Russell Westbrook has been struggling from the free throw line this year. Before the game, Westbrook was asked about his free throw shooting, and he responded as only Westbrook can. “That S*** is over” “Original routine.”

Tonight against the Sacramento Kings Westbrook shot 4-of-5 from the line at 80 percent hopefully this is a sign of everything is back on track for Westbrook at the free throw line.


Big three struggling

Russell Westbrook, Paul George, and Carmelo Anthony struggled against the Kings going 15-of-54 on 27.7 percent. This team will not make the playoffs if this continues. I understand it is too early to press the panic button, but the finger is hovering over it, the offense is not working, and the defense is inconsistent, Billy Donovan needs to work his strategy out because so far the ones he has now isn’t working.

Westbrook not looking after his best friend

Westbrook had seven turnovers against the Kings. Westbrook needs to look after the basketball better. He played recklessly against the Kings, and it cost the Thunder dearly. We saw last season against the Warriors what happens when Westbrook doesn’t look after the ball against the good teams the Thunder gets punished harshly, and now with how the Thunder have been playing, they are starting to get punished by the lesser teams now as well.

Lack of leadership

When the Kings had made their comeback and were starting to build their lead, the Thunder looked broken they didn’t look like a team ready to fight back, and I was scared. I wanted to see Anthony and George itching to get back on the floor to win the game, and they looked defeated. This team needed a leader, and usually, that is Russell Westbrook, but he isn’t in that takeover mode anymore he is looking to give the ball up to Anthony and George, and they don’t look like they want that job. Westbrook needs to start taking games over again because him differing late in games isn’t working.

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