Bucks Meltdown! 10.31.17

So far the Meltdowns this season have been pretty tame. Leave it to the Milwaukee Bucks fans to bring the heat on Halloween night. You have some sexist comments. Someone saying they want to hit Melo with a metal can (LOL). So, all in all, this was a great Meltdown, enjoy!

  • This is going to be a tough one. But it will be fun, and I bet close one.
  • Battle of the previous MVP and the possible current MVP.
  • OKC is also basically where we want to be.
  • Thon vs. Adams should be hilarious.
  • Thon is terrible
  • Melo has Rebound Tourettes, a common condition
  • Just like we need a guy who Getz Bucketz
  • We need a guy who Getz Boardz
  • Jesus, how many baskets are they going to let that high-school screen Adams does on the top of the key get?
  • Adams going to go for 30 tonight.
  • Must be nice to have talent around your superstar.
  • Hey, good call you dumb b**ch t**t.
  • okc 2nd unit better than our first minus giannis
  • Side Show Bob citing.
  • Who had Thunder 2nd Quarter in the “When does DJ Wilson see scrub time pool”?
  • Wtf wilson just ho sit on the bench
  • Russ can’t get a triple double against you if he is sitting on the bench halfway through the third in a blowout.
  • we’re the only team who miss open shots
  • It’s all cool having women refs. But I wouldn’t want that woman coaching grade school basketball. She’s bad. They haven’t been unfair to us or anything so far, but this is a bad group tonight.
  • we aren’t cracking 40 before halftime
  • Get Thon a sandwich, stat
  • He has been eating healthy this past year. Could use a few Big Macs and a couple of milk shakes
  • Giannis needs to threaten Thon with violence again
  • yay we cracked 40
  • We don’t have the firepower to hang with these guys
  • We should trade Snell for Sam Presti.
  • Right now the Bucks remind me of those terrible Sixer teams from the past few years.
  • Time to switch to the World Series
  • This team may be long but we have to be one of the least athletic teams in the league.
  • With the way we are laying bricks the arena will be finished by December.
  • Can we start a fund ”save the bucks” buy the team and fire everyone?
  • If Roberson is hitting his FTs and 3s…
  • If the Bucks don’t cut to say 10 points by end of 3Q, then its really over
  • only chance we have is if okc starts clowning around
  • Why is Roberson going off on us
  • I’m 5’9 and I’m pretty sure I could beat our centers 1 on 1.
  • Crowd needs to start chanting fire Kidd.
  • Giannis should tweet “I dont want you to be here”.
  • OKC honesty arent even playing that well. Bucks are just on another level of dogs**t tonight
  • I was really hype about that 3 then i realized we still down 19
  • OMG Felton looks like Refrigerator Perry
  • If Delly can’t guard my favorite UNC fat ass Raymond, what is he good for?
  • I feel so sorry for Giannis
  • We really don’t deserve Giannis.
  • I would throw a metal trash can at Melo’s head from behind if I saw him in the streets.
  • Telly taking a dump on the court
  • How are we only down by 26?
  • Grant took on the Bucks starting 5 and nearly won
  • Wouldnt be surprised if Vaughn’s idol was Nic Young
  • Bucks feel like those Cavs teams during Lebron’s first tenure. One in a generation superstar with very little talent around him
  • Fire Kidd and gut the roster.
  • We are the Pelicans of the East. Everyone is terrible except Giannis and our coach is an idiot.
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