Pacers Meltdown! 10.25.17

This might be one of the smallest meltdowns ever. I’m committed to getting a meltdown up for every game, whether there is a lot of material or not. Pacers fans really salty about Paul George and understand the officials were trash. Oklahoma City won the game and this meltdown. Enjoy.

  • I am trying to find a basketball player in the picture header for this post, but I only see a snake. (It’s Paul George)
  • Oh the drama.
  • All I really want from this game is for Vic to outplay PG.
  • And for that to involve PG playing horribly.
  • That’s the second time Steven Adams has beat them down the court, of all people.
  • Stupid Lance, I hate seeing that guy out there.
  • This team fouls way too much.
  • Freaking Al….
  • Ok…I take it back for now.
  • I bet high-fiving Lance hurts.
  • who knew Adams would be the problem.
  • PG would have a better chance at a ring next year signing back in Indy than LA.
  • Whistles are a real mess
  • That was awful, Lance.
  • Whistles-galore.
  • The Thunder announcers suck.
  • yeah but they just pegged us as top 8 in the east
  • come on PG cry about the call…like u did for us…
  • these refs are trying to kill this game. just horrible
  • I always forget Al is in his early 50s.
  • I’m uneasy with the fact Westbrook hasn’t really gone after it yet.
  • Cory Joseph seems like he’s always happy on the court and off.
  • An NBA team was giving rotational minutes to Monta Ellis, Rodney Stuckey and Al Jefferson just last season! Hard to believe.
  • Wow, everyone still at the concession stand I guess. Looks like a lottery teams home crowd
  • If the game gets out of hand. It’s the officials’ faults for how they’ve been calling this game.
  • Bojan Bogsuckovic
  • RW taking over now.
  • F***. The. Refs.
  • E F F I C I E N T R I P L E D O U B L E
  • Man, Adams is tough. Love watching him play.
  • Westbrook good.
  • aint over till the fat lady sings or you’re up 19 with 3 minutes left.
  • They played the Parks and Rec intro for our intros lmao so dope
  • Bill Simmons will have a field day if Oladipo becomes a superstar after OKC traded him for Paul George.
  • Wish someone would hold me like Lance held Melo
  • Shout out the NFL replacement refs for their outstanding performance this game.
  • Well, at least Paul George has been terrible.
  • PG gonna drop 30 in Indy so live this one up.
  • If you missed the game, the refs called a total of 207 personal fouls tonight.
  • Damn Thunder you scary
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