Westbrook says Championship is the goal


Why Not You? Why Not Me? Why Not Us?

Is what Russell Westbrook wrote at his Jordan Brand Russell Westbrook Why Not? Rally.

Why not? That has been Westbrook’s motto since he was a kid. All throughout his MVP campaign whenever a reporter would ask can you catch Oscar Robertson’s triple-double record? Can you average a triple-double for an entire season? Westbrook answered the same way every time Why Not?.

Westbrook describing the origin of Why Not? in a GQ article

The M.C. of the evening yelled “We could have had this in New York. We could have had this in L.A., But we wanted to do this right here in OKC.” the message was going out to high school teams from Douglass, Mustang, ASTEC Charter and Westmoore High Schools as the crowd waited with anticipation for the reigning KIA MVP. Oklahoma City will always be home for Russell Westbrook if you have ever doubted that events like today are why like the MC said they could have done this event anywhere in the United States but no Westbrook wanted it at home & home is in Oklahoma.

Monday was a gathering to celebrate Jordan Brand and of Westbrook’s signature motto. Jordan and Westbrook chose to hold the event 8th Street Market. Outside there was a blacked out tour bus decked out in Westbrook’s motto, Inside they had exclusive clothing from the Jordan Westbrook collection that will be released in January 2018. There was entertainment inside from music to pop-a-shot basketball games were Westbrook almost to Mustang freshman Matthew Garza who Westbrook handed a pair of all-black 32s for his efforts.

One of the coolest parts of the events was a big three-walled room had that had Why Not? Printed on the ceiling, floor, and walls, and people in attendance were encouraged to write what their goals are on the Why Not? wall.

Westbrook arrived at the event roughly around 7:45 p.m., the event started at 7 p.m. but when Westbrook arrived, seen wearing an all-black outfit with also a Why Not? Black ball cap he put his own stamp on the goals wall.

Oh, and Westbrook had fun saying the goal of the season was to win a championship:

“Why not you? Why not me? Why not us?”

“Why not? Win a ‘ship!”

Yeah, Russ Why Not? OKC!

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