Hello Mr. Consistent, It’s nice to meet you

“Across professions, consistency is a direct product of work ethic.” – Harsha Bhogle

Paul George has been Mr. Consistent this preseason for his new found home in Oklahoma City Thunder.

George has scored 15, 25, 22 and 19 points in games this preseason against The Rockets, Pelicans, Melbourne United and Denver Nuggets. It hasn’t just been his offensive efforts that have made him Mr. Consistent for the new formed Big Three or OK3 as it’s affectionately named but also his defensive work.

George has had eight steals and three blocks this preseason with five steals coming against the Nuggets in the final preseason game were The Thunder looked at its best with the big three playing it’s most time with each other.

When a team puts multiple all-stars on one team there is always the question who will be the one to that has to sacrifice? The head coach along with the players will say it’s not one man but the team that will have to sacrifice. In reality, there is always one man that sacrifices for the team if you look at the Miami Heat it was Chris Bosh that sacrificed on The Golden State Warriors it has been Klay Thompson.

On the Oklahoma City Thunder, it will be George that’s why consistency will be his most significant contribution to this teams success. Russell Westbrook is a supernova that won’t be contained not even he can control his abilities one game he will shoot 3-of-10 as Westbrook did vs. Melbourne United then Westbrook can go 9-of-13 as he did vs. The Nuggets.

In games like the one vs. Melbourne George will be immensely valuable to balance Westbrook out, for games like the Nuggets game, he will be able to sit back and give Westbrook the space to do what he does best dominate.

For Carmelo Anthony, Paul George will be his safety blanket on defense Anthony has not been the most influential player on defense in his career his strength is being one of the best scorers the game has ever seen. Now, being alongside George on defense, Anthony doesn’t have to worry about guarding a LeBron James or Kevin Durant George will take that challenge which will free Anthony up even more on the offensive side of the ball.

It also gives Oklahoma City the ability to switch on defense with the lineup of Westbrook, Roberson, George, Anthony, and Steven Adams. That’s a lot of length, and if we look back at the playoff series in 2016-17 against the Warriors, it was The Thunder’s length that put them up 3-1 on the Warriors and gave them more then they could handle.

Paul George will be looked back on as the essential part of this team because of his consistency. This team can beat the Golden State Warriors and go on to win the championship. For that to happened Paul George needs to be at his best.

I looked forward to getting to know you Mr. Consistent.

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