Thunder release third uniform

As we’ve reported in the past, the Thunder were going to release a third uniform. Earlier this week, they did just that. We told you “one is expected to be a futuristic looking font on a blue uniform.”

The slanted font that is disproportionate lettering I guess could be considered futuristic. However, the lines on the back; an almost gradient like styling.

The original images that were coming out across 2k weren’t looking too hot. This looked to be one of the bigger debacles in Thunder history. However, now that we’ve seen it in person. I’ve changed my point of view: I dig it.

It’s sleek and we’ve loved the OKC on the front of the jersey. While sunset is gone and we’re still mourning the loss of it, we have found a potentially new favorite alternate uniform.

Rating: 7/10

Why so high? I think it’s unique and I like the sound waves. What if this was an orange version? That could be the fire uni we were all looking for. However, it’s not even Thunder blue really. It’s more of navy blue.  There’s a weird obsession with navy blue within the organization I’m guessing.

The Thunder are getting ready to release a fourth one. This one will be community influenced. It’s supposed to be released during the Winter, so that’s a super vague timeline. We’ll do our best to bring you all the coverage.

You can view the Thunder’s image gallery on their site here.


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  1. I love everything about the front. The new OKC logo, the light blue piping, and orange against the dark blue. I was thinking about picking one of these up after seeing the first image of PG wearing it (despite having a basically brand new Russ jersey.)

    But… Nike did absolutely everything wrong on the back. I hate the NOB under the number – It looks terrible and serves no purpose for men (at least in the WNBA and Women’s CBB it prevents the name from being covered up by long hair) and the soundwaves up the back are a little too much. This feels like something they overdesigned in the name of being edgy. Hard pass for me.

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