Thunder odds heading into the season

The Oklahoma City Thunder season is fast approaching and this one plans to be a good one. With Paul George and Russell Westbrook teaming up for what can be an extraordinary season, we dove into some of the NBA odds based on the Thunder’s upcoming season.

All odds are different from NFL odds to MLB odds to these NBA odds. It’s interesting some of the prop bets. We’re going to break down some of the best ones we found:

Odds To Win 2017-18 NBA Championship: 25-1 — fifth best in the NBA.

I don’t hate these odds. The NBA is top heavy and will most likely see the Warriors win it all but the Thunder will have something to say. They may be the best team in the association to defend the Warriors.

Over/Under wins: 51.5

Vegas is eerily good at putting together this and being close. Last season, the Thunder were at 47.5 and finished with 47 wins, that’s wild. I’d take the over if the Thunder can stay healthy this season. Put some money on this one.

Odds Paul George gets booed in Indiana: 1-9

There is no boundaries for this one. Does booing mean the entire arena, partial or just a smattering? There are going to be some boos. I’ll go as far to say there will be a lot of boos. This is an easy way to make a buck if you ask me.

Westbrook to win back-to-back MVPs: 7-2

While his odds are the best to repeat, the Brodie will bring it this season. Oklahoma City will need him once again. However, I doubt they’ll need him to be a triple-double machine. I’d keep my money on this one.

The Oklahoma City Thunder will be right there, battling the entire season but what’s most important is that Westbrook re-signs. If he doesn’t, this season could be pretty dismal. The Thunder may look into trading the Brodie and many Thunder fans don’t want that. They want to see Westbrook retire in Oklahoma City.

Over/under points for Paul George in return to Indiana: 35.5

I’m going to have to pull the under on this one. While Paul George is a superstar, a glorified top 10 player in the world, you have to realize this is still Russell Westbrook’s team. George going for 35.5 or more on this team will take some doing. Indiana will be out for some blood and the atmosphere will be electric. I’ll go under.

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