2k18 sneak peek at Thunder Nike uniforms

With all the changes during the NBA offseason, it looks like one thing will stay the same – the classic white Oklahoma City Thunder jerseys, also known as “association.”

The NBA announced last week that they are getting rid of traditional uniforms in their change from Adidas to Nike. Now home teams can choose between four jerseys, while the visiting team will wear a contrasting color.

With all the hype behind the new Nike jerseys, it appears at the moment due to an NBA 2k18 first look, that the white jerseys for the Oklahoma City Thunder will nearly be identical to the old ones except for few minimal changes.

In the screenshot game with Paul George the only changes are, of course, the Adidas symbol is now a Nike symbol and the shorts will say OKC on them.

However, this is just one of the four jerseys. Fans will still have to see what Nike and the NBA have in mind for the Icon, Athlete Mindset and the Community jerseys.

As of right now though it appears that the white Association jerseys will pretty much be the same as when Adidas made them.

The new uniforms, which were designed, based of input from NBA players, will be released at the start of the 2017-2018 season. At least this year the NBA regular season will begin on Oct. 10, its earliest start since 1980.

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