NBA changing traditional home and away uniforms

In the new generation of multiple uniforms, the NBA has made an unprecedented move and eliminated the traditional designated uniforms. Teams can now wear color at home at all times if they choose to do so.

Teams will now choose a designated uniform, of any color, as their home court uniform and wear that for the season. They can change each season. The road team will then wear a contrasting color. So, you won’t see any Brooklyn black against Minnesota black.

With Nike’s takeover of the NBA uniforms, which are slowly being leaked, teams will have four uniforms. They’ll have traditional white, traditional road, which is Oklahoma City’s blue unis. Oklahoma City will be given two other uniforms.

Nike has renamed the jerseys to the following:

  • Association (Classic white)
  • Icon (Team color)
  • Athlete Mindset
  • Community (Locally inspired)

It has been reported the popular orange uniforms are out for Oklahoma City. It is reported Oklahoma city will be given a blue, futuristic looking uniform. It’s very vague on what makes this uniform “futuristic.” Oklahoma City will also get a fourth uniform. The locally inspired uniform has not been talked of too much yet with Oklahoma City but will be interesting to see.

Eight NBA teams will have a Classic Edition uniform that will celebrate iconic uniforms of the past.

The new Nike uniforms are comprised of a combination of Alpha Yarns and recycled polyester (each athlete uniform represents approximately 20 recycled PET bottles). Not only does this yarn blend match Nike’s broad commitment to sustainability, it also removes moisture more quickly than previous NBA uniforms — wicking sweat 30 percent faster than current NBA uniforms resulting in a 15 percent quicker drying time.

The heading image is created by Brian Begley and is just a rendering. It is still pretty cool though.

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