Happy Fourth of July

Today is the day where we all join hands and remember how lucky we are to be Americans. Bar-B-Qs, fireworks and (usually) great weather.

This is a basketball site dedicated to covering the Oklahoma City Thunder. The NBA is a global game, so it is important to remember the thousands of Thunder fans where to them, today is just simply Tuesday.

One thing every Oklahoma City fan from across Kyrie Irving’s flat earth can agree upon is the significance of this date. The departure of Kevin Durant.

In the wake of his departure, the Thunder found themselves in troubled waters. Gone were the days of title contention. What was to become of the remaining star Russell Westbrook? At the time, it wasn’t pretty.

Of course, we know how the story goes from there.

Westbrook reaffirmed his commitment of Oklahoma City and led the Thunder out of the pit of despair. A 47-win season. A triple-double record for the ages. And finally, a well deserved MVP award.

Even still. The future was far from promising. Westbrook’s future remained uncertain. Even with all the excitement of the 2016-17 season, 47 wins is not what Thunder fans have grown accustomed too. While dreams of title contention seemed out of reach with Golden State appearing so dominant.

And then, the wizard waved his wand.

Sam Presti brought another super star in Paul George to the plains of Oklahoma to team up with Westbrook. Once again, Oklahoma City fans had hope. The addition of George is a large reminder of how lucky Thunder fans — and we as Thunder writers — are.

While Thunder fans hail from many countries — New Zealand, Turkey, Brazil, England and so many others — the Fourth of July will remain a pivotal point for all fans in Oklahoma City basketball history. The day when the first era of Thunder basketball died, only to give way to the new era. No matter how long or short this time may be, it is fun to be apart of the ride.

As an American, the Fourth of July represents many things. Pride was mentioned earlier. It is rather fitting.

Westbrook made it okay in those worrisome few weeks last year to be proud to be a Thunder fan. Now with another top player to help compete, there is more pride to be felt.

We here at Thunder Digest are certainly proud to cover this team. There may be more fun times ahead and that is all you can ask for.

Enjoy your Fourth of July everyone. Cupcakes and all.


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