OKC needs Blake Griffin but does he want OKC?

Chris Paul is gone. J.J. Redick is out the door. The rebuilding year of the Clippers has finally arrived. Blake Griffin has opted out and will be a free agent in a matter of hours. Many think L.A. has a good chance at re-signing the University of Oklahoma superstar. However, they also said that about Kevin Durant and Bricktown.

Last season, Washington was enamored with the idea of Kevin Durant coming home. It never came to fruition. In fact, the Wizards never even got as much as a “new phone, who dis” text message from Durant’s people. Before this last off season, players rarely went home. However, as Chris Herring of 538 wrote, the LeBron James effect happened. Eight players moved within 100 miles of their home town.

Going home often means dealing with people you probably have outgrown while you’re away but they drag you back in when you get home. Players often talk about the multitude of tickets they’re forced to buy when they return home. Most do not realize they’re given only two tickets per game. When they give out those two and have to procure others, it’s at the expense of a teammate or their own pocketbook.

For the Thunder, they’ve made it apparent for almost two years their intent on hunting down Griffin and bringing him home. The fit with Russell Westbrook would be almost natural. A stretch four who can step out and hit the jumper or fly through the air like a hilariously witty superman. Oklahoma City would be rightfully so a contender once again, despite Griffin’s health issues.

Griffin may not be available until December because of the toe injury that ended his playoff run, according to an ESPN report,

All of this is given that the Thunder have the money — they don’t. So, sign-and-trade is their only option. However, before we really break down the brass tax of whether Oklahoma City can afford Griffin, we have to ask ourselves the tough question: Does Griffin want to be in Oklahoma City?

In the growing age of technology in the 21st century, it’s easy to say that anything can be done from anywhere in the globe. Look at the fact that your MVP is a fashion icon in Nichols Hills, AMERICA. However, Griffin’s involvement within his producing and directing is tough to do in Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City would love if Griffin would come home. His parents still live in Oklahoma City. They’re at all of the Clippers games when they visit the Thunder. They’re very visible for those who followed the Sooners when Griffin was a member.

It seems like a no brainer, right? Play with Westbrook. Get to see mom and pops on the regular and get paid handsomely in the process. Not everyone is about winning through. Although we can’t read Griffin’s mind, him setting up an interview with the Phoenix Suns speaks volumes on his want to win now mentality. Sure, three straight 50-plus win seasons and still never a trip to the conference finals could have molded this decision making. However, if he wanted to, he could stay in L.A. and get ready for the massive amount of salary the Clippers will have next off season. It is reported they’re going to try and sign two max players.

All of this and still no word whether Griffin is going to take a meeting with the Thunder. A man from the backyards of the Nic’s Grill and mums the word whether he’s going to entertain the Thunder’s proposal.

Although Griffin to Oklahoma City would be a metaphorical and literal slam dunk for the organization, it also appears to be falling out of interest for the Thunder. Griffin should take the meeting, but until then, I won’t get my hopes up.

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