Poll: Would Thunder fans welcome back Kevin Durant?

While Kevin Durant just won his first NBA title and Finals MVP, many are happy, sad or mad. Oklahoma City is at home and Durant is celebrating. A lot of bad things were said and some were just a cry for help. However, the real question that came to mind with Durant winning, would he ever return? Probably not.

While everything Durant and LeBron James have done are always compared and contrasted from their first MVP to Durant’s departure from Oklahoma City. A big difference is their post free agency. Durant has said he’s probably not going through the free agency bit again. James was reported by multiple people that he would eventually end up back in Cleveland. They were right.

So, if Durant goes back on his word, does the free agency thing again and returns to Oklahoma City, would he be welcomed back? That’s the unknown variable right now. If we compare the percentages to what LeBron was looking at in 2010, the year he left, Cavs fans are pretty split at this point but most would say no, they don’t want him back. According to a poll from Cleveland.com, Cavs fans would not want him back. They almost chose him over Art Modell, who moved the Browns to Baltimore. Almost the lowest of the low.

Time is healing all wounds. Two seasons later, Cleveland.com did another poll. This time more specific. They asked if LeBron would be still not welcomed but the odds are considerably better.

Then, fast forward to 2014. LeBron has won a couple of titles with the Heat. There were talks of LeBron coming back to Cleveland. You know, the place where they burned his jersey and booed him mercifully as the Heat annihilated a poor Cavs team.

Here’s another Cleveland.com poll.

As you see, they loosened their stance on his return as time went by. It is unknown if the Thunder fan base will do the same thing.

Here is your chance to make a vote: Would you welcome Kevin Durant back to the Thunder?

Would you welcome Kevin Durant back to Oklahoma City?

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