Turkey arrests Enes Kanter’s father

Almost two weeks after news that the Turkish government had cancelled Enes Kanter’s passport, his father has been detained and arrested by the Turkish Government.

Police raided Enes’ father’s, Mehmet Kanter, house in Istanbul according to Enes Kanter.

“The police raided our home in Istanbul, something that is happening to many innocent families across Turkey just because they are members of Hizmet, inspired by Scholar Fethullah Gulen,” Enes Kanter said in a statement released on his website. “Hizmet today is a transnational social initiative that advocates for the ideals of human rights, equal opportunity, democracy, non-violence and the emphatic acceptance of religious and cultural diversity.”

According to Turkey’s official news agency, Anadolu the detainment of Mehmet Kanter is “part of the ongoing investigation in FETO.”

FETO stands for “Fethullah Terrorist Organization” and it is what the Turkish government calls the followers of the Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, according to CNN.

One week ago Turkey issued an arrest warrant for Enes Kanter claiming that he was part of a “terror” group.

However, Enes Kanter believes that his father is being arrested because of his vocal political stance against Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“My father is arrested because of my outspoken criticism of the ruling party,” Enes Kanter said. “He may get tortured for simply being my family member.”

Even though Kanter has gone through a lot, including this most recent news regarding his father, it appears that he will continue to speak out against the Turkish government.

“For a second please think and imagine, if something like this is happening to an NBA player, what is happening to the people with no voice or podium to speak on?” Enes Kanter said. “There could be hundreds of thousands of people that are detained, tortured, or murdered that we are not hearing about. Freedom of expression is a basic human right, and I ask the WORLD to join me in seeking justice and equality for all and to reject oppressive regimes and dictatorships.”

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