Noah Russell Westbrook gets first “offer”

It was literally only hours after his birth, but the basketball legacy Noah Russell Westbrook already has his first college “offer.”

The head coach at Stony Brook pinned a tweet to his profile saying “offer.”

Boals probably said it in jest as a congratulations to Nina and Russell. After all, Noah is now a part of the legacy that is the Westbrook clan. Nina and Russell both played basketball at UCLA.

Technically a coach cannot extend a real offer until the player is at least a junior, but it is sure nice to get in on the ground floor level of recruiting player, even if it’s 17 years away before he can commit.

Noah already has a hefty size for a newborn. seven pounds and already 20 inches long. He probably already has two or three triple-doubles under his belt. That’ll make him a top recruit in the 2035 recruiting class.

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