The Offseason: Potential free agents

We’re in the midst of a multi-part series into the Oklahoma City Thunder’s off-season situation. On Thursday, we broke down the remaining roster spots. Today, we’re going to hit on who could be on the outs.

We’re about to venture into a multi-part series into the Oklahoma City Thunder’s off-season situation. Today we’re going to break down the remaining roster players that are signed for next season.


A Chicago-style surprise arrived in the form of Taj Gibson. He was an array of hope at the power forward position. He was a big piece why Oklahoma City beat the Rockets in Game 3. Oklahoma City could really use Gibson back for another year, but Oklahoma City is probably going to be priced out on re-signing him. Even if he wanted to take the Mid-Level Exception, Oklahoma City will go into the tax with Gibson.


Mr. Thunder is allotted a life time contract if he wants it. However, two things that may keep him in Oklahoma City for the remainder of his career: 1) the lack of a ring and 2) the minutes available to him. Players who’ve been loyal their entire career still want a ring. If this man wanted to reach out and try to find a ring, I don’t think a single person would blame him. He’s done his time in Oklahoma City and Seattle. He’s been on some god awful teams. If he goes to, let’s say Golden State or San Antonio, could anyone blame him?


He might be an atrocious free throw shooter, but Andre Roberson made himself a lot of money throughout the season. He’s a first-team All-defensive player, even if he isn’t voted on it (we’ll find out in June). He is easily becoming one of the best defenders in the NBA. If he can develop any resemblance of an offensive game, like playoff Dre, this game could become one of the league’s better paid players. His value is already sky high, as some reports have him getting at least $88 million. Oklahoma City will most likely re-sign him, no matter the cost.


This man should never be in a Thunder uniform ever again. Outside of his impeccable haircut, he provided nothing of real value for the Thunder. He had a decent moment in a single playoff game, but it was literally a five minute span where he wasn’t a complete waste of salary cap space. We can see why he wasn’t really pursued in the off-season.

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