The Offseason: The remains

We’re about to venture into a multi-part series into the Oklahoma City Thunder’s off-season situation. Today we’re going to break down the remaining roster players that are signed for next season.


The MVP leader is at least signed onto next season. Though he can sign the biggest contract in NBA History on July, he’s at least signed through 2018-19, his player option. He’s the light and the future of everything that is Oklahoma City basketball. Trading Westbrook, in my mind, is ludicrous and something that should not even be considered.

Westbrook averaged 31.6 points per game, 10.7 rebounds, and 10.4 assists on a career high 34.3 percent from three-point range. He was named player of the week four times and player of the month twice.

Contract remaining: 2-years, $59,201,012 – last year player option


Unplayable in the playoffs but he is waltz into our hearts. Kanter, who arrived via trade, has been an offensive juggernaut. Oklahoma City’s bench has been really blessed to see the big Turk dominating on the court. While Kanter’s contract of $36.5 million over the next two years, second year player option, can be an eye sore at times. It also provides Oklahoma City with a decent trading chip going forward.

Kanter averaged 14.3 points and 6.7 rebounds in 72 games for Oklahoma City. He shot 13.2 percent from three.

Contract remaining: 2-years, $36,506,690 – last year, player option


Victor Oladipo recently re-signed with the Thunder for four years, $84 million earlier this season. Oladipo missed 15 games but overall had a career defining year. His percentages were up across the board and he learned to do a lot without the ball this season. Oladipo’s growth is a great sign for Oklahoma City’s future.

Oladipo averaged 15.3 points per game on career high shooting 44.2 percent and 36.1 percent from three.

Contract remaining: 4-years, $84 million


The Spaniard admitted in his exit interview the adjustment to the American game was tough but overall, he did a great job of doing so. Oklahoma City really benefited from his three-point prowess showing up. Though he was a bit non-existent come playoff time, it’s a bit expected for that to happen with rookies.

Abrines averaged 6.0 points per game on 38.1 percent from three.

Contract remaining: 2-years, $11,180,236


This man is a legend. That’s not exactly a good thing. While his contract in the grand scheme of things is essentially peanuts, Singler is still more useless than peanuts. He’ll be the sixth highest paid player on the team this season. His production definitely did not meet his dollar value.

Singler averaged 2.8 points per game on a career low 18.9 percent per game, worst in the NBA.

Contract remaining: 3-years, $14,996,000 – last year team option


The Big Kiwi is a stud and his growth continues to engulf us. Fans had an unreasonable expectation for Steven Adams after his big playoff performance last season. His numbers across the board were essentially career highs. Oklahoma City has really needed and benefited from his hard nosed demeanor.

Adams averaged a career high 11.2 points, 7.7 rebounds, 1.1 assists, 1.1 steals, 61.1 percent free throw shooting per game. He also shot 57 percent from the floor, second best in his career.

Contract remaining: 4-years, $100 million


Doug McDermott’s ability to shoot the three was greatly needed for Oklahoma City. However, Mcbuckets says he’s more than a catch-and-shoot guy. We saw that through his progression in Oklahoma City. His ability to go off the dribble and get to the line was impressive. His defense lacks real consistency and that’s why he was rarely seen in the playoffs.

McDermott averaged 9.0 points per game on 44.7 percent from the floor and 37.2 percent from three.

Contract remaining: 1-year, $3,294,994


Domas Sabonis’ rookie season wasn’t the best, despite his lottery selection. Oklahoma City really changed their demeanor when Taj Gibson moved into the line up. Sabonis never really recovered from the demotion and was different. There is really only growth available with him.

Sabonis averaged 5.9 points per game on 39.9 percent shooting. He shot 32.1 percent from three and grabbed 3.6 rebounds per game.

Contract remaining: 3-years, $6,444,355 – last two years are team option


Huestis only appeared in one Thunder game and played well. He was a quality fit for the Oklahoma City Blue, leading them to the Western Conference Finals. Is Huestis in the plans for the future? That’s unknown. What we do know is when Huestis has played, he’s played well.

Huestis averaged in the D-League: 14.6 points, 44.5 percent from the floor and 38.5 percent from three-point range. He averaged 6.2 rebounds as well. In seven career NBA Games, Huestis is averaging 4.0 points per game on 47.8 percent from the floor and 60.0 percent from three.

Contract remaining: 2-years, $3,714,708 – last year is a team option


After arriving in Oklahoma City from Philadelphia, Grant has flourished alongside Westbrook and Co. His length has really helped Oklahoma City become one of the best three-point defensive teams. He fit right in, jawing with Kevin Durant and becoming one with the team. At only 23, this is a bright career ahead of him.

Grant averaged 5.5 points per game on 46.3 percent from the floor and 37.1 percent from three, a career high. His defensive rating was 108, a career low.

Contract remaining: 1-year, $1,524,305 – team option

Semaj Christon

After fighting off Ronnie Price for the final roster spot, Christon has achieved his life goal of making the NBA. However, he was the worst player on the team this year, not even close. Like Sabonis, Christon can only get better after this season. It’s really unknown if he’s going to be on the roster next year.

Christon averaged 2.9 points per game on 34.5 percent from the floor. Christon was 19 percent from three and only averaged 2.0 assists in 15 minutes per game.

Contract remaining: 2-years, $2,857,562

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