Nick Collison not ready to call quits just yet

Nick Collison, a 12-year veteran and Oklahoma City Thunder lifer, made it clear in his exit interview he’s not quite done playing just yet.

“I plan to play for sure, I didn’t know how I would feel at the end of year, but I still enjoy playing,” Collison said. “I enjoy being around the group and being on the team.”

Nick also talked about how he knows the organization will be busy this off-season, and how he loves playing for this team.

Even though it is true the Thunder have plenty to do to continue building the team, it will have to be a priority to signing back Collison if that is what he wants.

Collison has been apart of this organization since his rookie year, and is a big leader, especially in the locker room. He will definitely retire soon, and Oklahoma City knows it needs to be in a Thunder uniform when he does.

Collison went on to admit that he didn’t know what to expect this season, with everything that happened last summer.

“It was really unknown,” Collison said of his team’s expectations. “We were competitive every night, and it ended up being a very satisfying year.”

Collison then mentioned how Westbrook’s leadership led the way for the Thunder this season.

“Russell was great in giving us direction. It was like, here we go, let’s get this thing rolling,” Collison added. “Just the way he [Westbrook] competes, and just what he is like around the guys. He always has been right there.”

Collison averaged 6.4 minutes per game and only 1.7 points per game, all lows of his career.

Throughout his career, Collison has been one of the league’s best veterans and has continued to grow his popularity despite his decreased play. Known for taking charges and being bloody as if he was a hockey player, Collison’s niche is unique. There aren’t many players throughout the league that would give their bodies to the game the way he has.

” I think there’s still a place for what I do,” Collison said.

Indeed, the team benefited not only from great leadership from Westbrook, but having a guy like Collison in the locker room is also very beneficiary. It will be nice to have Collison back next season, continuing to be a veteran’s vet and helping grow this young Thunder team.

“I still think I have something to offer,” Collison said.

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