Thunder Digits: Playoff Edition Game 3

The Oklahoma City Thunder struck back with vengeance after their 115-113 to pull within 2-1 in the first round against the Houston Rockets. While we wait for Game 4, here are some key numbers to the Thunder’s victory:


When tailing 2-1 in a best-of-7 series, Game 4 goes to the team trailing 50.7 percent of the time. This has been seen in previous games in which Oklahoma City trailed 2-0 coming home.


Oklahoma City is now 4-0 all-time in Game 3s when they came into a series trailing 2-0. Fun fact: They’re 3-0 all-time in Game 4s.


Oklahoma City had 14 more assists than the entire Houston team. While Westbrook dished out 11 assists, he out-assisted the Rockets on his own 11-10. Harden spoke about how this was their plan, just doing what the Thunder gave them. It paid off tonight.


Oklahoma City has now led by at least 15 points in two consecutive games. Oklahoma City is 1-1 in those games, obviously, but quality close out by the Thunder tonight.


Oklahoma City shot 47.4 percent in the second half. It was a stark difference than what Oklahoma City did in their first two games in the second halves. They shot a combined 28.4 percent. However, tonight they were on their game and it was big as the Rockets kept making their run.


Russell Westbrook became the first person since Blake Griffin to have back-to-back triple-doubles in the postseason. He’s the first person since Jason Kidd to have back-to-back triple-doubles in a single NBA playoff series. History continues to be made.


James Harden attempted 18 free throws, making them all. At one point, he was shooting more free throws than Oklahoma City had shot as a team. Oklahoma City fought through the inconsistency from officials and made it respectable overall. Houston shot more FTs than OKC at 32-23.


Playoff Andre is a real thing and we are here, ready for it. Andre Roberson has become a player the Rockets cannot sag off of anymore. He was 2-of-3 tonight and he’s 6-of-12 for the series. Andre Roberson has easily been the second best player for the Thunder in this series. He’s definitely going to earn a fat paycheck this offseason.


Oklahoma City had 25 points off Rocket turnovers in Game 3. While that’s an awful lot, the Rockets only really turned over 13 times. Oklahoma City made the Rockets pay almost every time. If this is something the Thunder can exploit going forward, this series could get very interesting.


The series is 2-1 and Oklahoma City has a chance to even it up on Sunday afternoon. Oklahoma City and Houston have not really done anything special. They often say an NBA series doesn’t really start until a team wins on the road and so far neither has done that. An Oklahoma City win on Sunday pushes pressure back on Houston. A loss could spell the end to the season.

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