Rockets Playoff Game 3 Meltdown!

The Rockets lost the game and their fans lost it. This is an old fashion meltdown. For the new visitors to a meltdown. We scour the internet for the best Rocket fan comments. I post them chronologically and some are funny, some are disturbing, some are downright weird. I do my best to censor out the bad words but enjoy the first meltdown of the 2017 Playoffs!

  • Russ is gonna have a bad shooting night
  • I want a clean sweep!
  • I see us sweeping these guys.
  • Come on Rockets…let’s slam it to the Chipmunk !
  • Westchimp is going down!!!
  • Is it just root sports or does okc really have an ugly af court?
  • Man, their home crowd is WAAAAAAAAAY better than ours
  • I wish the Toyota Center would fill up like that
  • They need to stop making Roberson look like Kevin Durant….
  • Everybody sucks.
  • And their crowd is already louder than ours has been the entire year.
  • Doubling Adams like he’s Yao…not a fan.
  • Come on. D up on Roberson.
  • This is the first fully intense crowd I’ve seen of all games in the playoffs so far. We look screwed. crowd looks likes it’s affecting us
  • rockets look shook, thats a loud crowd
  • Man, Thunder’s crowd is so much better. Not even close.
  • Roberson is picking up Harden 94 feet. This is a new wrinkle.
  • I hate this crowd. I’m muting this.
  • I’m going to smash my tv if Roberson goes off again…
  • There’s a lot of weird looking people in Oklahoma
  • Rox look shook man
  • Refs are dumb as f***
  • God, I hate this
  • Hey I thought Westbitch had no team
  • 4 black jerseys vs Adams, got outrebounded twice
  • Wow harden wtf wake up man
  • This is just utter trash.
  • The worst thing that could happen is that Westbrook finally figures out that the team is better with the ball moving around.
  • The Rockets are the only team who can make scrubs like Roberson look like a Superstar…
  • get a ****ing rebound… MY GOD
  • This is going to be a blowout already. Good night everyone.
  • lol. bye.
  • Thunder are premature ejaculators.
  • Oklahoma’s song sucks ass
  • The thunder home court is kind of scary though not just for the fans. they are LOUD
  • Down 15? once again we have them right where we want them
  • sweet lou is so good at contested jumpers
  • Letting them score every possession doesn’t seem like a winning strategy.
  • Come on Rockets, lets take that lead back and take their hearts out!
  • Gibson took a damn trip on United Airlines.
  • Keep bricking 3s guys OKC will keep the lead with 2s
  • Rockets need to take this game.. refs aren’t calling the easy stuff.
  • Mother****er Ariza gotta show up man,
  • Gordon gets bumped no call. Westbrook gets tapped, whistle.
  • I want the M*THAF*CKING LEAD at the end of this quarter damnit.
  • roberson now making contested 3’s over nene. Lmao GTF
  • We suck. Plain and simple. The Thunder WILL WIN this series.
  • If OKC wins this game this could be a long series. We have to win this
  • rigged league
  • Thunder are actually a pretty good team when Westbrick doesn’t dominate the ball.
  • They can man handle the Rockets and get no call
  • Refs plan to fix this game: call everything for Harden, let everyone else get murdered.
  • Adams should have 8 fouls by now
  • Westbrook cannot miss…
  • Can’t leave McDermott open… leave anyone else
  • WESTBITCH HAS NO ONE poor little westi
  • These Refs man . . . . .. jeez
  • It’s westbrick time
  • Roberson is playing like Ariza should be
  • Westbrook trusting his trash teammates was the worst thing to happen to the Rockets.
  • Looks like refs want to make it a series
  • why the **** do we keep leaving mcdermott?
  • Their trying to murder bev !!!!
  • Here comes the Westbrook 4th quarter meltdown part 2.
  • Ref’s evolving. They were calling ball calls the first 3 quarters in last 2 games, they learned to do it the last quarters instead to really impact the game.
  • Everyone needs to relax.. They just need to make it a close game then Westbrook will turn into Westbrook. Rockets will sweep.
  • NBA fans in OKC are stupid.
  • Ariza sucks a**.
  • Lou Williams is getting mugged on these drives goodness
  • Why did Harden push off like that? Did he have to do that?
  • Too bad it took until the final 3 minutes for Roberson to miss.
  • We all know the media would have an enormous meltdown if WB were down 0-3, but the refs don’t need to be this blatant. Good gawd.
  • scott foster about to foul harden out just cause.
  • GUARANTEE you guys the final momentum swing will be a ticky tack Harden foul to get him out. Guaranteed.
  • Wtf harden
  • f*** you ryno
  • who the **** is grant
  • anyone else sh!tting their pants right now?!?!
  • Too late.
  • Damn it wb
  • Westbrook drained every single mid-range jumper tonight…. bleh, I guess law of averages didn’t pan out
  • RWB trusting his teammates now. F***
  • HARDEN can bang my wife.
  • Adams ugh kill mee
  • Foul Westbrick again, he will miss.
  • Harden should have driven to the rim
  • …….seriously. Those are the two shots Harden gets off there? Seriously? God bless, that is just terrible.
  • Son of a ****ing bitch.
  • So the inbred hicks in OKC get to celebrate tonight.
  • Westbrick tried so hard to mail the game to Rox and Harden refused to take it. That were your two MVPs. LOL
  • I want that sweet sweep so bad
  • Really hoping Thunder didn’t get any wins.. This essentially validates their season. no one will remember how Westbrook choked down the stretch…
  • this series going to 7 games.
  • im suprised thunder fans didnt boo beverley
  • How can you boo someone that didn’t have tickets to the game? Beverley wasn’t even there.
  • I think is a result of our home court fans. Obviously the guys aren’t used to this much crowd noise in a game.
  • Roberson is Harden’s daddy.
  • Astros won though
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