Roberson getting ready to earn big money

Playoff Andre Roberson is a real thing and it’s here. When the Thunder couldn’t sign Roberson in the off-season, it made him a restricted free agent. Then, now we’re sitting here wondering what will happen to him and the Thunder?

Many people thought Oklahoma City would have traded Roberson at the deadline and us here at Thunder Digest even thought it as well. Oklahoma City stayed pat and they’re expect to potentially negotiate with Roberson this July.

While Roberson has struggled on the offensive side for essentially his entire career, he’s an elite defender that’s garnering first team all-defense recommendations. He’s bothering the pants off of James Harden and continues to give other elite scorers problems.

Dan Favale of Bleacher Report is expecting Roberson to get near a four-year, $88 million dollar contract in free agency. All of that is negligible because Oklahoma City will have all rights to keep the defensive wizard out of the University of Colorado.

Aggressive buyers will be further empowered by the Oklahoma City Thunder’s salary sheet. They cross the $121 million luxury-tax line just by carrying cap holds for Roberson ($5.5 million) and Taj Gibson ($13.5 million).

Letting Gibson walk cheapens the Thunder’s bottom line, but it doesn’t ensure they evade the tax. Roberson could cost an additional $13.5 million on his own, at which point they must come to terms with paying top dollar for a non-contender.

Oklahoma City will try to do their best but money is already tight. Oklahoma City should and probably will keep Roberson in the off-season, but it’s unknown for how much.

Roberson is averaging 14 points, 7.3 rebounds per game on 50 percent from three. All of these are career highs and playoff highs.

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