NBA investigating Thunder fan and Patrick Beverley

So Patrick Beverley and the Thunder crowd are once again butting heads, but for real this time. The NBA is currently investigating an interaction between a fan and Beverley that took place after Oklahoma City’s Game 3.

The one thing that should be mentioned off the bat is Houston approached the NBA to investigate the incident, the NBA did not independently decide to investigate it.


On Friday night, Beverley barreled into the stands, sliding near the legs of an awaiting fan. That fan leaned over, said some words and Beverley, jumped up and starting pointing at the fan. Nothing came of it until after the game.

After the game, Beverley and said fan, Stuart Scaramucci exchanged words. Scaramucci is the son of minority Thunder owner Jay Scaramucci. It’s unknown what was said but it was enough the two had to be separated.

On Saturday morning, the NBA announced they were investigating the incident and Beverley offered no comment while the NBA is looking into the situation.

It didn’t appear there was any physical altercation but fans have been thrown out of the arena for less. ESPN has a video of the second quarter interaction and the post game from a different angle.

We have this angle submitted by a Thunder team source.



Original in arena reports from fans and a Thunder employee state something similar. They all essentially say Beverley addressed the fan after the game. He knocked one of those banner fans they handed out, from the hands of Scaramucci. There is a report the wife was involved, but conflicting stories have you questioning that.

There are conflicting reports of “racial” slurs being thrown around. I cannot vouch for this but often this is a scapegoat whenever athletes are involved. It very well could be true but as this is only being said on the Rocket fan side of things, I’ll take this with a grain of salt for now.

Scaramucci hasn’t said anything yet on social media or by email when reached for comments.

Beverley said the Rockets and the NBA are addressing it and he will once the investigation is over.


Whenever an incident occurs, the league reviews footage from the arena and television broadcasts to determine if the player went into the stands before determining if any discipline is appropriate, sources said. Beverley also will be interviewed. Officials with Chesapeake Energy Arena and the Oklahoma City Thunder have said they will cooperate with anything the league needs.

With the Rockets reaching out to the NBA to investigate the situation, it’s probably minimal if anything happens to Beverley. The postgame video looks bad for both parties. Beverley should not be addressing fans in that manner in postgame. Get to the locker room, do your job. Fans have to remember your ticket doesn’t guarantee you immunity and because security is there, you still have to remember you’re talking to grown men here.


Nothing. the NBA is going to investigate and I assume that nothing will happen. This seems really blown up as I’ve already written 500 words on this right here.

Beverley fined or suspended. If anything, the NBA could see Beverley getting into this altercation with the fan as a way to set an example then to suspend or fine the Rockets point guard.

Scaramucci banned from the rest of the series. This is is probably the least of the scenarios. Unless they can without a doubt prove Scaramucci said something vile or dangerous, there’s not a lot you can do here.

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