Why Kyle Singler is Eugene from the Walking Dead

There’s so much talk about why Kyle Singler played in Game 2 and then why he continued to play despite the horrible offense he throws up. However, it’s probably due to who he relates to on The Walking Dead.

Stay with me here.

Note: There are about to be some spoilers if you haven’t watched any seasons of the Walking Dead and are going to. Stop reading now.
Kyle Singler is the Eugene of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Why is this? Why relate to a man who is said to be a scientist? Because like Eugene, Kyle Singler is a liar to your face and he does it to survive.

Eugene met the group from Atlanta with others, saying he was a scientist. This gruop of people led by Abraham. They’re the protection for this man who knows how to save the world. He needs to get to Washington D.C. because he knows how to save the world.

So, the both groups take the dangerous trip to D.C. and then turns out the worst thing happened: Eugene is lying. He’s not a scientist. He doesn’t know how to save the world. He’s a fraud. He only wants to save his own hide.

That’s all where the relations between Eugene and Singler comes through. Singler lied about his basketball abilities. He told the Thunder he was able to lead them to a cure for a championship

That never happened though. All Singler did was jeopardize this team and put them behind the 8-ball. Oklahoma City fell for it. Like Eugene, expect Singler to defect when given an opportunity remain safe. He cares about himself only.

We haven’t even began to talk about the hair. Their hairstyles between the two are both wild and really forces you to question their decision making. Eugene, unlike Singler, is staying with the mullet. Singler has gone from boy band, to beiber, to Hanabil Lecter.

This doesn’t even get into how this forces Russell Westbrook into becoming Rick. Eugene’s decisions have made Rick do some questionable things, despite him thinking it’s best for the group. This is how we get bad russ and good russ.

When given the opportunity to actually contribute to society, Eugene cries and isn’t worth the gel keeping his mullet in place, but will Singler continue that path? It’s unknown and maybe Singler will break the mold, before he’s consumed by the walking dead of players ended in the playoff eliminations.

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