Magic Meltdown! 3-29-17

  • Go Dipo. Hope he drops 30+. But as long as we lose I’m happy
  • They’re killing us already lol.
  • FFS Westbrook
  • Uh oh Adams and Payton talking crap. Keep an eye on those two.
  • Vuc is so soft it’s comical.
  • Steele is drunk or blind… or both
  • Westbrook seems to be having the same issues
  • That was one of the most badly missed free throws you’ll ever see, but I’m a huge Steven Adams fan.
  • DJ stared at an open Hezonja and passed to OKC.
  • I don’t know that I’ve seen anybody that enjoys dribbling a basketball more than DJ Augustin.
  • The Knicks and 6ers are headed to losses, so we really need to blow this lead. I hope OKC is up to the task.
  • Vogel flabbergasted as he takes that timeout. “I don’t understand, the Fournier offense should continue to work every single time. My calculations were absolute.”
  • I see Oladipo still sucks when playing in the amway center… just like last season.
  • OKC, why are you so freaking awful at basketball?
  • Pat Sajak in the crowd… the only thing worth being happy for
  • We got this. We can definitely blow a 10 point lead if Russ takes over.
  • freaking oladipo playing like crap is ruining okc’s comeback
  • so depressing that we are going to win this one.
  • Even if we’re up by 3 with a few seconds left and OKC has no timeouts, don’t panic. Westbrook can still bank one in from halfcourt.
  • This is why we traded Dipo. We can’t even rely on him to beat our own team.
  • Russ has to be MVP
  • Westbrook, keep it going.
  • I **** hate this team so much.
  • Great win boys…
  • Westbrook started taking over just a couple minutes too late.
  • Screw lottery 8th seed baby. glad we won!
  • Lolololol
  • !!!!!!
  • OT
  • Lmaoooo
  • Gawdbrook
  • YEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO!!
  • Thank you Westbrook
  • I’m sick to my stomach…literally…
  • i’ve never been more of a Westbrook fan. lol
  • I screamed when Russ made that shot.
  • Good lord Westbrook
  • Wtf those MVP chants are way too loud
  • So embarrassing our “fans”.
  • Westbrook destroying Elfrid.
  • Wow those MVP chants are deafening in our arena LOL.
  • Hahaha eat it Knicks fans our tank in Hall of Fame mode tonight.
  • Thats our fan base everyone! Those MVP chants were louder than he hears in Oklahoma City.
  • I am sick to my stomach that any of our fans would chant MVP for a player on another team.
  • A bunch of people (THOUSANDS?!?) from OKC in Orlando for a Magic game? Nope. Just a bunch of bandwagoners.
  • I wish I could hug Westbrook. I’m so grateful for this loss
  • This organization has no will to win.
  • Still can’t believe how clutch Westbrook was.
  • It took Westbrook going full on god mode to lose this game,
  • Russ starting hitting shots and i blacked out, what happened?
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