Raptors Meltdown! 3-16-17

  • Guys like McBuckets always have great numbers against us.
  • I think I’ve reached the point in the season where, as a Raptors fan but also an NBA fan, I just want to see another triple double from Westbrook to keep that whole craziness going.
  • go Raptors go. But mostly (and I hope I don’t sound like a traitor) go Russ go.
  • Watch McBuckets drop 40 on us tonight.. hate that guy.
  • Russ is so stuck up its annoying tbh. He think he’s the coolest man on the planet. Also a ball hog who makes his teammates worse. Victor Oladipo like “I remember when I touched a basketball. It was fun once”
  • Now we get an inkling why Durant left and didn’t bother to leave a message to this supreme narcissist …How would you like to have to come to the arena everyday with that..
  • No worries on Russ…he is vaguely aware that he has other players on the floor with him as he needs them for the 10 assists…Hell he might even know their names..but for damn sure no one on that team shares a taxi with this guy.
  • I’ve never got the hate for this guy. He’s intense, he wants to win more than anything, and in the process he pisses some people off. Other guys who were like that: Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal…
  • If Roberson scores 30, I’ll go full vitirol
  • Westbrook owns and is chasing history. A superstar in the superstar league!
  • i like adams but he literally cheats on every single play.
  • adams grabs JV’s arm and flops, foul on JV. typical adams game. how does this guy always get away with these things?
  • One of the benefits of being one of the most handsome men in the league.
  • Adams is absolutely owning JV.
  • Pathetic effort this quarter by the Raptors.
  • We have to be one of the worst 1st quarter teams in the nba
  • How you guys hate Russell is beyond me. Man is amazing.
  • Ibaka has acquired whatever shooting disease Patterson has.
  • How much does Cory Joseph make? I’d be more than willing to also make a mockery of the point guard position at a fraction of the price.
  • Russell Westbrook hasn’t been challenged yet, wide open shots all night
  • Why did we let Doug hit his first shot. It’s over now
  • Westbrook is still resting….counting down to armageddon
  • Welp Russell comes in and the lead grows. Keep hating on him y’all lol
  • ugh we got it down to 2, then Westbrook happened
  • Leave us alone Russ
  • Yea but Russell doesn’t pass and is a ball hog lmao.
  • Lmao how can a man that average a triple double be selfish.
  • This is pretty scary, holding on to 4th spot seems highly unlikely. A disgusting game and a disgusting performance by Casey imo.
  • westbrook is a sight to behold.
  • OKC got to keep the better player.
  • Lmao the Thunder had like 20 straight wide open shots just now.
  • come on .. offense! omg.. who lost the handle there
  • Man, this team doesn’t show that pride and effort of protecting home court anymore.
  • Carroll is HOPELESS.
  • Guuuyyyssss what are you doooiiiinnnggg
  • Just getting f—— dunked on hard.
  • once again, what exactly is it that Dwane Casey does positively?
  • I like his tie
  • Time to be the first team in NBA history to fire a coach mid-game lol
  • Dude get Serge outta here
  • Steven Adams is a load our bigs can’t handle him
  • This team should be embarrassed what a joke
  • blow it up and re-start the process…
  • The thing that worries me about this team is we don’t play hard anymore.
  • this team is a joke
  • anyone paying the crazy money to watch them is crazy
  • Did I not say that I will jump off the highest point of the CN tower if Derozan ever gets a triple double in his career
  • Billy Donovan is a good coach, he has his scrubs prepared
  • What happened to that team pride? We the North and all that. WTF is this?
  • We the Nonchalant
  • definitely not raptors basketball..this is not fun
  • Thank god this game is over
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