Russell Westbrook is a man on a mission

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Russell Westbrook doesn’t give a damn about starting in the All-Star game.

Though, you can bet he’s going to make you remember his name since the fans didn’t vote him in.

Westbrook said numerous times he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. His fashion statements are living proof that the man from Leuzinger High School just struts his stuff because he likes it. The man is non-stop.

Westbrook is a different animal. With almost a theatrical quality about Westbrook, he relishes the villain role. While many have come to endear him and his journey without Durant this season, the yelling, stomping around the court and enraging opposing fans (see Philly) is still on full blast. That patented Westbrook scowl has become world-renowned.

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When Westbrook is on his A-game, there’s nothing anyone can do. Because before you know it, he’s already at the rim, throwing down a thunderous dunk or hitting a picture perfect pull-up jumper. While every athlete is always going head-to-head, it’s impossible to do with Westbrook as he’s already two steps ahead of them.

Since the announcement of the starters last week, Russell Westbrook has been on a living tear. Two triple-doubles and a 45-point bonanza that left you breathless.

“I don’t play for All-Star nods or All-Star bids,” Westbrook said.

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It’s spectacle every time he steps on the court. He’s an ooh and ahh away from dunking on a player and ending their evening. See: Rudy Gobert. What Russell Westbrook cares about is winning. You know what tears Westbrook up more than not starting in the All-Star game? Missing the playoffs two years ago. Succeeding in everything he does is what drives this man.

You see Russell Westbrook as second class to other players? Westbrook doesn’t care, but he’ll find those who you feel are better and dunk on them with the nuclear ferocity that he rages with inside him. There’s only so much emotion a man can explain through his physical being; Westbrook signifies it by blowing up on the court and leaving collateral damage in his wake.

This is Russell Westbrook’s league now.

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“I play to win championships,” Westbrook said. “Every night I compete at a high level.”

You couldn’t create a player of his size with his ability in a comic book if you wanted to. He’s as agile as any other point guard in the league, but he’s as long any center you can name. He’ll out hustle any power forward and when he’s hot, he’ll shoot you right out of your own gym.

We figured the post break up with Kevin Durant would bring in a special Westbrook. Triple-doubles were predicted and numbers were figured around 20-25 for an entire season. Only 47 games into the season, Westbrook has eclipsed all expectations and has his sight set on history. The man has one gear and that’s go. If you don’t like, he’ll run you over and continue on his merry way.

Yeah, Westbrook doesn’t give a damn about starting in the All-Star game. Doesn’t mean he’s going to let you forget your mistake in not choosing him.

Be prepared. Go to your bomb shelter, because pissed off Russ is coming.

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