Heat Meltdown! 12.27.16

The Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Miami Heat 106-94 in a game they basically led throughout. It was one of the most convincing Thunder wins of the season. It’s going to be a long season in Miami, so not surprisingly enough the Heat fans are taking it all in stride. Not a single comment complaining about the officiating.

  • You better own this ass whoopin that Westbrook bout to put on us Bish. It’s all you baby.
  • no Dipo, no Payne, OKC isn’t terribly consistent.
  • We’re gonna get smacked. Just stay healthy.
  • Bold prediction for Russ’s staline tonight. 9-9-9
  • I’m going to go with 34/11/13
  • Yes! Dragic out. Keep the tank rolling
  • Pretty remarkable that Westbrook is this far into the season averaging a triple-double.
  • GODbrook is my favorite non HEATplayer. Man i love that dude. Hes a BEAST
  • This might be a game i dont watch
  • We needed a timeout after that turnover.
  • These heat bums don’t box out.
  • Alex prius guy…who the phuck.
  • I thought Westbrook was going to get a triple dub in the first quarter.
  • Celebrating down 20, I have an issue lol
  • What a pass by Westbrook
  • Whiteside ready and active tonite
  • https://45.media.tumblr.com/34255fd8dea66ca2031c01ab52960b8e/tumblr_nzfe9pTTEU1s3gys4o1_400.gif
  • wtf was wb doing lmao
  • whiteside sucking major fart hole tonight
  • Don’t do that to Whiteside :cry:
  • Westbrook hasn’t even gotten started yet. This is about to turn hideous.
  • Burn this season. Burn it to hell.
  • This is some pathetic basketball.
  • Hassan brings out the best in opposing centers. It seems like most of the ones we face go off.
  • Yeah I don’t like this trend.
  • Haha Goatbrook gonna have a triple-dub in the first half. Maybe.
  • Somehow down just 13. Seemed like we were down 30 that whole half.
  • Goatbrook (lol @ that **** name) got sonned by his daddy earlier this year, no one gives a **** about his trip dubs, DurCant proved and keeps proving GOATbrook (lol @ that name, once again) and Stephanie Curry are both bitches.
  • What is happening
  • Good grief
  • Steven adams looks like someone **** on his face and he forgot to wipe it off
  • This game feels like we’re always 2 possessions away from being down 30
  • Westbrook is violently athletic.
  • come back
  • Westbrook is sitting on the bench just wait
  • Lets face it, Whiteside is more of a lob guy bish. This whole franchise player talk is nonsense
  • Westbrook got more rebs than Whiteside..let that sink in & Whitesides leads the league in rebs
  • I missed The Bang Bus by a couple of minutes. How was it?
  • Westbrook banged everyone. Including the camera guy and the bus driver.
  • Hurricane Westbrook has finally passed.
  • Destroyed us like Andrew.
  • **** this team
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