Orlando Summer League Schedule

Are you already having basketball withdrawals? Well, time for some good news! The Orlando Summer league starts on July 9th in Orlando, FL. If you’re not sure what the summer leagues are, they’re basically leagues for players from rookies to second year guys to get some game time experience. Oklahoma City has competed in the Orlando Summer league every year since coming to Oklahoma City.

Looks like Reggie Jackson, Cole Aldrich and Lazar Hayward will be participating in the Summer league.

We have updated the schedule on our scheduling tab. Also, you can click here, and view it as well.

All games will also be televised on NBATV, not to mention I’ll be tweeting them too. So, expect that later in the evening when I get off work. (Because, I do this for free, gotta pay the bills some how).

Here are the rules to the Summer League.

10-minute quarters

3-minute overtime period(s)

5 full timeouts per team per game

2 one-minute mandatory TV timeouts per quarter on the first dead ball at 5:59 and then again at 2:59 on clock

Maximum of 3 full timeouts to be used in the 4th quarter per team

1 :20 second timeout per team per half

full timeout and one :20 second timeout per overtime period per team

Teams will be in the penalty on the 5th team foul of each quarter

Teams will be in the penalty in overtime on the 3rd team foul

No foul out rule – for each personal foul in excess of 6, the opposing team receives free throws.  For each personal foul in excess of 10, the opposing team receives free throws and the ball.

10-minute halftime periods during games

10-minute intermission between games


Photo Credits: AP Photo/John Raoux

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