Metta World Peace Suspended 7 Games

The NBA’s ban hammer finally came out Tuesday afternoon and suspended Metta World Peace for seven games after his vicious elbow on Oklahoma City’s James Harden. For Thunder Nation, this may not be enough. However, this blogger feels it’s the perfect penalty.

Some of you are still seething with your Thunder goggles on, so I’ll try to break it down for you, without you ripping my head off.

There have been 10-non drug related suspensions that are longer than what World Peace received. That’s saying something. It’s nothing like the NHL’s suspension for 25 games for a hit, however, it might as well be the equivalent of that.  Seven games, that’s an entire playoff series, which means a lot more than some may think.

Missing a starter for the entire playoff series is huge. World Peace may not be the All-NBA defender he once was, he is still a pretty good defender. I’m sure Danilo Galinari and/or Dirk Nowitzki must be grinning ear to ear knowing that World Peace is not going to be on the court for the first game.

Especially, look at the last month for World Peace, he was averaging 14.1 points per game, shooting almost 47% from the field and 33% from three-point range. You’re taking that away from an already Jekyll and Hyde Lakers team. Lakers might not even make it out of the first round.

Wouldn’t that be sweet? World Peace appeals the suspension, plays against the Kings on Thursday, suspension is upheld and he sits out the first round of the playoffs. However, in that first round, the Lakers are beaten in 5 games or less, leaving World Peace having to sit out games next season too? That would be the ultimate win in this situation.

Some say it should be based on how severe of the injury that Harden has received, I disagree. Harden is going to recover and be ready for the playoffs. I believe Harden sitting out is just a precaution. Oklahoma City has nothing to lose with the final two games. They know where they’re going to be playing this weekend, no reason risking aggravating any injuries.

What if Harden would have played tonight, would you have been okay with a 2-3 game suspension? No. You would probably still be up in arms on how it’s a travesty that World Peace is still in this league. That’s why seven games fits the crime.

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