Meltdown: Timberwolves never stood a chance

Some fun comments today.   Some of these cracked me up like the one where they match up favorably except at every position.  And this one cracked me up completely “At least he didn’t try it on Ibaka.. The training staff would still be trying to get the ball out of his esophagus.”    Enjoy today’s comments.  

Our whole starting five averages less than Durant/Westbrook combined.

I’m actually looking forward to this one I like to watch OKC, and I have no expectation for the Wolves. If they can compete so there isn’t too much garbage time, that will make me happy.

Looks like a favorable matchup tonight I can’t see any spots on the floor where OKC have any serious advantage except for small forward. And point guard. And shooting guard. And power forward. And bench.

Are you implying NBA games are scripted? If that’s the case, I know a few refs who would like to change their bets before tip-off.

I was really gonna watch tonight. But I just got in from work, and I need to get up tomorrow. So sadly I’m going to miss our Puppies getting mauled by the champions elect

Anyone else think Harden looks like the snow monster from “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?”

Put down the joint! Beasley’s in the game. Or is that “pick up a joint…?”

Barea is our offense.

He’s certainly offensive.

Foul trouble on every single Thunder starter is about our only hope

Wow it is annoying that nearly everyone on the Thunder is a decent two point jump shooter

Ibaka being consistent on that 18-20 footer.. ..puts them over the top. Not. Fair.

Derrick Williams you are not Blake griffin Nor do we want you to be. Keep your soul.

At least he didn’t try it on Ibaka.. The training staff would still be trying to get the ball out of his esophagus.

If I only watched Wolves games, and never saw another game or looked at stats, I would think Westbrook is the best player in the NBA. He routinely murders us, and NEVER misses from 10-19 feet.

I have an uneasy feeling. Harden and Durant haven’t even gotten going.

It seems like Durant usually likes to murder us in the 4th in some ridiculous sort of fashion.

Barea is a stat padder, Johnson is a bust, Beasley is a pot head, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we should have drafted the Lithuanian.

KD’s putting this game away for us as if we couldn’t do it ourselves.

Randolph always looks so…goongly… (gangly and goony)

Maybe Beas should play Durant every day

Refs have made some tough calls from an OKC perspective

I’d agree with that we’ve gotten away with quite a bit of contact down low

We all know… OKC will turn it on at some point, but this game is shaping up to be entertaining

Remember way back when.. When we had that lead on OKC without Kevin Love.. That was nice Good times….gooood times.

OKC’s one guy (Ibaka / Perkins) Is consistently out-rebounding our 3 guys around the rim. Has blocking out REALLY become such a lost art?

Westbrook is one of those guys you might want to guard . . .

(I can’t wait for Ricky v. Westbrook next year…not as much as Rondo, but still….Westbrook’s semi- meltdown in their first encounter was one of the early season highlights).

Westbrook is so damn fast

Any chance we can accidentally foul Westbrook & Durant hard… Like the whole league fouls KLove hard?

Beasley is seriously looking like a leader out there what’s going on?

It’s the Durant thing. They have a serious competition complex. I wish Beasley could draw on that every night.

None of you will agree with me, but Harden’s beard has jumped the shark.

I think his beard ate a shark.

Pretty sure… James Harden has travelled on just about every play this half…

Harden with the flop of the night.

I would hate cheering for a team with Westbrook on it.

it’s too easy for Durant KD is such a stud.

Durant is ridiculous he’s like if a nightmare came to life

It’s ridiculous… How cold blooded he is. When his team needs a bucket, it goes in pretty much every time. First time I’ve felt that way since Jordan.

I’d take durant over lebron Any day of the week

If I met Pek’s & Harden’s beards in a dark alley… I’d be WAAAYYY more scared of Pek’s. No contest. He’d get ALL my money.

Harden’s’ beard is manicured and aesthetic Whereas pek uses his beard for sanding the rough edges off the skulls of his enemies. Much more practical and useful.

Harden 0-7 from deep. Thank God.

Derek Fisher Is probably one of less than 5 guys in the league that barea can win a tip against

For cryin’ out loud. (I wish I could not like Kevin Durant)

At least it will be fun to watch him win a title

He is so likable all around. He always tweets about women’s basketball, too. I want him to fall in love with a WNBA star and make a family of perfect little gangly basketball kiddos :).

Does Brooks need to call a timeout I mean all he needs to say is “give it to that guy and the rest of us can go get a snack”

We cannot stop… Durant or Westbrook.

Few can.

If we’d only made a few more FTs. (Or grabbed a couple more defensive boards). (Or…).

Don’t sweat it… OKC just would have turned to on sooner…

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