Meltdown Time: Milwaukee’s Best

Thanks again to FLCeltsFan.

This was a fun game to watch and fun comments to gather.  Of course they did lapse into bashing the refs.  I guess that’s normal when you are getting run out of the gym.   The Thunder did shoot 12 more free throws but then again, they were the more aggressive team.  It is nice to see a fan base on the verge of the playoffs cheering their team on instead of wanting to tank. My favorite comment was this one:  “We suck at being good.”  I don’t know why but that just cracked me up.   So much for winning one for the Sonics  :lol:  Enjoy!  
Let’s win this one for the Seattle SuperSonics.

The Thunder are making their way toward the name recognition of the Heat, Lakers or Bulls. There will be some bandwagon Durant fans probably, and the listed attendance will probably be somewhere in the neighborhood of 15K. Sure, the actual attendance will be about 4/5 of that.

Ibaka is going to 10+ blocks in this game and will force the bucks to be a jump shooting team more then they already are.

With a much less talented team last year, we lost 82-81 at home to the Thunder…I wouldn’t be so quick to say that we will lose this game

They were without that dude named Kevin Durant. I hear he’s pretty good.

We’re going to get absolutely thrashed.

Bucks win this by double digits…if Luc plays. Just a gut feeling, but I did have Taco Bell for lunch, so that may be it.

This shows where we stand in the playoff race.  If we make the playoffs, this will be the level of competition we will face.  I say we win and prove that we belong with the top teams.

There is no chance we win this game.

But if we do, it’ll be fun

Perkins coast to coast :lol: :lol::lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Strange sight there with Perkins going the distance.

Monta forcing a lot early. He’s playing like Monta Ellis out there.

Westbrook with the “And 1” scream. I think Redd made me hate that shout.

Ibaka is a stud. If we get either of the 2013 OKC free agents I’ll be ecstatic.

Gooden and long 2’s make me homicidal. Or is it suicidal? Not sure.

The Bucks may or may not stop the Thunder on a possession this game.

Westbrook broke out the pistols in the first quarter. Let’s you know how the Thunder feel about this game already.

Bucks sucking in a big game. Stun.

I love this team. OKC that is.

Thunder look like 2011-12 NBA champions in waiting. Durant looks like best player in history of NBA.

I love the bucks but there is no way I see them stealing a win. I could tell its over when the refs didn’t call any moving screens on the okc when EVERY one of them are obvious

OKC is like a group of elite men compared to a bunch of slow kids (Gooden, Ellis, Jenning).

Monta is **** garbage.

Our lack of frontcourt talent is really exposed against athletic teams.

Gooden Ellis and delfino are bad

You forgot Jennings

You forgot everyone else.

I keep holding out hope that Skiles will realize Gooden is horrible.

Westbrook is so good.

I dislike Westbrook.

We get excited over Sanders and Udoh. It’d be amazing to see how excited we got over a player like Ibaka who can actually play.

For what it’s worth, I think OKC is better than Chicago and Miami. So I don’t think it would be quite this bad in the playoffs. But it would only be slightly better.

This team is about to beat us by 80.

Mcglocklin bitching at westbrook for the guns, but never says anything when Jennings does his little showboat when he hits threes.

I’m honestly surprised that him and Noah get away with the guns celebrations after the whole Arenas and Crittendon (who is on murder trial) thing

Hey guys Ibaka is a good jumping shotblocker, stop laying the ball up into his f’ing hands you morons.

This OKC team is great to watch.

Here’s an idea, we should sag off Harden to double Ibaka at the post. Dear god.

This is what the playoffs will be like if we get in.

There is no way I could watch 4 games in a row of this.

Imagine this with an arena full of drunk Thunder fans.

Ibaka **** rode MD

Eject Ibaka, Durant, Westbrook, and Harden please.

Man I wish they’d keep Fisher’s veteran leadership on the bench. That guy is a bummer to the style of play we had going.

Hard to stay in a game when only one team is allowed to play aggressive

You could take the best three players off of OKC’s roster (whoever you think they are), replace them with three decent bench players and they are still better than the Bucks most likely.

Take any three Bucks for Harden….do we have a deal OKC?

If we still had Bogut I think we could get them to bite. We have no good piece now.

I don’t know how anyone could expect this game to be called fair.

I’ve watched a bit of OKC this season and I haven’t seen them come out so plain aggressive as they have tonight. It’s like they almost playing angry (with style of course).

Is it a moral victory Because the Thunder felt the need to bring their A game? I don’t think so either

It’s not even upsetting that we’re nowhere near as good as OKC right now. It’s upsetting we’re not even trying to be as good.

They just have so many bigs that are better than any big on our roster.

Not sure the Bucks should be playing in the same basketball league as the Thunder.

Down by only 17 after the first? Quite a sound start if you ask me! Had a little momentum at the end there…

On pace to lose by not even 70 points, so cannot really complain.

Harden is ridiculously good.

All ball, but this harden gets the most calls in the nba

The real punch of reality here is that the Thunder are not playing out of their minds, they could do this to us for 10 games straight. We just have no business trying to play against a team this good.

Scott Brooks would be the idiot coach that plays Derek Fisher 20 minutes a game when he doesn’t need to.

Time for Monta Ellis to shoot some off balance garbage balls at the hoop.

I don’t know if this is good or bad, but Ersan is by far the best Buck….plays with toughness and relatively fearless….unless he is standing next to Ibaka under the basket:).

I think I would agree to eat James Harden’s beard if he agreed to sign here.

Ibaka is almost assured of setting the season record of blocks in a game against us tonight.

Ibaka could not be dominating us any more right now
I knew he was a dominant force, just not this dominant…

I think they need to stop doubling westbrook. Our only chance of coming back is westbrook shooting us back into it

We can win this game

Are you in the rafters with a sniper on Durant/Westbrook/Harden/Ibaka?

Harden’s about 1000234932 x’s better than Monta.

Hysterical, the refs are **** us over.

**** you Westbrook!!! Soul crushing three to pretty much destroy our momentum.

Westbrook is arguably the most athletic and explosive guard in the history of the league.

I can’t believe the Thunder only shot 51% – it seemed like 80%! Oh wait I know why, because the Bucks shot 37%! :lol:

Westbrook is letting us back into the game by shooting incredibly average. He is the only player on their team that has a chance of shooting us back into the basketball game. The rest of their team is shooting out of their minds. In normal Westbrook fashion he is taking a 3rd of their shots, and shooting well below the team average.

So what made the difference between the awful 1st Q, and the improved 2nd Q?

OKC lost interest?

Westbrook is such a little kid. He mad.

Jennings is motivated, playing well. Him and westbrook got some mind games going on.

Wish Jennings would bring this defensive intensity all the time

Westbrook waiting for Jennings to cover him; that was polite.

Lol westbrook. Keep taking those shots

I wouldn’t pay $1 for a dozen Drew Goodens.

The Bucks woke the beast when they got it down to 10. They are interested again.

Remember when we were only down 10? Those were good times.

Westbrook should be ejected with that play.

Westbrook=Gooden. Both rally killers

I often wonder what Drew Gooden and Delfino have on Skiles where there is almost nothing they can do to get taken out of a game.

These refs are **** ridiculous.

Refs shouldn’t be able to change the game like this. Just stupid.

That awkward moment when a non-double dribble call costs the team a future championship..err 8th seed

Every time the crowd gets in the game, Westbrook shuts them up…

Westbrook gave the technical signal to the Bucks bench after all that drama..guess that’s not taunting lol

I guess its impossible for OKC to foul under the basket

Sanders didn’t have any thing to argue on that play, but it was probably a culmination of frustration from all of the bad calls towards him.

Harden’s head hasn’t been in this game at all.

His Beard is though!

We have a shot… If we switch rosters…

Fisher is putrid.

If Larry is getting ejected something has gone awry

Well at least Larry didn’t let them push him around without sticking up for himself.

There has definitely been an imbalance in the calling. Moute’s move to the basket a few minutes back where he got body-checked by Collison was blatantly an ‘and 1’ but good plays like sanders block get called at the other end. Players recognise this and frustration boils over. **** the NBA with that ****.

The T’s be flying tonight!

Yea because we need to give them more points

This is a f-in BS game. Thunder are acting like bullies out there, I’m disgusted, refs are absolutely biased.

Collison threw Larry on his butt on the rebound with a hip toss and stuck a leg out trying to trip him for good measure, Larry retaliated

Hope some team gets pissed and starts giving them some flagrants cause they need to feel some of their own medicine.

We didn’t have a chance to begin with, but these refs have certainly not made it any easier. Probably the worst officiated game I have seen all season. Disgusting,

We should have got Lazar Hayward, but instead a smart franchise like the Thunder go get him, he’ll be huge for them.

We suck at being good.

The Bucks are who we thought they were. Big test fail.

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