Serge Ibaka on the Cover of So6ix Magazine

Our own Serge Ibaka will grace the cover of the Oklahoma City local magazine “So6ix.”

Here is an excerpt from the article that was written by Angelique Christina:

To watch Serge Ibaka play is a cross between witnessing pure, uninhibited athletic ability and having a brief flirtation with an extraordinarily, heartfelt passion for the game that seems almost surreal to the average fan. He commonly performs feats with ease that don’t seem quite humanly possible. Leaving us in a state of awe and questioning our own perception of reality for a moment or two.

A shot-blocking mixture of legends like Bill Russell and Dikembe Mutombo blended with Kevin Garnett’s impassioned hunger for the game. Ibaka has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in a league among basketball royalty. Two years after joining the talented Oklahoma City team with imposing scorers and audacious playmakers, Serge Ibaka has carved his own niche as one of the league’s leading shot-blockers. His his aptly put nickname “Iblocka.”

Ibaka talks about how he doesn’t know what he would do without basketball and his home country of Congo, the war and his family.

I think Christina did a great job with the article. She really captures that Ibaka is very grounded player who really just wants to play basketball.

The March article will be out in print next week all over the Oklahoma City metro area. However, if you cannot wait, go to their online publication, and read it for yourself.

Here are a few pictures from Serge’s photo shoot

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