Daily Links – July 7, 2011 Lockout Day #7

Sorry about the delay, the whole job front has taken precedent! However, I have some decent links that you guys & gals should check out.

Jorge Arce of Bettor.com discuss OKC and Westbrook Only time will tell if Russell Westbrook can bring himself under control and become the true point guard that his team needs. If he does, the OKC of the future might just be unstoppable. If he doesn’t, don’t be surprised if they move him on in return for someone who is actually willing to put his teammates first.

NOLA.com is reporting a HORRIBLE rumor They’re saying the Lakers and the Thunder are going to move Perkins and Robinson for… Andrew Bynum? What do you think about that?

To the much chagrin of big markets, Thunder equals ratings Local regular-season ratings also are up substantially from last season. Local ratings for TNT’s telecasts, primarily on Thursday nights, were up 133 percent (1.4 vs. 0.8). Fox Sports Oklahoma’s Thunder telecasts ratings jumped 52 percent (3.2 vs. 2.1).

Couple of Thunder made the list of the top 140 Athletes to follow on twitter. The list is pretty awesome. Check it out.

One reporter thinks the Thunder are built to weather the Lockout While the lockout is shutting down the NBA offices and teams will not be able to sign any players, schedule any off-season training sessions or operate their programs in any way, the Oklahoma City Thunder can sit back and relax. Maybe Russell Westbrook can dip his feet in the kiddie pool he uses in that television commercial.

Looks like the first NBA player has agreed to play overseas With Deron Williams going to Turkey, expect players across the NBA to go as well. Could force the lockout to speed up very quickly.

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