Daily Links – June 30, 2011

14 hours from the lockout, I hope I get to write an article about how they came to a last second agreement… Make sure you read our CBA Articles. They’re great. Part 1 and Part 2. On the bright side, Players and Owners are meeting Thursday. Serge Ibaka excited to play for Spanish National team The power forward from Oklahoma City Thunder considered that in the years since leaving Manresa “I am much stronger. In the NBA you have to be very strong if you play pivot.” Ibaka, an expert in placing blocks (blocks, in English), explained that in the United States is now called iBlock fans, because they make a pun on my name. Before calling me Doctor Nasty, Cheewacka, Air Congo jump power …” What we learned on the 2010-2011 season e learned that nothing in the 2011 season was certain either. The Thunder weren’t ready? They traded for Kendrick Perkins, became a contender. The Thunder were ready? A Mavericks assault on offense showed they still have some things to learn on defense. Bulls Confidential thinks KD is one of four players that are Untradeable. He’s also got a much better contract situation than Howard/LeBron which is incredibly important for a small market city. If they continue to build the team, it’s also likely Durant will stay while many other stars likely wouldn’t. Spurs Nation with a great graphic on the NBA season. You’ll like the Thunder in it. Byron Mullens is teaching a summer camp. Now.. to the lockout section… sadly… ESPN does a 5-on-5 on if we’ll lock out. John Krolik, Cavs: The Blog: Fact. The owners will make a strong push for a hard cap, and the players will not allow that to happen for a while. I don’t see how this could be resolved by Friday. Berry Tramel says the small market owners need a lockout victory So a hard cap would definitely be in the best interest of Clay Bennett, Presti and anyone else who wants to see a championship parade float down the Bricktown Canal some day Ken Berger of CBSSports thinks the lockout will be long and ugly. But far more likely is that both sides will be unwilling to move off their most recent positions until the pain of a work stoppage is experienced. KD is still wearing his awesome goggles, still optimistic about reaching an agreement before Friday. “I just really hope things go smooth and we’re not locked out for as long as people think and we get back to what we’re supposed to do.” Kevin Durant Said. If locked out, some players going over seas, like JJ Barea Bulls preparing for the lockout. “Yeah, we talked about it,” Bulls forward Taj Gibson said recently on the “Waddle and Silvy” show on ESPN 1000. “I talked about it with Carlos Boozer], I’m heading down to Miami for a little to work out with him. I talked about it with Keith Bogans [last Thursday] night. One thing [is] my team has been in contact with each other. I see Luol [Deng] and I talk to Luol a lot, but it’s really gonna come down to us staying in contact with each other and work something out.” Break down of what both sides are looking for in the CBA.

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