Daily Links – June 29, 2011

Colby Paxton said the Thunder have graduated Instead, expect to see Presti and the Thunder go with a foreign project that they can stash overseas, or just trade out of this year’s draft altogether.

Dime Mag compared players to Transformers Kendrick Perkins is Optimus Prime. I can’t believe who they compared Russell Westbrook to.

Fox Sports talks about what the draft means to the Thunder Barring something unforeseen, this likely isn’t a move to bear much weight in the direct future. But Jackson’s skills whisper the possibility of playing from both guard positions, and he offers a small hint of insurance should Westbrook or Maynor not be retained (both have only the 2011-12 season guaranteed on their current contracts, though OKC does have a team option for the following season with Maynor). Of course, particularly with Westbrook, this is an insurance you’d have to prefer is never called upon.

Off seasons shopping list for the Thunder Know you’re curious what the first thing is: Top of the List: Get Kendrick Perkins Healthy

The Lockout has sneaked up on KD Despite being Oklahoma City’s union representative, Durant says he hasn’t been able to attend players association meetings because of other obligations this summer.

David Ramsey thinks Reggie Jackson is a perfect fit for OKC “They’re ready to win now,” Jackson said of the Thunder. “They don’t really care what the world says. They are going to prove the world wrong.”

Oh, Serge is trying for the Spanish national team

About 30 hours until the lockout. Make sure you get caught up on what the CBA is about.  Part 1 and Part 2.

Oh, and Nazr Mohammed has agreed to a one year contract extension. More to come later as the amount develops.

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