Thunder win in 3OT 133-123. Even Series 2-2

What can I say? Wow. Hard to put into words what you just witnessed. I’m going to just literally ramble for a couple of paragraphs. So, bear with me.

Trailing 35-17. The Thunder seemed dead in the water. Grizzlies were on fire. Kevin Durant was 1-4 from the field. Grizzlies seemed to be on the cusp of putting this series out of reach. Something happened.

The Thunder got AGGRESSIVE.

Early on it was tough going. Grizz jumped out 37-22. Then the Honey Badger took over. Cut to the middle. Cross Conley over. Get fouled, get to the line, get fouled. Get to the line. It became a routine. Brooks went small. KD at the 4 and the Grizzlies had to match. Kevin may not have been hitting his shots early on. However, he got to the line. KD finished superbly. Started out 3-11, Finished 6-9. KD took over in the third OT.

However, before that, much happened. Tons of technical fouls. Tons of fouls. Did I mention a ton of fouls? The Thunder went 42-50 from the foul line. Grizzlies countered, going a whopping 37-40, 92.5%.

Looking back at the keys to the game, we’ll grade the Thunder and see how they did.

Finish: Thunder came out flat and very sloppy. Turned the ball over 7 times in the opening quarter. Almost a continuation of game 3. A lot of Thunder faithful pooped their pants when we got down 35-17. However, we did finish. Took us 3OT, but we did it.

Grade: B-

B-E Aggressive: Thunder were very aggressive. Getting to the foul live 50 times. Games 1 and 2, the Thunder go to the line 60 total times, in game 4 alone, the Thunder got there 50. It forced the Grizzlies into foul trouble. Grizzlies two best perimiter shooters, Mayo and Conley ended up fouling out. This was so costly. However, you can tell we came out with a chip on our shoulder

Grade: A+

BLOCK THE FK OUT: Grizzlies gobbled up 24 offensive rebounds. However, the Thunder were able to come out almost equal on the overall rebounding category. Overall, Grizz outrebounded the Thunder 55-54, but the Thunder were able to overcome the massive boards by the Grizzlies. Gasol and Z-Bo combined for 37 rebounds, 18 offensive.

Grade: C-

A win is a win. We split in Memphis. Crowd was out of control. Harassed Oklahoma City faithful. However, the best shooter in the NBA overcame a little slump early on and put the game away.

Remember what you’ve wittness here. Only 6 triple or more OT games in the history of the NBA Playoffs.

  •   3/21/53 Boston 111, Syracuse 105 4OT
  •   6/4/76 Boston 128, Phoenix, 126  3OT
  • 6/13/93 Phoenix 129, Chicago 121  3OT
  • 5/14/04 New Jersey 127, Detroit 120 3OT
  • 4/30/09 Chicago 128, Boston 127   3OT
  • MONDAY Thunder 133, Memphis 123 3OT

Real quick on teams that win triple overtime games:

the previous three winners of a triple-overtime game in the postseason ended up losing the series.

Hopefully we can overcome that bit of information.

Fans greeted the Thunder as they came home.

Kendrick Perkins, best quote of the night.

At the terminal tonight. He looked as us and goes

We are going to bring a title home to you.He said this while smiling.

I didn’t think he had those kind of muscles!

Oh man. What an experience!

Nate Robinson posted a video

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