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Raptors Meltdown! 3.18.18

The Thunder stole a game in Toronto and the Raptors fans MELTED DOWN. While they love Adams. They wish some bad things upon people. Some said the only way to stop Steven Adams was to hit him in the kiwis again. This one is long. There was a lot of venting. Enjoy.

  • scheduled loss?
  • Yeah this is a loss. We never have anyone who can guard Russ.
  • We don’t need to guard Russ, he can’t win it alone.
  • The Raptors’ kryptonite has always been streaky chuckers who never seem to have an off game against the Raps. Enter Russell Westbrook.
  • I wanna smack Westbrook in the face
  • Gotta admit, that OKC+6.5 makes me think we’re gonna have some home town officials tonight!
  • Let’s get this George Dubbya!
  • I will nap through the first quarter, get up and watch in time for the second quarter bench mob domination
  • 1pm day after St. Patrick’s day game. This’ll be fun.
  • WHO’S READY FOR THIS GAMEEEEEE!!!!! Win number 53 about to happen.
  • Pg13 to raps next season….he’s the sf raps need
  • ibaka is teaching PG how to shoot mid range
  • wtf no foul on brewer on JV shove.
  • I hate playing the Thunder.
  • Vintage Carmelo vs us
  • Melo stabbing the side of his head with his cheeto-dust covered fingers is repulsive.
  • Marc Davis is a turd.
  • lol refssss
  • Adams is going to be a really tough matchup for us.
  • OG is so useless on offense man
  • Refs out to get us.
  • Lol Westbrick
  • im done with the refs…how is that an and1…they would call that on the floor for Lowry
  • I can’t wait to lose my hair over playoff refs.
  • We gonna have a March Madness score in the 1st quarter alone
  • so 140-130 finish today?
  • So who can guard Adams? He looks like the **** second coming of Wilt.
  • Carmelo one of my least favourite players ever.
  • poetl is going to get destroyed by adams
  • how come nobody on our team can get to the rim for easy bucket like westbrook
  • our pnr defense is atrocious
  • westbrook carving us up
  • OKC is a bad matchup for the Raptors…would not be confident in a playoff series against them.
  • OKC came to play.
  • Adams is better than JV
  • OKC will not continue this shooting especially Melo.  Everyone chill
  • Norm powell is f………. Trash! Garbage! Doo doo, dumpster water!! Garbage!!!!!!!!
  • Adams probably the strongest fwd in the league
  • why the **** is this a 1pm game of a b2b with only 1 day off?
  • This is an ass kickin
  • Stop going over Westbrook’s screens
  • Are these guys hungover ?
  • Raptors look big time hung over
  • poeltl getting destroyed
  • Playoff 1st round exit. Pure garbage.
  • Lol how are we only down 6?
  • What an embarrassing quarter
  • this ain’t no 4th best D in the league. more like 40th!
  • Damn OKC came to play
  • Adams is better then most centers in the league.
  • Christ we can’t defend pick n roll again? I hope Bebe can do a better job.
  • These refs are ridiculous
  • Marc Davis can go **** himself.
  • We are getting pick n rolled to death. JV is being rendered useless
  • this team isn’t doing **** in playoffs with these starters
  • Westbrook and Brewer is a lethal combo in terms of running the floor
  • NBA refs might be the reason I stop watching NBA….pure trash
  • Holy ****. JV is even awful on the boards.
  • Fred could start somewhere else. This is why he won’t be back…not money
  • LOLOLOLOLOLOL derozan ass
  • Adams is so physically strong. JV cant hold him lol. There isnt other guy in the league like that.
  • Jesus, so Westbrook just mows people down in a kickout scenario and that’s fine?
  • This just in. Marc Davis is still a turd.
  • OKC would take us out in 5 easily. Just a terrible matchup.
  • Adams going off is the only reason raps not up by a lot.
  • do refs come into these games with **** biases how you gonna call travel
  • At least we’re close and not down 17pts with no answer to Adams Family, I think we got this ^_^
  • OG the next Kawhi.
  • “Our starters are trash”
  • Lowry still more important to winning than derozan
  • See Adams gets all his points off Westbrook. I truly believe if Adams was in another system with a PG that didn’t share the ball as much he wouldn’t look as good because He can’t really create his own offence consistently. What he brings is defence/ rebounding and Westbrook makes him look good offensively.
  • Lol refs taking Lowry out
  • This sh*t rebounding has to be addressed
  • Ibaka is not clutch and never will be clutch.
  • Ibaka is TRASH.
  • Adams is scoring a point a minute..
  • I dont know how much Adams is making per year but he´s deserving it 100%, that dude is a beast
  • this would be a huge blowout without our 3pt shooting
  • bro if I see one more WB & Adams PNR with the offensive rebound
  • Adams missed!
  • Def gonna call a flagrant on Serge, knowing these twats.
  • Adams hit in the nuts again
  • Flagrant 2 and 20 game suspension on Ibaka.
  • That was so intentional tbh lol but can’t prove it
  • If this is overturned I will flip out.
  • well done ibaka! feel bad for adams but i’ll take it
  • Adams needs to retire or else he won’t have children at this rate.
  • Hope Adams lost a nut lol that’s the only way we can stop him
  • dumbass refs giving the OKC starters rest
  • Why Ibaka still shooting?
  • Force feeding ibaka do not kill me
  • Ibaka leave the country god
  • holy **** that defense was bad
  • Carmelo always kicks our ass
  • We’d be up by 10 now if we took out Ibaka earlier. He’s the only reason we’re down.
  • They’re actually calling fouls on OKC now
  • Stupid ass Lowry, calm the **** down
  • Let Felton score once and let him keep taking shots.
  • its hard to take a guy named Yogi Ferrell seriously
  • this is where we lose
  • Those triples by the Thunder were huge.
  • Game is wild
  • need patterson to do what he did for us and bbrick em 3s
  • The only way we are going to win this is going right back to Adams balls.
  • Where is Draymond when you need him?
  • OH MY **** GOD
  • smh, that late whistle.
  • NBA players always act like they’re dead when they get hurt… make you think they’re gonna miss the rest of the
  • game then comeback 5 minutes later like nothing happened and play well lol
  • Adams was legit man. Getting knee’d in the balls has to be painful af
  • Consider yourself blessed if you don’t know how much it hurts.
  • What a game…please don’t get ruined by reffing late.
  • Let Westbrook pull up from 40 I’m good with that
  • It’s honestly pick your poison with how we’re covering Westbrook/Adams P&R
  • goatbrook
  • Hes been fantastic. dont judge me
  • Toronto. Sharpie.
  • Westbrook is a punk
  • Just keep Ibaka out for the rest of the game.
  • Rebounding is sh*t
  • lol derozan didn’t block out.
  • 2nd time westbrook yelled for a call and got it
  • Lowry is an idiot
  • Refs are trash.
  • Marc Davis u MFer  I will eat ur children
  • Lowry bone head he’s low IQ!!!!!
  • Marc Davis is Westbrook’s bi***.
  • Ibaka can **** right off.
  • i bet when refs go out drinking together they make fun of Lowry
  • Watching with my dad and he legit thinks refs are one sided
  • I physically hate Ibaka
  • Tech on melo
  • put some respek on Westbrook name
  • So we’re just going to miss all of our shots down the stretch?
  • this game isn’t good for my sanity
  • **** choker Derozan
  • Airbrook
  • Ref says you can thank me later
  • DeMar wtf are you doing there…?
  • that was a offense foul on derozan. caught huge break LOL
  • DeMoron
  • DeFlop
  • DeFumble
  • Adams baited Ibaka, which why I’ve never really liked Adams. Ibaka is a hot head though.
  • Adams trolling this clown
  • Please let this game go OT!!!!
  • DeMar is seriously such a f***ing choke artist.
  • DeClumsy DeRibble.
  • Another layup for Westbrook.
  • Demar fake all-star
  • DeRozan is just the **** worst
  • What a moron. The guy is an 80% free throw shooter and u tackle the guy
  • These mother FN refs
  • Game. Tech should have come sooner. This game was so frustrating.
  • not blaming the refs. ibaka sucks donkey d***
  • Why don’t we try doubling Westbrooke?
  • Another missed opportunity and then it’s compounded by a technical. C’MON MAN!
  • im not sure who was more trash: The reffing or Ibaka
  • If someone could punch Westbrook in the throat, that would be great
  • L2M report will be itneresting
  • Someone should swing on Marc Davis
  • you not winning by giving up 130pts without OT
  • lol what are we the Clippers? Babies throwing temper tantrums.
  • Refs were great today. We deserve all of that.
  • That’s game. Can’t even pass the ball in from in bounds properly…
  • Everbody should just get a tech and get tossed
  • Wish Davis had threw ibaka out 30 minutes ago.
  • What a f***ing clown show
  • Like why are you even tossing guys with the game essentially over. Smfh.
  • Ibaka is responsible for this loss
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Thunder beat the Raptors for brunch 132-125

Russell Westbrook put the Oklahoma City Thunder on his back in the fourth quarter and led his team to a 132-125 victory on Sunday afternoon in Toronto.

Oklahoma City is now 43-29 on the season and has won six straight games for the second time this season. It’s the second largest win streak for the Thunder. Previously, the eight-game winning streak in January remains their largest.

Oklahoma City now improves to 5-2 against Houston, Toronto and Golden State this season. It’s the best of any NBA team against those three.

With the win, Oklahoma City sweeps the Raptors for the first time since the 2012-13 season.

Oklahoma City scored 40 points in the first quarter for the fifth time this season. Previously, the Thunder were 4-0 when scoring 40 points in the opening quarter.

After Toronto started the second quarter on an 18-4 run, with maybe one of the worst stretches of basketball since the All-Star break from the Thunder, Oklahama City responded with a 22-10 run to close the half.

Oklahoma City led 66-64 at halftime.

A weird situation happened right before half. Paul George hit a corner three, or what everyone thought to be a corner three. However, the officials did not review the play. They said the review window had closed, despite it showing George behind the line, and it was only a two-point shot.

After the Raptors started the third quarter hot, it was Westbrook’s jumper in front of the former Thunder big man, Serge Ibaka, to give Oklahoma City a 78-77 lead with 6:26 left in the third.

Steven Adams went to the locker room after being hit in the groin in the third quarter of an inadvedant knee from Ibaka.

Westbrook scored 13 straight points for the Thunder in the fourth quarter before Paul George finally scored from the free throw line. Those shots by George gave Oklahoma City a 125-123 lead with 1:09 left in the game.

Westbrook finished with 37 points on 15-of-22 shooting, 13 rebounds and 14 assists in an impressive fashion. Westbrook was in control all game long. Along with Adams’ 25 points on 10-of-13 and eight rebounds, Toronto had no answer for the duo.

After Oklahoma City had sealed the game, up four with 12 seconds remaining, the technical fouls came in bunches from the officials. Dwane Casey picked up two and was ejected. DeMar DeRozan and Ibaka also picked up second technicals and were ejected.

When Steven Adams takes more shots than Carmelo, OKC is 7-0 this season with all 7 wins coming against teams currently over .500.

Now, Oklahoma City will travel to Boston to take the injury plagued Celtics. That tip-off is scheduled for 7 p.m. on TNT on Tuesday night. Oklahoma City is in the middle of one of the toughest stretches in franchise history. 11 straight games against teams .500 or better.

Keys to the Game

Rebound: A+

Oklahoma City dominated the boards. Westbrook and Adams almost found themselves out rebounding the Raptors on their own. Both teams shout out of their minds, so it’s not surprising there wasn’t a lot of board opportunities. However, the Thunder did a good job of taking advantage of these opportunities.

Mid-range: C

Both teams defense were lackluster this afternoon. Toronto went 7-of-13 from the mid-range. The only real take away from this is the Raptors relied on the three-pointer way too much. They took 30 threes and only 13 mid-range shots.

Take care of the ball: B

Only 17 turnovers for the Thunder but they limited to 20 points. Which “limiting” is a weird choice there. However, I felt the Raptors had more opportunities but the Thunder defense stepped up. It also helps the Thunder defense forced 19 turnovers, and scored 28 points off those turnovers.

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Magic Meltdown 2.26.18

I wasn’t going to do a meltdown but I decided after reading a few comments. It’s rare you see a team outright rooting for Oklahoma City. The Thunder had two fan bases on this night. They were saying Westbrook was stat padding and they rooted for the tank! Enjoy this weird meltdown.

  • Always entertaining vs OKC.
  • Easy loss today, just hoping some bottom teams wins
  • They see me rolling…….
    They see me………
  • The anti-tank is now in progress.
  • Simmons looks lost in offense. Playing good defense tho
  • The teams got energy early.
  • love the way he is playing so far.
  • The tank hasn’t arrived yet, should arrive after halftime I’m sure.
  • Havent watched a game since before the AS break. Feels like its late October with how theyre playing tonight.
  • why is this happening :’’’’(. I don’t want to win
  • This could be a huge blow to the tank if they keep this play up tonight… smh
  • The Thunder really defend poorly on the perimeter. We are getting to the paint at will against them.
  • Don’t worry. Westbrooke is defering early. He’ll take over in the 2nd half.
  • That steven Adams..foul
  • We look competent today can we not
  • That Mack Layup…looked…too tanky.
  • Fun game at least
  • Mack thought Russ was LeBron
  • Lets go thunder!
  • Melo is a bum now.
  • Go Thunder! Go Nets! Go Suns!
  • These refs are terrible.  They’ve been messing up our calls all night and just decided to let biyombo eat George and then bailed out Simmons
  • That block was actually clean lol
  • We keep deliberately switching AG off Carmelo even though Carmelo couldn’t score on him in the 1st half.
  • “Tanking”
  • The Thunder are so awful defending the perimeter lol.
  • One of the worst 2 on 1 fast breaks I’ve ever seen lol.
  • I don’t understand what vogels thinking.
  • Mack tank commanding like a boss. He’s been horrid.
  • The tank is fool proof.
  • Westbrook clearly trying to pad assists
  • Hezonja needs to leave
  • Vogel is a joke.
  • Didn’t watch but figured we’d lose. I was right.
  • Close game on the road against a good team. Good tank night.
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The All-Inconsistency Team

The Thunder won’t make the playoffs.

It’s a thought nobody considered entering the 2017-18 season. Fortunately, it’s not true either, not yet at least. With a star-studded roster, winning at a high enough rate to stay a lock in the playoffs shouldn’t be a problem. However, Oklahoma City’s problem with reaching the top isn’t their talent; it’s their inconsistency.

The issue can be traced all the way back to the very beginning of the season. The Thunder claimed their first victory in a blowout win against the Knicks 105-84, and like that, everyone was sold on the OK3 being the 1-2 seed in the West. The following 19 games told a different story, one that had peaks of defeating the Golden State Warriors 108-91, and valleys of losing to the Dallas Mavericks 97-81.

Through October and November, the Thunder record stood at 8-12. The 2011 Miami Heat shared an identical record resulting from team chemistry. With that in mind, it seemed inevitable that the Thunder would turn the corner, with no need for concern.

It became very clear that there was no such thing as guaranteed wins. The third quarter became every Thunder fans worst nightmare as double-digit leads transformed into losses against bottom-feeding teams. With pairs of four-game losing streaks and three-game losing streaks contrasted by a six-game win streak and eight-game win streak, many point fingers at head coach Billy Donovan as the source of the inconsistency.

Since Andre Roberson’s injury Donovan has tinkered with rotations trying to find the best replacement. Yet at some point, a decision has to be made on Huestis, Ferguson or Abrines taking the reins. However, the blame of inconsistency is not all on Donovan.

Throughout the season so far, there have been waves of energy and commitment from the players. Oklahoma City’s double-edged sword is that the team plays on the same level as their opponent whether it is the 30th ranked team or the first. Mental stamina has been a recurring phrase tossed around in the locker room as a reason why promising leads turn into disgraceful losses.

Jab-step Carmelo Anthony has been replaced with accepting catch-and-shoot Carmelo Anthony but when the pressure is on, 15 years of experience kicks in and throws all the progress out the window. The use of Steven Adams on offense has been inconsistent throughout the season but as of late he is the third best scoring option behind Westbrook and George, an ideal and necessary piece required for the rest of the season and a deep playoff run.

With the All-Star Break wrapped up and a little more than 20 games left, the Thunder have their focus fixed on the playoffs and it is time to go all in. Before playing the Kings on Thursday night, George was aware of how the game needed to be a building block for the rest of the season.

The win against Sacramento was the epitome of the Thunder’s season. Confident start, turbulent middle and struggling to finish. It’s a movie Thunder fans are getting tired of seeing and not the strongest block to build upon. With obscure player rotations, lack of defense and poor shooting, it’s obvious Oklahoma City needs to be locked in for a full 48 minutes. The only problem is they don’t have much time to iron everything out.

If the Thunder commit to being the team they believe they are, then they’re a real threat. With Westbrook and George being the scoring powerhouses, Anthony at the ready for catch-and-shoot threes, and Steven Adams leading the league in offensive rebounds, the Thunder could make a run at passing the Timberwolves and Spurs for the third seed in the West.

It all depends on consistency, and the results speak for themselves.

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Game Day No. 61: at Golden State Warriors

Oklahoma City Thunder (34-26, 14-16 away)


Golden State Warriors (45-14, 23-7 home)

Saturday, Feb. 24 :: 7:30 p.m. CST :: Oracle Arena (19,596)
TV Coverage:ABC (5 DirecTV, 8 Cox, 705 HD, 5 AT&T U-Verse, 5 Dish)
Radio Coverage: 98.1 FM/640AM/97.1 Tulsa
View from the enemy: Here.
Line: The Oklahoma City Thunder are a 9-point underdog. The over/under is 234½.
Online Stream: Watch ESPN | WWLS Sports AnimalLive Stats | Twitter | Facebook
Game Notes: Thunder: here | Warriors: here


  • The Oklahoma City Thunder take their three wins in their last four games to the Bay Area to play the Golden State Warriors in their third showdown of the season.
  • Oklahoma City is fresh off a buzzer beating win over the Kings and the Warriors survived a comeback from the Clippers, both on Thursday night.
  • Oklahoma City is 2-0 against the Warriors this season, winning in Oakland and Oklahoma City.
  • The Thunder haven’t won the season series against the Warriors since 2013-14 season, when Westbrook hit that wild overtime corner three in Oklahoma City.


  • You can catch the radio on Oklahoma City’s WWLS, 98.1 FM. Matt Pinto will be your play-by-play voice. If you’re in Tulsa, catch it on 1450 AM.
  • ABC will roll out Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy, Mark Jackson and Lisa Salters for their broadcast crew. Sorry about the Mark Jackson.


  • The Golden State Warriors are 45-14 on the season, second in the Western Conference.
  • Over their last 10 games, the Warriors are 6-4.
  • Golden State has won four straight home games. Their last loss? To the Thunder on Feb. 6.
  • Overall, the Oklahoma City Thunder are 137-108 against the Warriors.
  • When the games are played in Oakland, Oklahoma City is 6-11.
  • The Thunder beat the Warriors 125-105 earlier this month and then beat them 108-91 in November.
  • Oklahoma City hasn’t won two games in Oakland since the 2011-12 season.
    Patrick McCaw (wrist) is out.
    Draymond Green (shoulder) is a game-time decision.
    Jordan Bell (ankle) is out.
  • The Thunder’s largest margin of victory over Golden State came on Feb. 17, 2012, where Oklahoma City prevailed by a score of 110-87 (23-point margin of victory).
  • Meanwhile, the Thunder’s largest margin of defeat (26 points) happened twice with the most recent occurrence coming earlier this season on Nov. 3, 2016 (122-92 defeat).


  • Andre Roberson (ruptured patellar tendon) is out for the season.


  • The Thunder come home for a solo game against the Magic, then go on the road to Dallas to round out the month.


  • The Philadelphia Warriors, named after the 1920s team that played in the American Basketball League.
  • They won the championship in the inaugural 1946-47 season of the Basketball Association of America.
  • The Warriors moved from Philadelphia to San Francisco after the 1961-62 season and retained their nickname.
  • When the team relocated across the Bay to Oakland in 1971, they were renamed the Golden State Warriors.

Three Keys to the Game

Force turnovers

When you’re No. 1 in points off turnovers and the Warriors are one of the worst teams in turning the ball over, this is something where Oklahoma City has to capitalize. If the Thunder come out and their defense is spectacular, they’ll run away with it again.

Defend the three

The Kings drained 12 three-pointers on Thursday night. Oklahoma City cannot allow that type of production to the Warriors if they expect to have a shot in the dark against the Warriors. If the Thunder hold the Warriors to less than 10 threes, this game probably falls to Oklahoma City.


Oklahoma City needs the Big Three to show up more than ever before. Westbrook needs to be efficient and slicing like a hot knife through butter. Paul George needs to be exceptional on both sides. Carmelo Anthony needs to hit his open shots and be smart. If they do this, the Thunder will win.

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Thunder and Warriors becoming a real rivalry

Russell Westbrook might say it’s just another game. He may prepare like it’s another game but one thing we know is true, he doesn’t play like it.

Since Kevin Durant arrived in the Bay Area, the way Westbrook has played throughout the game has been on another level of intensity.

“I play the same way every night if it’s against Kevin or if it’s against Detroit,” Westbrook said after Nov. 22’s win. “It don’t matter who it is. On the court I have no friends. The only friend I have is the basketball. That’s it. And obviously my teammates, but I go out to compete and to guard and play at a high level. I’ve been that way since day one and that’s what I do.”

Whether Westbrook is shoving Stephen Curry or pushing foreheads with Durant, this series has taken it up a notch. It appears both teams don’t like one another.

Former Thunder player Enes Kanter jawed with Durant in Oakland last year, inciting Durant for a 40-spot. Andre Roberson, who’s often subdued, went forehead-to-forehead with Durant last season, showing there’s no pushovers even though he left.

While Durant is gone and that’s a done deal, the Thunder obviously see the Warriors, due to the multiple championships, as the top of the mountain. You want to be the best, you gotta beat the best. It just so happens your former teammate went to play there instead of staying with you.

Sure, this is a rivalry. You go into a playoff series, blow a 3-1 lead in the Western Conference Finals and your best player bolts for that same team. The disdain is real. The Rivalry, while not always competitive is real. These two don’t like each other.

From Kerr and Curry saying Westbrook is easy to guard, to Westbrook triple-doubles to the Thunder going for their first season series win since 2011-12, the rivalry continues to heat up as one of the best in the NBA.

The rivalry was brudding before Durant even went to the Warriors. Westbrook’s buzzer beater in 2014 sparked a real promise. The fight was real on both teams that night. Over the next two seasons, four of the seven games were decided by eight points or less.

That all came to a point when the Thunder blew the infamous 3-1 lead to the Warriors in 2016. The Draymond kick and the Durant drama. All of it came to a boil the following season. Westbrook’s heroics fell short so many times as the Thunder, despite all of the cupcake chants were never really in the games, even though they were competitive.

That’s different this season. Oklahoma City has shown they’re here to play.

Will the Thunder win the season series vs. Golden State? Maybe. Will they beat them in the playoffs en route to a title? That remains to be seen. However, one thing we know is true, this is a real rivalry and it’s about time the NBA has started forming some new rivalries.

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Buzzer beater saves OKC from embarrassment

Russell Westbrook sank a three-pointer from the top of the key as the red light flashed beyond the backboard and the Oklahoma City Thunder escaped a 23-point blown lead to beat the Sacramento Kings 110-107 on Thursday night.

Oklahoma City led 44-21 after the first quarter but found themselves down 86-85 late in the third quarter, fully blowing the advantage. After scoring 44 points in the first quarter, the Thunder totaled just 41 over the next two quarters.

Though they blew the lead, the Thunder improved to 34-26 on the season, putting a stranglehold on their fifth seed in the Western Conference playoff race.

Oklahoma City saw the Kings go on a 16-0 run spanning the third and fourth quarters, seeing their lead go from a seven-point advantage, to a seven-point deficit.

Steven Adams found a rebound and the putback, giving Oklahoma City a 106-105 lead with 2:16 to go in the fourth. Westbrook hit 1-of-2 free throws, giving the Thunder a 107-105 lead with 51.2 seconds remaining.

The Thunder refused to block out, allowing the rookie, Joshua Jackson, to slip in and put in the uncontested layup. It was reminiscent of the Pau Gasol lay up in Game 6 of the 2010 playoffs. Jackson’s layup tied the game at 107-107 with 1.0 second remaining.

That’s where Westbrook did his thing. Despite missing all of his threes throughout the game. He took some questionable shots and made some questionable decisions. It was the Brodie who came through in the end. Westbrook pulled up from atop the key, draining the nothing but twine three-pointer over the outstretched arm of Garrett Temple, who really couldn’t have defended any better.

And former Sooners superstar, Buddy Hield, scored 19 points and was a huge piece in the King’s ability to take the lead from Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City held the Kings scoreless for seven straight shot attempts before the tip-in.

Westbrook grabbed his 97th career triple-double and his 18th of the season. He’s now only 10 behind Jason Kidd for third all-time and 41 behind Magic Johnson for second place. Westbrook finished 17 points, 15 rebounds and 11 assists.

George had 26 points for the Thunder. George only hit three three-pointers tonight, ending his streak of games with five or made three-pointers at five. It was the second-longest streak in NBA history behind George McCloud’s six-game streak in 1996.

Carmelo Anthony, hit seven three-pointers, finishing with 23 points.

The Thunder, who’s won three of their last four games, will now travel to Oakland for the third showdown with the Golden State Warriors on Saturday night. Tip-off is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on ABC. Oklahoma City is 2-0 against the Warriors this season after dropping all four meetings last season.

Keys to the Game

We’ll add the keys to the game once the Box Scores is online. 

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Cavaliers on fire from three, beat the Thunder 120-112

It was whole new Cleveland Cavaliers team than the one Oklahoma City put 148 on just a few weeks ago. This time, the Cavaliers came into Chesapeake Arena and hit 16 three-pointers, as Cleveland beat the Thunder 120-112. Behind a great shooting night for Cleveland, was LeBron James who maybe played one of his best games of the season.

LeBron put up 37 points in this one, and had the home crowd dropping their jaws with some of the shots he hit. He was special in the third quarter, as he put up 17 points hitting from absolutely anywhere on the court.

Cleveland was hot from deep for much of the game, especially early. They hit five three-pointers in the first quarter, and was able to maintain that shot making for most of the night. JR Smith led the way, as he finished with six makes from deep, finishing with 18 points on the night.

It was LeBron’s greatness, though, that was the story of the night. His ability to get to the rim and find open shooters is amazing to watch. He had the Oklahoma City defense scrambling for answers all night. As Cleveland put up 120 points, they did it shooting 51 percent from the floor, with 24 total assists.

“LeBron had a big third quarter, but I thought our guys battled and fought,” Billy Donovan said.

“But I thought the big part of the game, there was some rebounds and loose balls we did not come down with,” Donovan continued. “The second chance points for them in crucial time, was big for them.”

Cleveland was out-rebounded by Oklahoma City, but it was the second chances the Cavaliers got late in the game that were back breakers. Cleveland finished with 16 second chance points, in big part due to Larry Nance crashing the offensive glass.

Thunder’s big four had solid nights offensively, especially Steven Adams who was the thorn in the Cavaliers side all game long. He put up 22 points while also grabbing a career-high 17 rebounds. In those 17 rebounds, 12 of those were offensive rebounds, also a career high for Adams. Adams was arguably Oklahoma City’s best player in this game.

Westbrook and Carmelo returned to the lineup tonight after missing the last two games due to ankle injuries. They both showed some rust, while Westbrook was the one that struggled the most. He never seemed to get into a rhythm offensively, and hit just seven of his 19 shot attempts. He still managed to finish with a near triple-double, with 21 points, 12 assists and seven rebounds. He also just had one turnover on the night.

The big difference in tonight’s game, though, was each team’s depth. After the trade deadline, this Cavalier team was totally revamped. It is now one of the deeper teams in the league, and the bench unit tonight was much better than the Thunder’s.

Cleveland got a huge lift from their bench, 51 points coming from their reserves. Jordan Clarkson and Rodney Hood led the way with 14 points each.

On the other hand, the Thunder’s role players left a lot to be desired. It was a totally different story than when these last two teams played. Outside of Jerami Grant, Oklahoma City really had no step up to help with the offensive load. Grant scored 14 points while the rest of the guys outside of the big four combined for six points. All six of those points came from Felton, who had two makes from deep early in the game.

Abrines finished with zero points on 0 for 3 shooting in 23 minutes played. Huestis and Patterson also went scoreless.

The Thunder have a lot of talent, but they will definitely need consistent play from their role players if they expect to go deep into the playoffs.

Oklahoma City now will travel to Memphis and play the Grizzlies on a second night of a back to back. It is their last game before the All-Star break this weekend.

Keys to the game

Defend the three: F

The Cavaliers have been on a tear with their perimeter shooting since the trade deadline, and tonight was no different. They killed the Thunder from deep all game long and it ended up being the difference maker in tonight’s game.

Win the glass: A

Steven Adams was an absolute monster, and gave Cleveland something to worry about if these teams somehow meet up in the finals. Oklahoma City out-rebounded Cleveland 51 to 41, while bringing down 18 offensive boards.

Role players, step up: D

Outside of Grant, the role players disappeared tonight, and were just way worse than Cleveland’s. Thunder have some big wins over some of the best teams in the league, in part due to their play from their role players. Tonight we saw what can happen when you do not get the plays you need out of the role guys.



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Westbrook-less Thunder waxed by Lakers

Russell Westbrook missed his first game of the season with a sprained ankle and Paul George wasn’t enough to do it by himself. The Los Angeles Lakers used an 8-0 run from the first to the second quarter, taking the lead and never looking back as Los Angeles beat the Thunder 106-81 on Thursday night.

Oklahoma City falls to 31-25 on the season and the Thunder are now 1-5 in their last six games.

it’s the first time since the Thunder relocated from Seattle the two teams split the regular season series. The last time the two split before this season was the 2002-03 season.

Westbrook rolled his ankle in the Thunder’s 125-105 win over the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night and it’s pretty understood if this was a must win game, the Thunder could’ve let him roll out there. However in the name of preservation and health, the Thunder held out Westbrook despite him going through some walk through drills in pre-game and in shoot around.

George scored 15 of the first 22 Thunder’s points and it appeared the Thunder were in good spirits. However, a horrible stretch where the Thunder missed 14 consecutive shots, spanning almost five minutes.

Oklahoma City fought back from a double digit deficit to close within 52-46 at halftime.

George couldn’t do it all tonight, he finished with 29 points on 11-of-25 shooting, including 5-of-12 from beyond the three-point line.

Steven Adams struggled from the floor against Brook Lopez. He was only 4-of-11 for 13 points and nine rebounds.

However, the free throw shooting seemed to be the Achilles tonight. Oklahoma City was dreadful once again. The Thunder went 9-of-19 (47.6 percent) from the free throw line. Then, they tried to match that by going 8-of-34 (23.5 percent) from the three-point line.

Oklahoma City would get within 89-71 with 8:27 left in the fourth quarter but the Thunder would get no closer. Los Angeles would push their lead to as many as 27 in the fourth quarter.

Kyle Singler had three points in the second half, second highest total this season.

Oklahoma City only scored 35 second half points.

Oklahoma City will turn their attention to the Memphis Grizzlies on Sunday evening. The Thunder and the Grizzlies haven’t met yet and will do so twice in three games. They’ll also play on Thursday night with a meeting with the new look Cleveland Cavaliers in between.

Keys to the Game

Limit Threes: F

The Oklahoma City Thunder struggled to defend the three. The Lakers blitz Oklahoma City from beyond the arc, hitting 10 three-pointers. Los Angeles shot 10-of-31 from three (32.3 percent). It was an absolutely pathetic defensive performance.

Lawler’s Law: F

The Lakers hit 100 first. Oklahoma City didn’t even hit 100. This is a rough performance when one of the NBA’s best players sits with an injury. Oklahoma City really missed Westbrook explosive ability to get to the rim tonight. On the bright side, the Thunder don’t play again until Sunday.

Paul George: B

George turned it over six times but scored 29 points. George really had to do it all and was trying his best. When you’re the only one gaining any momentum, the Thunder were bound to struggle. Outside of the first six minutes of the game, George only scored 14 points the remainder of the game.

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Warriors Meltdown 2-6-18

I sat here, hoping I would have this amazing meltdown to share with these comments where they’re just nasty or self loathing. However, these Warrior fans are somewhat collected and they loved Steven Adams. They gave credit where it was due and it was weird, even complimented Westbrook. It was still a pretty amazing meltdown, despite the lack of super negative comments. Now, what did the aliens do with the real Warriors fans? Enjoy the meltdown!

  • They shouldn’t give visiting teams the imperial march. It should be silent.
  • Adams is the most physically intimidating person in the league
  • He pushes Zaza around like he’s Curry
  • Is this basketball or WWF?
  • Not matching their intensity
  • I feel like OKC is gonna burn out by end of first half
  • I really like Steven adams
  • the f*** is going on in this game? Thunder are playing NFL out there
  • 2 fouls on Adams. Now’s our chance!
  • As long as he’s on our side, Adams makes me feel safe about if the aliens ever invade
  • These TNT announcers just love OKC.
  • Comn dubs! You better than that on passing
  • So sick of the bad passing by Warriors
  • Westbrook getting whatever he wants
  • looking overwhelmed/lost..
  • Thunder players should just sit back, because eventually someone on the Warriors will pass them the ball
  • Might need at least 90 from KD just to keep it close lol
  • Holy crackers. Thunder has 18 points in paint. We have only 4.
  • Refs favoring Dubs early
  • That is an embarrassingly bad call on westbrook
  • Are they going to guard Russ or no?
  • Remember when there warriors didn’t give up 40 a quarter
  • When Westbrook is knocking down three’s like that, it feels like it’s going to be a long night
  • KD looks like he’s out there alone.
  • Westbrook doing this but I can’t find curry
  • westbrook is literally curry right now with super strength. how can u stop that?
  • We’ll make a run when Melo comes back on the floor.
  • So, never?
  • 2 bull**** calls on Adams already
  • Uh, this isn’t good. We haven’t scored in the quarter 2:30 into the game.
  • We gonna come back…I think
  • Brick, turnover, brick, turnover
  • No need to watch anymore. Warriors not giving a sh*t, not sure why I should.
  • So OKC just lost to the Lakers, but is stomping on the world champs?
  • Tired of that all star break excuse. You’re freak of nature athletes. Try.
  • He could get suspended after the game for that elbow
  • Westbrook going for 70 tonight
  • Hopefully they can keep them under 80 before halftime
  • Well if any team knows how to blow a lead its OKC
  • stop pouting steph! your tantrums are a little too cp3 like nowadays for my taste
  • why can’t they rebound?
  • We cant even rebound against them without steven adams
  • Draymond needs to mellow TF out.
  • Westbrook Is Rick Flair
  • Dubs need to chill out with the complaining.
  • Well that halftime speech worked. Nice turnover
  • Warriors keep trying ankle passes to Zaza….
  • If we didn’t get all these whistles we’d be down 30 rights niw
  • Russ looks possessed
  • Remember when he had that hole in his head and still played? Broke his face and didn’t miss a single game?
  • He’s a beast
  • Yeah, I strongly dislike him but he plays harder than anybody
  • Lmao the refs just screwing adams
  • This game kinda looks like Game 3/4 of the 2016 WCF. Dubs seem surprised by and unprepared for the length and physicality of the Thunder
  • glad roberson isnt playing
  • funniest part about tonight is Curry is getting shut down by Russ. never in a million years….
  • why is zaza still on the court
  • or in the nba
  • PG13 just straight up EMBARRASSING this pathetic Warriors team right now
  • This game is over.. Just put in the garbage unit ..
  • Wake me up when the warriors start playing
  • good night
  • Steph completely outclassed tonight by russ. Makes me sick admitting it.
  • Look how hard Adams is going after loose balls
  • Oh man … Westbrook falls down over his own feet and it’s a foul?!?!?!
  • refs win
  • I’m surprised Westbrook didn’t grab his face
  • Top 10 worst call ever nominee. That’s just funny.
  • Warriors getting punked right now.
  • Embarassing
  • Alright, let’s get 30 TOVs! We can do it!
  • I personally don’t think its all about “Dubs are in a funk”; OKC are a bad match up
  • I would LOVE to have Adams. Does everything right.
  • Bye Draymond
  • Draymond is a dumb d***head
  • Abrines can hit 3?
  • It is back to the drawing board for this team….
  • I get that only the playoffs matter but, I miss the team from last year that just wanted to annihilate everyone.
  • Which idiot said Westbrook was easy to defend?
  • We got hammered.
  • Total domination…
  • We got two more games vs OKC (I think). Hopefully they won’t be this painful..
  • Hey we got 100
  • If only I had a time machine to go back and tell myself not to get excited for this game
  • I wasn’t even that excited cos I kinda figured we would stomp them.
  • This sucks.
  • Good game OKC. They completely deserved it
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