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Bucks Meltdown! 10.31.17

So far the Meltdowns this season have been pretty tame. Leave it to the Milwaukee Bucks fans to bring the heat on Halloween night. You have some sexist comments. Someone saying they want to hit Melo with a metal can (LOL). So, all in all, this was a great Meltdown, enjoy!

  • This is going to be a tough one. But it will be fun, and I bet close one.
  • Battle of the previous MVP and the possible current MVP.
  • OKC is also basically where we want to be.
  • Thon vs. Adams should be hilarious.
  • Thon is terrible
  • Melo has Rebound Tourettes, a common condition
  • Just like we need a guy who Getz Bucketz
  • We need a guy who Getz Boardz
  • Jesus, how many baskets are they going to let that high-school screen Adams does on the top of the key get?
  • Adams going to go for 30 tonight.
  • Must be nice to have talent around your superstar.
  • Hey, good call you dumb b**ch t**t.
  • okc 2nd unit better than our first minus giannis
  • Side Show Bob citing.
  • Who had Thunder 2nd Quarter in the “When does DJ Wilson see scrub time pool”?
  • Wtf wilson just ho sit on the bench
  • Russ can’t get a triple double against you if he is sitting on the bench halfway through the third in a blowout.
  • we’re the only team who miss open shots
  • It’s all cool having women refs. But I wouldn’t want that woman coaching grade school basketball. She’s bad. They haven’t been unfair to us or anything so far, but this is a bad group tonight.
  • we aren’t cracking 40 before halftime
  • Get Thon a sandwich, stat
  • He has been eating healthy this past year. Could use a few Big Macs and a couple of milk shakes
  • Giannis needs to threaten Thon with violence again
  • yay we cracked 40
  • We don’t have the firepower to hang with these guys
  • We should trade Snell for Sam Presti.
  • Right now the Bucks remind me of those terrible Sixer teams from the past few years.
  • Time to switch to the World Series
  • This team may be long but we have to be one of the least athletic teams in the league.
  • With the way we are laying bricks the arena will be finished by December.
  • Can we start a fund ”save the bucks” buy the team and fire everyone?
  • If Roberson is hitting his FTs and 3s…
  • If the Bucks don’t cut to say 10 points by end of 3Q, then its really over
  • only chance we have is if okc starts clowning around
  • Why is Roberson going off on us
  • I’m 5’9 and I’m pretty sure I could beat our centers 1 on 1.
  • Crowd needs to start chanting fire Kidd.
  • Giannis should tweet “I dont want you to be here”.
  • OKC honesty arent even playing that well. Bucks are just on another level of dogs**t tonight
  • I was really hype about that 3 then i realized we still down 19
  • OMG Felton looks like Refrigerator Perry
  • If Delly can’t guard my favorite UNC fat ass Raymond, what is he good for?
  • I feel so sorry for Giannis
  • We really don’t deserve Giannis.
  • I would throw a metal trash can at Melo’s head from behind if I saw him in the streets.
  • Telly taking a dump on the court
  • How are we only down by 26?
  • Grant took on the Bucks starting 5 and nearly won
  • Wouldnt be surprised if Vaughn’s idol was Nic Young
  • Bucks feel like those Cavs teams during Lebron’s first tenure. One in a generation superstar with very little talent around him
  • Fire Kidd and gut the roster.
  • We are the Pelicans of the East. Everyone is terrible except Giannis and our coach is an idiot.
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Summer of Sam: Presti coming through this summer

NBA fans never hear any rumblings of what the Thunder are doing in the trade and free agency market.

It’s part of what has made them so successful as a franchise. It’s another reason the Thunder have had the best offseason in the association this year. Thanks to general manager Sam Presti, the Thunder are looking as if they will have one of their strongest rosters ever when the season tips off in October.

Presti and the Thunder brass have always been quiet, lurking in the shadows of the NBA trade market always looking to make a big splash. It’s how they landed former Indiana forward Paul George. It’s how, time and time again, the Thunder’s front office looks like the one of the best in the NBA.

There have been some questionable decisions, sure. Trading James Harden because of a contract dispute doesn’t look great now, but there was no guarantee Harden would have reached MVP-caliber status if he remained in Thunder blue. Kevin Durant’s departure shook up the central plains a year ago, but Thunder fans are looking to the future now more than ever thanks to Presti and Co.

Oklahoma City needed another superstar to play alongside Russell Westbrook. His late-game heroics often took a front seat to his struggles finding someone on the floor who could make a big play down the stretch. Westbrook doesn’t have to wonder whether his teammates are ready to help him now. He has another top NBA player on the wing.

George isn’t Durant, but Durant isn’t George. Durant is the world’s best scorer, though George can put the ball in the basket, too. He averaged a career-high 23.7 points per contest last season, making 46.1 percent of his shots and 39.1 percent from deep.

Presti added what the Thunder needed most: another scoring option to help Westbrook. No longer does Westbrook need to be the only hero, he has Robin. But George and Westbrook can coexist, taking over games with their combined skills on offense, leaving defenses bewildered and confused after the duo combined for a game-clinching 8-0 run in the final minutes. It’s a sight Thunder fans will see many times in 2017-18.

George isn’t a one way player, though, as his defense has earned him a spot on three All-Defensive teams because of his lockdown prowess on the perimeter. Another superstar will be playing in Chesapeake Energy Arena this offseason, thanks to Presti’s patience and aggressiveness.

Indiana sifted through multiple offers for its four-time All-Star, receiving calls from Cleveland, Boston and Los Angeles. After George said he would not return to Indiana following the final season on his contract, opposing GM’s continued to call Indiana to see how they could get George on their team. Presti was one of them, but he waited for the right moment.

Presti knew Indiana wanted Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis. Oladipo is a fan favorite of the state; he played at Indiana and still hasn’t reached his prime. Sabonis has potential, but Presti didn’t see his fit with Westbrook as he pictured it when he acquired Sabonis from Orlando.

About two hours before the official start to the new league season, Presti shot from half-court, the shot ripping the cotton and harmlessly hitting the court beneath him.

Presti landed another superstar.

Whether George will commit to Oklahoma City remains unseen. George has said he wants to play for the Lakers starting next season, but possibly a season playing with Westbrook will change his mind to sign long term.

The chances of George staying are slim, but they can improve. Presti made a gamble. Trade two players who have long contracts for a possible one-year rental for George, but it shows his commitment to want to win now. Presti wants to build a team around Westbrook, and George was just the start.

The Thunder signed power forward Patrick Patterson to a three-year, $16.4 million deal. Patterson, a three-and-D player, has excelled in the NBA to this point in his career. The Raptors’ outscored their opponents by 1,004 points while Patterson was on the floor the past three seasons. When he was off the floor, they were outscored by 38.

Patterson can play power forward or center on defense and he can stretch the floor offensively. The past three seasons, Patterson made at least 94 3-pointers. His presence with George will open up the floor tremendously for the Thunder next season, who finished last in three-point percentage in 2016-17.

Presti wasn’t done, though. He re-signed Andre Roberson to a three-year, $30 million offer, which was $2 million less than Presti offered Roberson before the season. It’s a steal, yes, but Roberson still can improve in his game. His offense needs a lot of work. This deal will be one of the best Presti has negotiated with a player if Roberson can maintain a steady shooting stroke and knock down free throws consistently.

Roberson was paid for his defense. Roberson and George will be one of, if not, the best perimeter defending duo’s in the league next season. Shoot, Oklahoma City’s defense will be one of the best, too. If and when Roberson improves his offensive game, he could open up the floor even more for Westbrook and George.

Friday, Presti signed veteran point guard Raymond Felton to a one-year deal. The Thunder solved their backup point guard problem. Although Felton, 33, is near the end of his career, he is a veteran presence in the locker room and will help mend some of the bench struggles the Thunder had last season.

Felton can score, distribute and defend well, especially in the 10-15 minutes he will play each night. As long as the Thunder don’t go missing when Westbrook and George are on the bench, which having Felton should help, the signing is a successful one.

The Thunder had a few glaring holes going into the offseason and they addressed all of them through trades and free agency. Presti added another superstar next to Westbrook, he added a power forward who can spread the floor and defend and he added a backup point guard. Presti also re-signed one of the best defensive guards in the league. Even the Thunder’s draft pick, Terrance Ferguson, is known for his three-and-D style on the wing.

The Thunder needed shooting and Presti got it. The Thunder needed players to spread the floor, check. A backup point guard: no problem. Help for the franchise player, you got it.

Presti is a wizard, but this isn’t Hogwarts.

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Roberson inks deal, stays with OKC

Andre Roberson is back.

The 2nd Team All-Defensive NBA wing signed a three-year, $30 million deal to stay with Oklahoma City. Before the season, he was offered a four-year, $48 million offer sheet. He will miss out on about $2 million a season with this contract.

The Thunder have their starting five. Russell Westbrook, Roberson, the recently acquired Paul George and Patrick Patterson with Steven Adams will hear their names announced inside Chesapeake Energy Arena come October in a new season of Thunder basketball

Signing the four-year veteran has been one of the top priorities for the Thunder this offseason. Roberson, who will begin his fifth season come October, has established himself as one of the best defenders in the league, locking down opposing guards and forwards across the league.

With George in the thunder lineup, Roberson will likely slide back to the starting shooting guard spot but he’s capable of playing the three in a small lineup.

If Roberson can improve his offense over the duration of his contract, this deal is certainly a steal for the Thunder. With his signature, the Thunder can focus on returning to being on of the top defensive teams in the league.

Roberson and George have been on All-Defensive teams in their careers, Adams has the capability to be the best defensive center in the league and Patterson and Westbrook can play lockdown defense in their respective positions.

The Thunder probably aren’t done this offseason as far as moves for players. General manager Sam Presti may still have a few tricks up his sleeve. The Thunder still want to clear cap space to avoid going too deep into the luxury tax and they still need a backup point guard.

Signing Roberson will help this team compete against the offensive-heavy Western Conference. If Roberson improves his shooting stroke, he can become one of the most valuable shooting guards in the league.


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The Offseason: Financial Fiasco

While I am not a super financial connoisseur of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, we still need to break open the books and talk about the financial situation with the Oklahoma City Thunder. We’ll do that today. You can read the other installments on the current roster, expiring contracts, percentages to re-sign those contracts, and the NBA Draft.


The sudden rise salary cap shifted the entire landscape of the NBA. Suddenly, everyone had the ability to sign big named free agents. Once again, that cap is going to take another jump in the stratosphere. Oklahoma City though, have their hands full. The Salary Cap is expected to rise another $8 million this season, another significant jump. It was set at $94.1 million this season.

When July 1 rolls around, the Thunder will be over the cap. If the cap projections hold steady at $102 million, Oklahoma City will be over the cap by about $8 million and that’s with only 10 players already signed. The Luxury tax line, a point where teams are penalized more for being over the soft cap line, is projected to be $124 million.


What’s a cap hold? It’s a marker of salary, based on the previous year’s salary, onto the cap. Cap holds are “placeholders” for players the team is expected to sign in the future. Such as, Taj Gibson’s cap hold is $13,425,000. That immediately puts the Thunder into the luxury tax with only 11 players signed, if Gibson was to re-signed.

All current cap holds: Taj Gibson ($13,425,000), Nick Collison ($7,125,000), Andre Roberson (RFA, $5,457,680), Jerami Grant (TO, $1,724,305).

That’s $27,479,062 in cap holds. If Oklahoma City were to re-sign everyone at their hold rate, they would be over the luxury tax line by $13 million. We know the franchise is notoriously cheap. We also know that paying that much for a middle level Western Conference team won’t do, so Oklahoma City won’t be able to re-sign everyone. Gibson will probably get what his hold is from another team. Collison could be cheaper than his and Roberson will see his number almost triple. Expect Oklahoma City to extend that team option for Jerami Grant.


Remember when people were: a) shocked Oklahoma City signed Ronnie Price b) shocked when Semaj Christon made the team over him? Well, this has come back to bite Oklahoma City in the backside a bit. He held a $2.5 million spot this season and that will drop to $2.4 million next season. That’s $2.4 million that could help Oklahoma City in the money lines, stay out of the tax or even just have some movement from being in a hard cap situation.


There aren’t a lot of things Oklahoma City can do to create space. Enes Kanter’s $36.5 million over the next two years, with a player option for his last year, could be one that isn’t here next season. Look at Kyle Singler, too. He’s owed almost $15 million over the next three seasons, with the third season being a team option. Doug McDermott’s $7.8 million if he doesn’t pan out this next season could be a contract that would be movable.


With the additions of Steven Adams and Victor Oladipo’s contracts, the Thunder’s salary as we said has jumped out big time. With that, Oklahoma City’s expectations for free agents should be slim to none. They have no money and if they use the mid-level exception, they’re going to go way over the luxury cap. Oklahoma City may have to move someone to really stay underneath the luxury line.

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The Offseason: Odds to signing back Thunder’s free agents

We are in the middle of a multi-part series of breaking down everything about Oklahoma City Thunder’s off-season situation. You can read the first two installments here and here.

Today, we are checking out each Thunder player that is now a free agent and the odds of Oklahoma City retaining them and signing them back.

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Where will Roberson end up

Andre Roberson is going to make money this offseason.

But how much.

Last week, Roberson finished his fourth season in Oklahoma City. He averaged 6.6 points on 47/25/42 splits. Although those numbers don’t seem impressive, he will make money because of stuff that doesn’t quite show up on the stat sheet.

Roberson is one of the best defenders in the NBA. He locked up Rockets’ guard James Harden throughout most of the first round of the NBA playoffs. Roberson is the annoying fly that won’t leave you alone at a family barbecue: he’s pesky, persistent and has a knack for disrupting opposing teams’ offensive schemes.

Roberson is going to have a good NBA career. He’s a good role player who can contribute to almost any team. But he says he wants to contribute to one team.

Oklahoma City.

“Definitely want to be back,” Roberson said. “Definitely want to do anything to work it out. I love the team, love the organization and love what we’re all about, and I definitely want to stick around. So, I’m pretty sure we can work something out.”

But can OKC afford to keep Roberson. It depends on his asking price. His defensive worth is insurmountable in the league, but his offense is sometimes inexcusable in terms of the lack of production.

Roberson had the worst free-throw percentage in playoff history ever against Houston. For a shooting guard turned small forward in 2016-17, that isn’t ideal. When teammates kick it to him in the corner, Roberson sometimes turns the shot down, even if it’s wide open. His three-point stroke has improved in the playoffs the last two seasons, but in the regular season his performance from deep isn’t impressive.

Roberson will miss three-straight 3-pointers but come back and have two steals and a block at the other end. His defense ability often makes up for his offensive prowess, or lack thereof sometimes.

The Thunder own the final say. Roberson is a restricted free-agent, meaning the Thunder can match any other offer to Roberson should he sign with another team. Depending on the price, the Thunder may keep their defensive juggernaut or let him walk and have to worry about him on opposing scouting reports.

Whether the Thunder try to bring Roberson back, he needs to work on improving his offensive game. Even if he can make slight improvements, he will help whatever team he is on in October on possibly both sides of the floor.

Roberson wants to be back in Thunder blue next season. It depends on how much the franchise wants to commit to him money-wise if that’ll happen. Roberson, a first-team All-Defense candidate, is going through his first free-agency experience.

“Nervous, obviously, but enjoying every moment of it,” Roberson said. “My first rodeo, just trying to embrace it and keep moving on.”

In about two months, we will know whether Roberson will be back to lock down opposing players or if he will get his chance to contain Russell Westbrook.

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Roberson getting ready to earn big money

Playoff Andre Roberson is a real thing and it’s here. When the Thunder couldn’t sign Roberson in the off-season, it made him a restricted free agent. Then, now we’re sitting here wondering what will happen to him and the Thunder?

Many people thought Oklahoma City would have traded Roberson at the deadline and us here at Thunder Digest even thought it as well. Oklahoma City stayed pat and they’re expect to potentially negotiate with Roberson this July.

While Roberson has struggled on the offensive side for essentially his entire career, he’s an elite defender that’s garnering first team all-defense recommendations. He’s bothering the pants off of James Harden and continues to give other elite scorers problems.

Dan Favale of Bleacher Report is expecting Roberson to get near a four-year, $88 million dollar contract in free agency. All of that is negligible because Oklahoma City will have all rights to keep the defensive wizard out of the University of Colorado.

Aggressive buyers will be further empowered by the Oklahoma City Thunder’s salary sheet. They cross the $121 million luxury-tax line just by carrying cap holds for Roberson ($5.5 million) and Taj Gibson ($13.5 million).

Letting Gibson walk cheapens the Thunder’s bottom line, but it doesn’t ensure they evade the tax. Roberson could cost an additional $13.5 million on his own, at which point they must come to terms with paying top dollar for a non-contender.

Oklahoma City will try to do their best but money is already tight. Oklahoma City should and probably will keep Roberson in the off-season, but it’s unknown for how much.

Roberson is averaging 14 points, 7.3 rebounds per game on 50 percent from three. All of these are career highs and playoff highs.

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5 Thoughts: Let’s talk about Taj Mahal

The Oklahoma City Thunder struck back with vengeance after their 115-113 to pull within 2-1 in the first round against the Houston Rockets. While we wait for Game 4, here are my five thoughts on Game 3’s win:


Taj Gibson barely played it seemed in Game 2 after a solid start from the former Bull. However, Billy Donovan adjusted and played Gibson a lot more, 29 minutes to be exact, and it paid off. He was 10-of-13 for 20 points and he pulled down two rebounds. His ability to post up in the third quarter brought Nene back in and forced a sharp shooter like Ryan Anderson out of the game. Gibson was a ball of energy and honestly appeared to be playing pissed off. His playoff savvy leadership showed as he was a catalyst for the first quarter run. Donovan then used Gibson at the five, forcing the Rockets to go super small and the Thunder feasted on their soft defense in this moment.


The cat-and-mouse game between Donovan and D’Antoni continues to go back-and-forth. Donovan also shortened his rotation, some what. Instead of playing 12-13 players as did in Game 2, it was down to 10 players. Instead of Christon, who is by far and away the better defender over Norris Cole, was inactive. Kyle Singler, who’s an offensive black hole but can play some quality defense, was also inactive. This opened the door for Doug McDermott and Alex Abrines to shine. They were nice from deep tonight as they combined for 4-of-9 from three-point line and Oklahoma City hit nine threes. It started with the offensive adjustment, instead of trying to defend…


That said, Oklahoma City essentially shut the Rockets out from three. Houston was only 10-of-35 from deep. James Harden was no different, he was only 4-of-12. Oklahoma City closed out on shooters. They did not allow many wide open threes. Another thing to be watching for the Rockets is the distance within their threes. Most of their threes tonight, came near the line, but throughout the regular seaosn, their attempts came 2-3 feet BEHIND the arc. So, missing long or short. Over adjusting throughout the game. When the Thunder are almost equal in makes, they should really run away with this one but…


The officiating was horribly inconsistent. I officiate at the high school level, so it’s hard for me to berate and not understand why something was called or understand their angles are better than ours. That said, the NBA needs to address the three-point fouling issue. Harden has something working for him and it’s eerily similiar to what Kevin Durant had with his rip move. The NBA ruled it a non-shooting foul and that’s probably what they need to do with Harden’s throwing up a three anytime there’s remote contact. I’m not necessarily disagreeing that he’s fouled. I don’t feel he’s in the shooting motion.


Sure, Harden has scored a ton of points in this series. It seems most of that has come at the free throw line. 49 of his 116 points have come at the free throw line. However, Roberson is making him work for every single bucket. While Harden is shooting 47 percent for the series, Harden must go home, drink a cold beer and just can’t wait until the series is over because Roberson probably goes to the bathroom when he goes. He probably gets popcorn when Harden does. Oklahoma City is will have to spend a lot of money to keep Dre this summer but elite defenders are hard to come by when you’re trying to compete for championship. If he continues to turn Playoff Dre into a regular season thing, you HAVE to pay him.

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Rockets Playoff Game 3 Meltdown!

The Rockets lost the game and their fans lost it. This is an old fashion meltdown. For the new visitors to a meltdown. We scour the internet for the best Rocket fan comments. I post them chronologically and some are funny, some are disturbing, some are downright weird. I do my best to censor out the bad words but enjoy the first meltdown of the 2017 Playoffs!

  • Russ is gonna have a bad shooting night
  • I want a clean sweep!
  • I see us sweeping these guys.
  • Come on Rockets…let’s slam it to the Chipmunk !
  • Westchimp is going down!!!
  • Is it just root sports or does okc really have an ugly af court?
  • Man, their home crowd is WAAAAAAAAAY better than ours
  • I wish the Toyota Center would fill up like that
  • They need to stop making Roberson look like Kevin Durant….
  • Everybody sucks.
  • And their crowd is already louder than ours has been the entire year.
  • Doubling Adams like he’s Yao…not a fan.
  • Come on. D up on Roberson.
  • This is the first fully intense crowd I’ve seen of all games in the playoffs so far. We look screwed. crowd looks likes it’s affecting us
  • rockets look shook, thats a loud crowd
  • Man, Thunder’s crowd is so much better. Not even close.
  • Roberson is picking up Harden 94 feet. This is a new wrinkle.
  • I hate this crowd. I’m muting this.
  • I’m going to smash my tv if Roberson goes off again…
  • There’s a lot of weird looking people in Oklahoma
  • Rox look shook man
  • Refs are dumb as f***
  • God, I hate this
  • Hey I thought Westbitch had no team
  • 4 black jerseys vs Adams, got outrebounded twice
  • Wow harden wtf wake up man
  • This is just utter trash.
  • The worst thing that could happen is that Westbrook finally figures out that the team is better with the ball moving around.
  • The Rockets are the only team who can make scrubs like Roberson look like a Superstar…
  • get a ****ing rebound… MY GOD
  • This is going to be a blowout already. Good night everyone.
  • lol. bye.
  • Thunder are premature ejaculators.
  • Oklahoma’s song sucks ass
  • The thunder home court is kind of scary though not just for the fans. they are LOUD
  • Down 15? once again we have them right where we want them
  • sweet lou is so good at contested jumpers
  • Letting them score every possession doesn’t seem like a winning strategy.
  • Come on Rockets, lets take that lead back and take their hearts out!
  • Gibson took a damn trip on United Airlines.
  • Keep bricking 3s guys OKC will keep the lead with 2s
  • Rockets need to take this game.. refs aren’t calling the easy stuff.
  • Mother****er Ariza gotta show up man,
  • Gordon gets bumped no call. Westbrook gets tapped, whistle.
  • I want the M*THAF*CKING LEAD at the end of this quarter damnit.
  • roberson now making contested 3’s over nene. Lmao GTF
  • We suck. Plain and simple. The Thunder WILL WIN this series.
  • If OKC wins this game this could be a long series. We have to win this
  • rigged league
  • Thunder are actually a pretty good team when Westbrick doesn’t dominate the ball.
  • They can man handle the Rockets and get no call
  • Refs plan to fix this game: call everything for Harden, let everyone else get murdered.
  • Adams should have 8 fouls by now
  • Westbrook cannot miss…
  • Can’t leave McDermott open… leave anyone else
  • WESTBITCH HAS NO ONE poor little westi
  • These Refs man . . . . .. jeez
  • It’s westbrick time
  • Roberson is playing like Ariza should be
  • Westbrook trusting his trash teammates was the worst thing to happen to the Rockets.
  • Looks like refs want to make it a series
  • why the **** do we keep leaving mcdermott?
  • Their trying to murder bev !!!!
  • Here comes the Westbrook 4th quarter meltdown part 2.
  • Ref’s evolving. They were calling ball calls the first 3 quarters in last 2 games, they learned to do it the last quarters instead to really impact the game.
  • Everyone needs to relax.. They just need to make it a close game then Westbrook will turn into Westbrook. Rockets will sweep.
  • NBA fans in OKC are stupid.
  • Ariza sucks a**.
  • Lou Williams is getting mugged on these drives goodness
  • Why did Harden push off like that? Did he have to do that?
  • Too bad it took until the final 3 minutes for Roberson to miss.
  • We all know the media would have an enormous meltdown if WB were down 0-3, but the refs don’t need to be this blatant. Good gawd.
  • scott foster about to foul harden out just cause.
  • GUARANTEE you guys the final momentum swing will be a ticky tack Harden foul to get him out. Guaranteed.
  • Wtf harden
  • f*** you ryno
  • who the **** is grant
  • anyone else sh!tting their pants right now?!?!
  • Too late.
  • Damn it wb
  • Westbrook drained every single mid-range jumper tonight…. bleh, I guess law of averages didn’t pan out
  • RWB trusting his teammates now. F***
  • HARDEN can bang my wife.
  • Adams ugh kill mee
  • Foul Westbrick again, he will miss.
  • Harden should have driven to the rim
  • …….seriously. Those are the two shots Harden gets off there? Seriously? God bless, that is just terrible.
  • Son of a ****ing bitch.
  • So the inbred hicks in OKC get to celebrate tonight.
  • Westbrick tried so hard to mail the game to Rox and Harden refused to take it. That were your two MVPs. LOL
  • I want that sweet sweep so bad
  • Really hoping Thunder didn’t get any wins.. This essentially validates their season. no one will remember how Westbrook choked down the stretch…
  • this series going to 7 games.
  • im suprised thunder fans didnt boo beverley
  • How can you boo someone that didn’t have tickets to the game? Beverley wasn’t even there.
  • I think is a result of our home court fans. Obviously the guys aren’t used to this much crowd noise in a game.
  • Roberson is Harden’s daddy.
  • Astros won though
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Five Thoughts on Thunder’s dominant win at Toronto 3/16/17

The Oklahoma City Thunder led wire to wire in a 21 point victory over the Toronto Raptors that consisted of some great team play from the Thunder. Oklahoma City have now answered their previous four game losing streak with four wins in a row. The Thunder are looking the best now as a whole than they have all season. Here are five thoughts over this dominant road win:


Russell Westbrook late in the second quarter, after stealing a pass on the defensive end, threw maybe one of the best passes anyone has seen. A full court bounce pass, through the legs of Corey Joseph, that landed perfectly in Victor Oladipo’s hands for an easy lay-up. It was even a great pass before realizing it went through the defender’s legs, and even though Westbrook probably did not mean to do that, it happened with perfection. Westbrook had many impressive passes tonight, but this one is and will be the best one you see from anyone all season long.


Thunder racked up 33 assists in maybe their best game this season, in terms of sharing the ball. In this four-game winning streak, Oklahoma City has made more than just one or two guys a scoring threat, and that was apparent tonight as seven different Thunder players scored in double-digits. It starts with Westbrook, as he is racking up assists with ease, finding the open man every time. Thunder have also benefitted from guys like Steven Adams and Taj Gibson being able to swing the ball, such as by passing out of the paint. Offensively, the Thunder look more comfortable and confident than ever.



This guy, no matter who the opponent, brings it 100 percent on the defensive end every single night. Tonight it was no different, as Roberson made whoever he guarded struggle all night. Whether he was guarding Joseph, DeMarre Carroll, or DeMar DeRozan, Roberson was on them like glue all game. It’s also not just the individual defense, which is excellent, but it is also the defensive mishaps the Thunder have that are not seen because of Andre. Whether it is a rotation issue or a breakdown of some sort, Roberson always seems to make the correct play to keep the opponent from capitalizing. All season long, including tonight, Roberson has made the opponent’s best perimeter player struggle more than not. Roberson deserves to have his name up there with guys like Tony Allen, especially with the season Roberson is having, defensively speaking.


Around late January or so, I certainly thought Westbrook would get at least close to Oscar Robertson’s triple double record, but did not think he could break it. Now, I am not so sure about that. Westbrook recorded his 34th triple double of the season tonight in just 28 minutes played. With 14 games left, Westbrook needs eight to break the record. That does seem like a heavy load, especially at the end of the season, but it is becoming a perfect storm for Westbrook to break the record. He has made the triple doubles look effortless, and with the way Oklahoma City has been playing offensively, I am starting to believe he will indeed break the 41 triple double record.


As weird as it is to say this, it just might be true: The games Victor Oladipo missed after All-Star break because of back spasms, have actually helped his play. Even though it was unfortunate to lose Oladipo for a handful amount of time, it has now turned into a blessing in disguise. It gave Oladipo’s wrist plenty of rest and time to fully heal from a previous injury earlier this season, and it has shown in his offensive play as of late. Victor scored 23 points tonight, his fourth straight game with 20-plus points. He was also three for three with the deep ball, shooting 73 percent from long distance in his last five games. Oklahoma City are on another level when Oladipo plays like this, and he will be a huge X-factor when it comes to the Thunder’s playoff destiny here in a month or so.



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