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Five Thoughts 3-12-18 (Thunder 106, Kings 101)

Five Thoughts 3-12-18 (Thunder 106, Kings 101)

1. Weird night. Thunder were all over the place. Defense in first half was a B+. Defense in third quarter was an F. Defense in fourth quarter was an A-. Offense was kind of herky jerky all night, but they hit three’s at an efficient rate (and it’s a good thing they did). I’ll give the Kings credit too— I didn’t think we tried to coast so much tonight as much as they just played pretty well. At the very least they played hard start to finish and didn’t wilt the handful of times it looked like we might pull away. Played them four times and had to scrape to go 3-1 against them. Our defense was atrocious in the third quarter when Sacramento racked up 39 points, but it was pretty darn good the rest of the night-they barely averaged 20 in the other three quarters.

2. Not sure what Donovan is doing with Abrines and TFerg. It doesn’t make much sense to me. Brewer is obviously the starter now. Huestis is being relegated to the very back of the rotation (I would remove him completely). Abrines had a nice game against San Antonio on Saturday. Tonight, TFerg is first off the bench and Abrines doesn’t get into the game until the fourth quarter. He subsequently hits two three’s that help the Thunder gain some distance. I don’t think either TFerg or Abrines is a particularly strong option off the bench, but at this point it’s likely made worse with the inconsistency of minutes. I’d just let Abrines be the first shooting guard off the bench—use TFerg if you need some extra relief. At this point I don’t see TFerg factoring into a playoff rotation, so I’d save his minutes for low stress stuff the rest of the regular season. Brewer’s emergence is allowing the rest of the rotation to settle in— Donovan needs to allow that to happen.

3. Speaking of rotations, Donovan has experimented with a subtle change in recent games that I think might work. Rather than stating the second and fourth quarter with Adams, Russ, PG, and Melo all on the bench, he has kept PG out there for the first 90 seconds or so to start each quarter. He then returns with Russ at his normal time. This bridges the gap a bit and limits the number of possessions the Thunder go all-bench on the floor. In the playoffs he may need to take this a step further and virtually eliminate the all-bench minutes. But by doing this now he’s allowing for a change to not be a cold turkey type of deal down the road. The offense is a wing and a prayer when Russ, Melo, and PG all sit together. Those minutes need to be mitigated.

4. I would like to freeze the standings tonight and keep it exactly the way it is until the end of the season. As good as Houston has been this year, come playoff time I still think any team would be better facing them than Golden State. Given a choice, I’ll choose to avoid the team with the better top line talent. Doesn’t mean I would be confident at all against the Rockets; just my preference if I had to choose. So I want to line up in the bracket with them. It looks like they will be the #1 seed. I also want home court in the first round. So the spot that accomplishes those two things is the 4 seed. That’s where we are today. This changes every hour or so it seems and we could still go anywhere from third to out of the playoffs, but we see a glimpse right now of what would be the ideal scenario for me— especially if we matched up with New Orleans in round one. As long as Houston stays at one, I don’t really care about getting the three seed— Portland is on fire so it may be moot anyway, but it’s not something I’m overly focused on. Stay in the top four, line up on opposite side from Warriors. That’s the aim.

5. Thunder have won 8 of 11 to go eleven games over .500 for the first time this year. It hasn’t exactly been a scintillating streak; at times it’s been shaky as hell, but it certainly beats the early season trend of losing to teams they should beat. And I like the defense lately. The Brewer addition has clearly been a positive as well. Tomorrow night in Atlanta is their last chance until the final game of the year to potentially take advantage of a bad team. After the Hawks, they will play 11 games in a row against teams either currently in the playoffs or within one game. This includes games against the top four teams in the league, three of which are on the road. Making sure they escape Atlanta with a win will provide them a little margin. It’s a big game. Hawks aren’t good and their roster is far worse from just the last time we saw them— they’ve unloaded some vets since then and have shelved Kent Bazemore for the season with an injury. That said, it’s a road game on a back to back in the NBA— those are always scary. Also seems like a good chance they will be without Adams. Thunder need to suck it up and find a way to get out with a W by any means necessary. Pretty, ugly, disgusting, beautiful. Who cares. Just don’t lose.


Ed Kleese is a long-time Thunder season ticket holder and a smart Thunder fan. You can read all his work on his own personal blog.
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What will Paul George do

We’ve heard it since he arrived in Oklahoma City, what can Oklahoma City do to persuade Paul George to stay in Oklahoma City? Is it playing time? Is it championships? Who knows. Only George knows. What I can tell you is that there’s nothing more Oklahoma City can do outside of winning a ring that would have more influence on George.

That’s right. George probably already has his mind decided. We won’t find out what that is until July but the Thunder have done everything right. They’ve treated him fairly. They’ve shown there is a real winner here, despite how poorly Carmelo Anthony plays at times.

The talking heads exacerbate the discussion. It’s what they get paid to do. It also takes the casual fan to the hot takes that George is gone no matter what easier than one who watches, follows what players say and understands the nuances that go into the decision.

We saw the best Oklahoma City could be. That absolutely smashing of Detroit was the best in awhile. The seventh of eight wins in a row. Oklahoma City found themselves at the right point. Then, Andre Roberson’s leg exploded. Oklahoma City’s season changed. Losing a key player like Roberson changes a lot of things.

For George, he’s a smart man. He realizes what’s at stake. Jetting for a potential partnership within the Lakers with LeBron James. What we do know is Oklahoma City has done their part. Westbrook has deferred. George is shooting career numbers in a system designed to exploit his gifts. While he’s no Kevin Durant, he’s still an extremely talented player who has changed this franchise for the better.

We’re wrapped in when George says he loves his time in Oklahoma City.

“Well, I mean I’m happy here,” George said. “I’m happy here. I’m happy with this group.”

The rest of the quote snaps you back into reality:

“I don’t want people looking at this and (saying) like, ‘Hey, because he said it’s his happiness at the end of the day (that he’s definitely re-signing),’ George said.

Then again, we could be sitting here in July, raving about the Thunder re-signing George because James went to Philadelphia or stayed in Cleveland. Oklahoma City could benefit that way.

One thing is for sure, the Thunder’s ability to be their best is when they’re all healthy. George probably realizes this and will take into account. George’s opportunity to win has to be greater here in Oklahoma City than with the Lakers, while up-and-coming, still a lot of growing to do.

You won’t be seeing us freak out on his decision. Oklahoma City has done their part. If George wants to be here, he doesn’t. We’ve been down this road before. We take what they say with a grain of salt and wait for the actual news.

We just hope it’s good news.

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OKC Blue make the playoff push

After a four-game losing streak, the Oklahoma City Blue’s season sat on the brink. Make a move or stay home.

Since the return of RaShawn Thomas from the USA National Team, the Oklahoma City Blue have rolled off three straight and are pushing their way back into the Western Conference playoff race.

The Blue (23-20) sit only a half-game back of first place Sioux Falls SkyForce (23-19) in the Midwest Division.

To make the playoffs in the Western Conference in the G League, you either win your division or get in as a wildcard spot. The basic format is the same as the NBA’s. Except the G League only allows six teams into their postseason, not eight like the Association.

If you qualify for the first two seeds in the conference, you get a first round bye. The No. 3 will host the No. 6 seed. Then, the No. 4 will host the No. 5 seed in a single game elimination round.

Then, the real playoffs start. They’ll play a best of three series (one-one-one) for the rest of the playoffs, including the G League Finals.

Last season, the Oklahoma City Blue lost to the Rio Grande Valley Vipers in the Western Conference Finals. So, they’re hoping to get back this season.

Current Standings






Austin Spurs
27 16 0.628 0
2 South Bay Lakers 26 17 0.605 1.0
Sioux Falls SkyForce
23 19 0.548 3.5
Reno Bighorns
24 17 0.585 2.0
RGV Vipers
24 18 0.571 2.5
Texas Legends
24 18 0.571 2.5
Oklahoma City Blue
23 20 0.535 4
8 Santa Cruz Warriors

21 21 0.500 5.5

With seven games remaining in the regular season, the OKC Blue has some real work to do.

March 7: vs. Lakeland Magic (21-20)

Oklahoma City hasn’t played the Magic this season. Oklahoma City should be the favorite as this game is played at Chesapeake Energy Arena at 11 p.m. on Wednesday, March 7. Lakeland is only 4-6 in their last 10 games and have lost three of their last four.

March 9: vs. Texas Legends (24-18)

The Blue are 1-2 against the Legends this season with all three games decided by a combined four points. Oklahoma City won the first meeting in Oklahoma City but lost the two in Frisco. With Texas being the immediate team in front of Oklahoma City, this game is a must win.

March 10: vs. Iowa Wolves (18-22)

Iowa has lost eight straight since beating Oklahoma City by a billion points. Iowa has checked out and while they once led the division, this game should be an easy win for the Blue.

March 17: at Reno Bighorns (24-17)

Oklahoma City travels to Reno, Nevada to play the Bighorns, who are going to shoot the three like crazy. For the Blue, they’re lucky. Reno is only 12-8 at home this season. Oklahoma City though, is 0-2 against the Bighorns this season. Could be 0-3 at this pace.

March 20: at Agua Caliente Clippers (19-24)

The Blue should get a road win at the Clippers. An expansion team who’s played like it for much of the season. However, that’s not the case. Agua Caliente is 2-0 against the Blue this season. It’s hard to take three from an opponent, especially when you’re not a Reno or a Westchester, so the Blue should take care of business.

March 22: vs. Austin Spurs (27-16)

When you get a chance to knock off the best team in the conference and a chance at making the playoffs, this should be a prime chane for the Blue. It’s the third team in a row in which the Blue are 0-2 against this season. Luckily, this game will be at home.

March 24: at RGV Vipers (24-18)

yeah, it feels as if the Blue have a super tough schedule down the stretch. Oklahoma City is 1-1 against Rio Grande Valley this season. The team that ended Oklahoma City’s season last year might have a chance to do it again.

Sure, Oklahoma City is going to need some help. However, if you can win some games you’re not supposed to and then can find a way to win the games you’re supposed to, the Blue are in a position to make the playoffs. It’s all about whether they want to or not.

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Suns Meltdown 3.2.18

Sure, the Suns have been a thorn in the side of the Thunder for a couple of seasons. However, Russell Westbrook exercised those demons last night. The Suns fans were witty and not too insulting. They were riding the tank train the entire way.

  • Smelling a Westbrook quadruple-double With turnovers and offensive fouls not called.
  • Cough L Cough
  • booker airballing an open 3?
  • that might be the only time it ever happens remember this moment
  • Nice “camo” on the Purple Tank tonight…
  • we’re actually playing…well?
  • Booker is going for 4000 points in this game alone and he will not be denied.
  • Josh Jackson just put him in the spin cycle…
  • What is this winning? I may be mistaken
  • refs always f***ing with booker
  • Harden has ruined the meaning of continuation
  • nice sequence, Chriss actually helped
  • We need to start playing some shred of defense
  • Nice to hear the crowd again.
  • The thunder are like the new blazers. No matter how good they are or how bad the Suns are, the Suns seem to have their number.
  • MAn for whatever reason we just own the thunder.
  • That block probably should’ve been a foul lol…
  • My favorite half of the year
  • Dallas plays Yogi Ferrell in crunch time we have no chance of outanking them
  • Are the Suns sweeping the Thunder?
  • PIstons have a losing record since trading for Griffin, maybe we should’ve traded for him to help the tan
  • If the Thunder’s defense is this bad without Roberson, they weren’t going to get far in the first place
  • Suddenly my stream switched to a Agua Caliente Clippers game
  • Amare calls Payton’s hairdo “the wave.”
  • OKC looks like they didn’t plan on playing defense tonight.
  • This is flat out unacceptable We can’t have this guys. they’re just showing way too much effort right now.
  • Westbrook used to have great games against the Suns when we had Bledsoe. He seems uninterested now though.
  • Alright, lets turn on the fouls now
  • I’ve seen Westbrook do some amazing stuff. I’ve seen him jump over the most athletic guys in the world, average a triple double, and none of that compares to him picking up a mop. Good for you, Russ.
  • perfect tank execution
  • The thunders are tanking?
  • Screw Len man
  • Aaaaaaand it’s falling apart
  • Need to lose to keep pace lol
  • OKC getting some home cooking… on the road. Two bad calls against Jackson.
  • Wtf is this lineup?
  • book cold
  • this is one ugly game
  • if you came here for defense, well youre gonna be disappointed
  • warren used to be good at getting in position to receive passes
  • Are we really up 1?
  • Not anymore
  • I hear tank tracks…
  • RIGHT NOW If you want to lose, you have ice in your veins
  • Did Westbrook just rebound his own air ball?
  • Who are all the people that were going crazy on that dunk? Are there basketball fans from Oklahoma in Phoenix?
  • I would like to one day see Westbrook play in person, even though I’m a suns guy.
  • As a Suns fan I was oooooing and aaaaing at that dunk. Westbrook is a great player.
  • Adams hugged Bender from behind and no call
  • okc just played like crap but we tank harder
  • the degree to which okc is pumped up by beating this Suns team shows how screwed up they are. What a crappy underachieving team
  • Close, but we pulled out the loss.
  • My most hated half of the year
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Magic Meltdown 2.26.18

I wasn’t going to do a meltdown but I decided after reading a few comments. It’s rare you see a team outright rooting for Oklahoma City. The Thunder had two fan bases on this night. They were saying Westbrook was stat padding and they rooted for the tank! Enjoy this weird meltdown.

  • Always entertaining vs OKC.
  • Easy loss today, just hoping some bottom teams wins
  • They see me rolling…….
    They see me………
  • The anti-tank is now in progress.
  • Simmons looks lost in offense. Playing good defense tho
  • The teams got energy early.
  • love the way he is playing so far.
  • The tank hasn’t arrived yet, should arrive after halftime I’m sure.
  • Havent watched a game since before the AS break. Feels like its late October with how theyre playing tonight.
  • why is this happening :’’’’(. I don’t want to win
  • This could be a huge blow to the tank if they keep this play up tonight… smh
  • The Thunder really defend poorly on the perimeter. We are getting to the paint at will against them.
  • Don’t worry. Westbrooke is defering early. He’ll take over in the 2nd half.
  • That steven Adams..foul
  • We look competent today can we not
  • That Mack Layup…looked…too tanky.
  • Fun game at least
  • Mack thought Russ was LeBron
  • Lets go thunder!
  • Melo is a bum now.
  • Go Thunder! Go Nets! Go Suns!
  • These refs are terrible.  They’ve been messing up our calls all night and just decided to let biyombo eat George and then bailed out Simmons
  • That block was actually clean lol
  • We keep deliberately switching AG off Carmelo even though Carmelo couldn’t score on him in the 1st half.
  • “Tanking”
  • The Thunder are so awful defending the perimeter lol.
  • One of the worst 2 on 1 fast breaks I’ve ever seen lol.
  • I don’t understand what vogels thinking.
  • Mack tank commanding like a boss. He’s been horrid.
  • The tank is fool proof.
  • Westbrook clearly trying to pad assists
  • Hezonja needs to leave
  • Vogel is a joke.
  • Didn’t watch but figured we’d lose. I was right.
  • Close game on the road against a good team. Good tank night.
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Game Day No. 61: at Golden State Warriors

Oklahoma City Thunder (34-26, 14-16 away)


Golden State Warriors (45-14, 23-7 home)

Saturday, Feb. 24 :: 7:30 p.m. CST :: Oracle Arena (19,596)
TV Coverage:ABC (5 DirecTV, 8 Cox, 705 HD, 5 AT&T U-Verse, 5 Dish)
Radio Coverage: 98.1 FM/640AM/97.1 Tulsa
View from the enemy: Here.
Line: The Oklahoma City Thunder are a 9-point underdog. The over/under is 234½.
Online Stream: Watch ESPN | WWLS Sports AnimalLive Stats | Twitter | Facebook
Game Notes: Thunder: here | Warriors: here


  • The Oklahoma City Thunder take their three wins in their last four games to the Bay Area to play the Golden State Warriors in their third showdown of the season.
  • Oklahoma City is fresh off a buzzer beating win over the Kings and the Warriors survived a comeback from the Clippers, both on Thursday night.
  • Oklahoma City is 2-0 against the Warriors this season, winning in Oakland and Oklahoma City.
  • The Thunder haven’t won the season series against the Warriors since 2013-14 season, when Westbrook hit that wild overtime corner three in Oklahoma City.


  • You can catch the radio on Oklahoma City’s WWLS, 98.1 FM. Matt Pinto will be your play-by-play voice. If you’re in Tulsa, catch it on 1450 AM.
  • ABC will roll out Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy, Mark Jackson and Lisa Salters for their broadcast crew. Sorry about the Mark Jackson.


  • The Golden State Warriors are 45-14 on the season, second in the Western Conference.
  • Over their last 10 games, the Warriors are 6-4.
  • Golden State has won four straight home games. Their last loss? To the Thunder on Feb. 6.
  • Overall, the Oklahoma City Thunder are 137-108 against the Warriors.
  • When the games are played in Oakland, Oklahoma City is 6-11.
  • The Thunder beat the Warriors 125-105 earlier this month and then beat them 108-91 in November.
  • Oklahoma City hasn’t won two games in Oakland since the 2011-12 season.
    Patrick McCaw (wrist) is out.
    Draymond Green (shoulder) is a game-time decision.
    Jordan Bell (ankle) is out.
  • The Thunder’s largest margin of victory over Golden State came on Feb. 17, 2012, where Oklahoma City prevailed by a score of 110-87 (23-point margin of victory).
  • Meanwhile, the Thunder’s largest margin of defeat (26 points) happened twice with the most recent occurrence coming earlier this season on Nov. 3, 2016 (122-92 defeat).


  • Andre Roberson (ruptured patellar tendon) is out for the season.


  • The Thunder come home for a solo game against the Magic, then go on the road to Dallas to round out the month.


  • The Philadelphia Warriors, named after the 1920s team that played in the American Basketball League.
  • They won the championship in the inaugural 1946-47 season of the Basketball Association of America.
  • The Warriors moved from Philadelphia to San Francisco after the 1961-62 season and retained their nickname.
  • When the team relocated across the Bay to Oakland in 1971, they were renamed the Golden State Warriors.

Three Keys to the Game

Force turnovers

When you’re No. 1 in points off turnovers and the Warriors are one of the worst teams in turning the ball over, this is something where Oklahoma City has to capitalize. If the Thunder come out and their defense is spectacular, they’ll run away with it again.

Defend the three

The Kings drained 12 three-pointers on Thursday night. Oklahoma City cannot allow that type of production to the Warriors if they expect to have a shot in the dark against the Warriors. If the Thunder hold the Warriors to less than 10 threes, this game probably falls to Oklahoma City.


Oklahoma City needs the Big Three to show up more than ever before. Westbrook needs to be efficient and slicing like a hot knife through butter. Paul George needs to be exceptional on both sides. Carmelo Anthony needs to hit his open shots and be smart. If they do this, the Thunder will win.

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Thunder beats Philly, extends win streak to 8 games

Russell Westbrook stared down the Philadelphia bench as the clock wound to zero. It was a culmination of trash talking and monstrous dunks from both teams. Oklahoma City dominated, though when it mattered. The Thunder beat the Philadelphia 76ers 122-112 Sunday evening.

Westbrook finished with 37 points, 14 assists and nine rebounds and only two turnovers as he was the catalyst for Oklahoma City impressive victory.

The Thunder, who came into the game without their best perimeter defender, Andre Roberson, did it as a team. The Thunder outscored Philadelphia 54-37 over the game’s final 19 minutes put the game in the hands of the good guys once more.

Oklahoma City improves to 30-20. It’s the first time this season the Thunder have reached 10 games over .500. The Sixers fall to 24-22 on the season.

The eight-game winning streak is the fifth longest in the NBA this season. All other win streaks were over 10 games.

A slam dunk by Ben Simmons gave the 76ers a 76-68 lead with 7:33 left in the third quarter. It was Philadelphia’s largest lead at that point and that’s where the Thunder had enough.

Westbrook fueled a 12-0 run, giving Oklahoma City an 86-79 lead and the Thunder pushed it out to 92-83 after three quarters. Oklahoma City shot 60 percent from the field in the period.

The Sixers used their starting lineup against the Thunder’s reserves to see Philadelphia charge back and they would tie the game up at 101-all with 6:18 remaining in regulation on a Simmons jam.

Philadelphia would never take the lead.

Carmelo Anthony would hit a big three to give Oklahoma City the lead for good. Steven Adams would then score four of the next six to propel Oklahoma City into the win column.

George scored 31 points and Adams added 20 points and 13 rebounds for the Thunder.

Oklahoma City has now won 18 straight games over the Philadelphia 76ers. The Sixers have not beaten Oklahoma City at the Peake nor have they beaten the Thunder in over 10 years.

For Philadelphia, Embiid had 27 points and 10 rebounds, and Simmons added 22 points.

Oklahoma City will now go on the road with their win streak, which is the longest in the NBA, and travel to the nation’s capital to play the Washington Wizards on Tuesday and then the Nuggest on Thursday night. We’ll have your complete coverage here and on social media.

Keys to the Game

Defend the three: C

It felt like Philadelphia hit a billion threes but in reality they hit 11 of them, not a billion. Embiid hit three, which is a bit surprising but in today’s NBA that happens. The Thunder did pretty well in the fourth quarter, holding the Sixers to only 3-of-9 from deep in the final frame.

Bench: C

Instead of giving this team a D, there’s a decision to up them a grade as they’re short handed as well. Oklahoma City’s Jerami Grant had 11 points off the bench and played ridiculously on both sides of the ball. Oklahoma City could use the same type out of output the rest of the season.

Free Throws: B

Oklahoma City missed more free throws (9) the first time they met than they did tonight (8). It’s wild Oklahoma City took 11 more attempts tonight, going 22-of-30 tonight. Oklahoma City was 10-of-19 in the previous meeting. If the Thunder do something like that again, we might be in overtime again.

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Wizards Meltdown 1.25.18

Russell Westbrook dropped 46 points, 21 in the fourth quarter. The Washington Wizards had no answer as the Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Wizards 121-112 on Thursday evening. The Wizards fans were really self loathing here tonight. They hate John Wall and Scottie Brooks. Scottie will always have a special place in my heart. Enjoy the meltdown.

  • This a tough matchup for us, which means the wiz will probably win.
  • Uh this is looking good for us…NOT AT ALL…but it ain’t over folks. Have faith and hold on.
  • This is a less than ideal start
  • Steven Adams boutta torture Gortat brahhh
  • someone please take out Markieff NOW
  • Gortat and Morris really do look old and slow.
  • oof this is not good
  • They are getting dominated…
  • What did you expect?
  • Why did no one get Westbrook when he fell on the floor
  • I continue to be amazed at the ineptitude of Scott Brooks in starting Gortat
  • The Wizards are embarrassing themselves on national tv smh
  • They look really bothered by OKC’s length
  • Gotta wake up now
  • They win every match up athletically… this is going to take alot
  • actually kind of amazing the score is what it is–feels like they’re gettign crushed
  • We playing like sh*t but OKC aint looking much better honestly..
  • Felton got beefy
  • f*** Paul George. That’s why you get a T
  • Can’t even make a free throw
  • Why do I punish myself by watching?
  • I thought when OKC went to their bench we would have a better chance… looks like I’ll be cutting this one off early
  • So what’s the Caps score
  • If it all turns to sh!t, we can always employ hack-a-Roberson
  • Im smelling a blow out… this team is broken!
  • Jah is just worthless
  • this team f***ing sucks man
  • Wah, can’t take it!
  • OKC being reminded why they canned Scott Brooks.
  • Another Blow out… time to trade someone… whether its porter or Beal
  • Why is Ernie’s sorry @ss at the road game?
  • Somebody tell John Wall to shoot the ball. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
  • OKC is prone to giving up big leads
  • This sh!t is beyond a joke…
  • OKC is probably a better team imo
  • bruh morris just watched the ball after blocking that shot
  • Russell’s middie is on point tonight
  • WTF Keef just handed the ball over.
  • One of those games Wizards’ lack of athleticism jumps off the screen or doesnt jump actually
  • Damn give us Wittman back
  • We can shut down Westbrook George Melo for the rest of the game and Adams will still carry them
  • Are we legit paying porter max $…. this is a joke
  • Okc is simply way more talented than the Wizkids
  • Back in the game
  • Adams doing his best Draymond
  • Gortat pulled him there
  • Don’t get mad, get even
  • That was a badass kick.
  • Westbrook is finishing much better than he was at the start of the season
  • Raymond Felton still can ball
  • This is the unit that got demolished earlier
  • This bench still can’t carry its weight against the good teams
  • I like Donovan’s accent, haircut, and suit, well dressed
  • Meanwhile Brooks had a cow lick sticking up in the back of his head
  • Presti made the coaching changed to get a sharp dresser in there!
  • Wizards had a chance to make a good run and failed
  • Adams just screened two players there lol
  • Immediate turnover. Nice.
  • Adams manhandling us
  • Adams looking like the ultimate all-star snub this game!
  • What the f***, Beal! Basically giving them the ball.
  • Notice how OKC doesn’t try to slow the game down 7 minutes too early?
  • Notice they fired Scott Brooks?
  • Peace. Goodnight.
  • wizards just can’t help themselves
  • John Wall does not belong on the same court as Westbrook
  • Man these wide open bricks from Otto are tough to watch
  • Westbrook is in another dimension Wall so far behind him
  • westbrook s***tin on wall
  • Westbrook doing whatever he wants out there. He’s imposing his will on The Wizards.
  • Two useless a** centers combined for 8 points and 4 rebounds thats shameful
  • If this Wall is Wall playing good. We have a serious problem.
  • Please someone explain what happened during the game and how Westbrook dropped 46. I was at work.
  • Who did you expect to guard Westbrook? John Wall?!? LMAO
  • F****** bunch of bums other than Beal
  • John wall having team meeting’s when he’s the biggest problem on our team.
  • This team just isn’t good. It is what it is.
  • We trash lol…1st round exit
  • Brooks needs to be fired.
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Westbrook’s 46 powers OKC to sixth straight

The Oklahoma City Thunder found themselves leading 10-0 before the Washington Wizards even stepped into the arena. They rode that all the way to a 121-112 win over the Wizards on Thursday night.

Oklahoma City now has won six in a row, the longest streak in the NBA. They’ve also now won nine consecutive home games against the Washington Wizards, leaving Washington 0-9 all-time in Oklahoma City.

It was an old fashion Westbrook game as he was the fuel to start the game and to finish the game. Westbrook scored 46 points on 16-of-29 shooting to power the Thunder to the victory.

Bradley Beal and Westbrook went blow-for-blow as both players scored a majority of their team’s points in the fourth. Beal scored 18 points in the final frame but it was Westbrook who found the edge, scoring 21 points in only nine minutes. Beal scored his 18 in all 12 minutes.

The Thunder led 10-0 before the Wizards finally scored but Oklahoma City led throughout. They pushed their lead to as many as 19 in the first half but only led 54-40 at halftime.

The Wizards struggled from three in the first half but went bananas in the second half. After starting out 3-of-14 from deep in the first half, they went an astounding 13-of-22 in the second half.

Washington finally closed the lead to zero off a Beal free throw, tying the game at 68-all but Westbrook and Co. responded. Westbrook running lay up, followed by a Carmelo Anthony three-pointer gave Oklahoma City a quick lead. Raymond Felton capped off the end of the quarter with a three-pointer, giving Oklahoma City a 10-point advantage.

Paul George scored 18 points and Steven Adams added 12 points and 10 rebounds for Oklahoma City, which has won 20 of 28 after an 8-12 start. The Thunder shot 52 percent from the field.

After a John Wall three cut the Thunder’s lead down to three, the Thunder went on 7-0 run to grab a double digit lead once again. From there, Beal and Westbrook would take turns throwing haymakers but it was Westbrook who was slicing through the lane for more highlight dunks in this game than Beal has probably in his entire career, giving Oklahoma City as many as a 12-point lead.

The Thunder will take their six-game win streak on the road to Detroit on Saturday afternoon. Oklahoma City hasn’t won in Detroit since 2014. The tip-off is scheduled for 4 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. Oklahoma City will be on the road for the next three of four games.

Keys to the Game

Limit free throw attempts: A

Oklahoma City did a good of job of staying disciplined and not fouling. Washington only took 16 free throw attempts, making 12. We also can equate that to the Wizards just living and dying by the three-pointer in the second half (took 22 attempts in the second half). Washington only attempted six attempts in the second half.

Defend the three: D

While this probably should be an F, decided to give the Thunder a D as there is a point where players are hot and Beal was. He was 6-of-11 from deep. Plus, the Thunder did a really good job of defending the three in the first half. So, I need to give a little credit.

Rebound battle: A

It’s only one board but you know what? The Thunder are now 22-6 when they out rebound their opponent. It doesn’t matter if it’s one or none. It’s really important to control the glass. Oklahoma City also had 22 second chance points off 13 offensive rebounds. There in itself is an important reason to win the rebounding battle.

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Thunder Game Day No. 48: vs. Washington Wizards

Oklahoma City Thunder (27-20, (17-7 home) vs. Washington Wizards (26-21, 11-12 away)

Thursday, Jan. 25 :: 7:00 p.m. CST :: Chesapeake Energy Arena (18,203)
Coverage: TNT (245 DirecTV, 31 Cox, 730 HD 108 AT&T U-Verse, 138 Dish)
View from the enemy: Here.
Line: The Oklahoma City Thunder are a 5-point favorite. The over/under is 214½.
Online Stream: TNT Online | WWLS Sports AnimalLive Stats | Twitter | Facebook
Game Notes: Thunder: here | Wizards: here


  • So, the Thunder have done this thing where they’ve won five in a row. While it hasn’t been super impressive (like the one-point win over the Nets), they’re still wins.
  • Oklahoma City has won five in a row, the longest win streak in the Association and by that fact, will have a bulls-eye on their back every evening, including tonight against the Washington Wizards.
  • It helps Oklahoma City is 8-0 all-time at home vs. Washington. Dating back to the Sonic’s days, the last time Washington beat this franchise away from the nation’s capital? March 26, 2008. Almost 10 years ago.
  • The Wizards come into tonight’s game riding the struggle bus. They’re fresh off a 98-75 loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday night.
  • For Washington, everyone should be healthy except for Sheldon Mac. Who, none of us have ever heard of before.


  • You can catch the radio on Oklahoma City’s WWLS, 98.1 FM. Matt Pinto will be your play-by-play voice. If you’re in Tulsa, catch it on 1450 AM.
  • Tonight’s game is only available on TNT, Kevin Harlan, Reggie Miller, Kevin McHale and Kristen Ledlow will have your call tonight.


  • The Washington Wizards are 26-21 this season, fifth in the Western Conference.
  • In their last 10 games, Washington is 5-5.
  • The Wizards lost to the Dallas Mavericks 98-75 on Tuesday night.
  • Oklahoma City is 71-60 all-time against Washington, including the Seattle days.
  • Since relocation, the Thunder are 12-5 against the Wizards.
  • Oklahoma City is 8-0 all-time against Washington at Chesapeake Energy Arena.
  • Dating back to the Seattle years, the Thunder haven’t lost to the Wizards since March 26, 2008. Almost 10 seasons ago.
  • Last season, the Thunder and the Wizards split, both winning on their home courts.
  • Washington’s longest road trip will take over the next two weeks – an 11-day, five-game road trip from Jan. 17-27 (CHA, DET, DAL, OKC and ATL).
  • Washington secured back-to-back 49+ win seasons for the first time since the 1968-69 (57) and 1969-70 (50) seasons.
    Sheldon Mac (Achilles) is out.
  • The Thunder’s largest margin of victory over Washington came on March 14, 2011, where Oklahoma City prevailed by a score of 116-89 (27-point margin of victory). Meanwhile, the Thunder’s largest margin of defeat (22 points) vs. Washington occurred during an 120-98 loss on Feb. 13, 2017.


  • Oklahoma City is relatively healthy.


  • In the early 1990s, Washington Bullets owner Abe Pollin was becoming frustrated with the association of his team’s nickname and gun violence.
  • A name-the-team contest was held and fans voted on a list of finalists that included Wizards, Dragons, Express, Stallions, and Sea Dogs.
  • Not long after Wizards was announced as the winning name before the 1997-98 season, the local NAACP chapter president complained that the nickname carried Ku Klux Klan associations.
  • Previous nicknames for the franchise when they were still in Chicago include Packers and Zephyrs.


  • Then, three of the next four are on the road at Detroit, Washington and Denver.

Three Keys to the Game

Third quarter

Win the third quarter. When the Thunder win the third quarter, they’re 16-1. When they lose, they’re 11-19 on the year. So, win the third quarter and you win the game. It’s pretty simple as that. Especially as the quarter has been the thorn in the side of Oklahoma City all season long.

Defend the three

The Wizards make 39 percent of their threes in wins. Oklahoma City has shown they can overcome a big three-point shooting night but unlike the Nets, the Wizards aren’t going to take 38 threes. They haven’t taken more than 36 this season and average only 26 per game.


The Oklahoma City Thunder have rebounded well lately but they’ll have to do it again tonight. Oklahoma City is 21-6 when they can grab more boards than their opponent. The Wizards are 18-4 when they out rebound their opponent. Who ever wins the rebounding battle, probably winns the game.

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